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The future of cyber insurance

IT Security Guru

Cyber insurers are losing money. Their loss ratios – total claims plus the insurer’s costs, divided by total premiums earned – are now consistently above 60%, which presents something of an existential threat to the insurance industry, making cyber risk a potentially uninsurable area due to falling profitability.

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2023 Predictions for Storage and Backup Ransomware

CyberSecurity Insiders

Many of these attacks took advantage of known vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations in storage and backup systems. And backup and storage systems are rife with unpatched CVEs. Slow Gains on Storage and Backup Security. Make it extremely difficult to tamper with backups and exfiltrate data.

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Scant evidence that cyber insurance boom is leading to better security

SC Magazine

The rise of the cyber insurance has largely failed to promote better cybersecurity practices among the industries they cover, according to a new report released Monday from British security think tank RUSI. However, in practice, it is still yet to be seen if cyber insurance can fulfil this promise.”.

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What’s happening in the world of personal cyber insurance?


Personal insurance plans are slowly becoming a more visible and talked about topic. I’m fascinated to see talk of personal cyber insurance , in an area dominated by business. The plans referenced in the article are for people seeking cyber insurance in India. A brave new world, or same-old same-old?

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HardBit ransomware tailors ransom to fit your cyber insurance payout


Here, they’re going out of their way to “help” by quizzing victims about the specifics of their cyber insurance policy. The note explains at length that their final ransom demand will be adjusted to ensure it falls inside of the insurance claim requirements. Create offsite, offline backups.

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Ransomware Bites Dental Data Backup Firm

Krebs on Security

PerCSoft , a Wisconsin-based company that manages a remote data backup service relied upon by hundreds of dental offices across the country, is struggling to restore access to client systems after falling victim to a ransomware attack. Cloud data and backup services are a prime target of cybercriminals who deploy ransomware.

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Ransomware: Number One Cyber Insurance Claim

SecureWorld News

Trends of cyber insurance claims for 2020. Coalition, a cyber insurance company, recently released a report detailing the categories of cyber attacks as well as the cause behind the attacks for the first half of 2020. 4 key takeaways from cyber insurance industry report. Cyber insurance works.