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The future of cyber insurance

IT Security Guru

Cyber insurers are losing money. Their loss ratios – total claims plus the insurer’s costs, divided by total premiums earned – are now consistently above 60%, which presents something of an existential threat to the insurance industry, making cyber risk a potentially uninsurable area due to falling profitability.

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Top 8 Cyber Insurance Companies for 2022

eSecurity Planet

Cyberattacks are not only a technological problem for companies, but they also represent a very real financial threat. That’s where cyber insurance may be able to help. But there’s a catch: Insurers are going to carefully assess your cybersecurity controls before writing any policy, and there are limits to coverage.


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P-to-P fraud most concerning cyber threat in 2023: CSI

CSO Magazine

CSI), followed by data breaches (23%), ransomware (20%) and a breach at a third party (15%). It was cited by 29% of respondents in a survey by Computer Systems Inc.

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These are the 15 Top Cyber Threats Now

SecureWorld News

Sometimes when you are down in the cyber attack trees defending your organization, it can be tough to see the cyber threat forest. Understanding how things are shifting in the forest, or overall threat landscape, can help us categorize, strategize, and prioritize our resources. What are the top cyber threats right now?

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What’s happening in the world of personal cyber insurance?


You’ve likely only seen cybercrime insurance primarily mentioned in relation to attacks on businesses. Most commonly, it’s cited with regard to ransomware attacks in the workplace, or associated data loss. Some folks think the mere presence of insurance simply encourages more attacks , and is hurting more than it’s helping.

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Ransomware: Number One Cyber Insurance Claim

SecureWorld News

Trends of cyber insurance claims for 2020. Coalition, a cyber insurance company, recently released a report detailing the categories of cyber attacks as well as the cause behind the attacks for the first half of 2020. The number one type of cyber incident so far this year is ransomware.

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2023 Predictions for Storage and Backup Ransomware

CyberSecurity Insiders

2022 clearly demonstrated that attacks on data represent the greatest cyber-threat organizations face. By the time they adjust their processes, beef up their defenses, and add new layers of security, they find themselves battling more virulent ransomware strains and cyber-scams. Insurance Refusals and Rate Hikes.

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