Monetization Monitor: Software Usage Analytics 2020

Monetization Monitor: Software Usage Analytics 2020

Efficient usage data collection and analytics can open up significant possibilities for suppliers. Organizations that place a premium on understanding product usage seem to have fewer hurdles to aligning price with value and are more in touch with their customers than organizations that don’t prioritize understanding product usage. Yet many software suppliers still struggle to get accurate insights into usage.

Revenera’s 2020 Software Monetization and Pricing survey gathers input from leading software companies and provides you with key insights. Top findings include:

Growing Interest in Usage Data

  • 60% collect usage data; a total of more than 75% will do so in the next two years
  • 100% of SaaS companies are either already collecting or planning to collect usage data in the next two years
  • Other deployment models aren't far behind (68% of on-premises and 71% of embedded software suppliers)

Benefits & Challenges of Data Collection

  • Suppliers that collect usage data often have greater visibility into how their products are being used than those who don’t
  • They leverage software usage data to understand product usage, unlock new business models and align price with the product’s perceived value

Usage Data’s Role in Compliance Efforts

  • Discovering overuse of software (intentional or unintentional) can reduce revenue leakage, yet nearly half of suppliers are unaware of how much revenue they’re losing to piracy and overuse
  • Providing transparent access to usage data with customers can also help strengthen the customer relationship

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