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New Report on IoT Security

Schneier on Security

The Atlantic Council has published a report on securing the Internet of Things: “Security in the Billions: Toward a Multinational Strategy to Better Secure the IoT Ecosystem.”

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IoT Unravelled Part 3: Security

Troy Hunt

In part 1 of this series, I posited that the IoT landscape is an absolute mess but Home Assistant (HA) does an admirable job of tying it all together. As with the rest of the IoT landscape, there's a lot of scope for improvement here and also just like the other IoT posts, it gets very complex for normal people very quickly.

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Securing IoT with Microsoft Defender for IoT sensors

Tech Republic Security

The post Securing IoT with Microsoft Defender for IoT sensors appeared first on TechRepublic. Protecting the devices that run your production facilities is increasingly important. How can we secure single-purpose hardware?

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STEPS FORWARD: Regulators are on the move to set much needed IoT security rules of the road

The Last Watchdog

New government rules coupled with industry standards meant to give formal shape to the Internet of Things (IoT) are rapidly quickening around the globe. When it comes to IoT, we must arrive at specific rules of the road if we are to tap into the full potential of smart cities, autonomous transportation and advanced healthcare.

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6 ways to reduce your IoT attack surface

Tech Republic Security

As attackers target the ever-growing IoT attack surface, companies can reduce their risks with these six security best practices. The post 6 ways to reduce your IoT attack surface appeared first on TechRepublic.

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Extending Cybersecurity Awareness to IoT Devices

Security Boulevard

If you’re like most organizations the answer is IoT devices and applications; it’s the fastest growing attack surface for most organizations and on track to set a new […] The post Extending Cybersecurity Awareness to IoT Devices appeared first on Viakoo, Inc.

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IoT Unravelled Part 5: Practical Use Case Videos

Troy Hunt

This is the fifth and final part of the IoT unravelled blog series. Part 1 was all about what a mess the IoT landscape is, but then there's Home Assistant to unify it all. Now in part 5, let's look at how it all works together, and I've done 11 short videos showing different parts of my house and how the IoT bits work there.

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