Experts Explain How to Bypass Recent Improvement of China’s Great Firewall

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Experts from Great Firewall Report analyzed recent upgrades to China’s Great Firewall and revealed that it can be circumvented. Great Firewall Report experts revealed that recent versions of Shadowsocks (3.3.1 and earlier) could bypass the firewall.

Types of Firewalls Explained

eSecurity Planet

Firewalls are as central to IT security as antivirus programs are to PCs, and the multi-billion-dollar market remains large and growing. But the term “firewall” is far too broad to be of much use to IT security buyers. Types of Firewalls. What is a Firewall?


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Backdoor in Zyxel Firewalls and Gateways

Schneier on Security

This is bad : More than 100,000 Zyxel firewalls, VPN gateways, and access point controllers contain a hardcoded admin-level backdoor account that can grant attackers root access to devices via either the SSH interface or the web administration panel. […].

Threat Trends: Firewall

Cisco Retail

In any perimeter defense a key component is firewalls—the proverbial guard towers in your fortifications. In this Threat Trends release, we’ll be looking at Cisco Secure Firewall. The goal is to highlight the common threats that organizations encounter and block with Secure Firewall.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cisco Secure Firewall

Cisco CSR

Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the value that Secure Firewall customers could achieve by deploying Secure Firewall, Firewall Management Center, and optionally SecureX.

Cisco Secure Firewall to Support Microsoft Azure Gateway Load Balancer

Cisco Retail

Microsoft’s recent announcement of its upcoming Azure Gateway Load Balancer is great news for organizations requiring rapidly scalable firewalls with high availability in public cloud. What does this mean for Cisco Secure Firewall customers? Cisco Secure Firewall.

Lower costs with Cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center

Cisco CSR

Even something as critical as a firewall, the sentinel in the security stack, can often require a lengthy setup, ongoing maintenance, and disjointed management. At Cisco we have a rich history overcoming this challenge with Cisco Secure Firewall.

What are Network Firewalls?

eSecurity Planet

The network firewall is the first line of defense for traffic that passes in and out of a network. The firewall examines traffic to ensure it meets the security requirements set by the organization, and unauthorized access attempts are blocked. Jump to: What is a network firewall?

SecureX and Secure Firewall: Integration and Automation to Simplify Security

Cisco CSR

Cisco Secure Firewall stops threats faster, empowers collaboration between teams, and enables consistency across your on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. The entire suite of Firewall Management Center APIs is now available in the cloud.

Cisco Secure Firewall named Best Next Generation Firewall in SE Labs 2021 Annual Report

Cisco Retail

Cisco is proud to be the only vendor recognized by SE Labs as Best Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) in their 2021 Annual Report. The award validates that you can expect consistent threat protection and performance with Cisco Secure Firewall. Learn more about Cisco Secure Firewall.

Automate your Cisco Secure Firewall deployment

Cisco Retail

I nfrastructure as a Code (IaC) and Automation are now common requests from our customers deploying Cisco Secure Firewalls. Our response to this trend is making Cisco Secure Firewall deployable as a code utilizing new IaC templates , which we are happy to announce!

The Wait is Over for Secure Firewall 3100 Series

Cisco CSR

“I so look forward to the next firewall hardware upgrade cycle!”. – If I learned one thing from my firewall customers over the many years, it would be that they like to upgrade their hardware appliances as much as an average consumer likes to shop for a new car.

Cisco Secure Firewall Garners a ‘Hat-Trick’

Cisco Retail

Along similar lines, Cisco Secure Firewall celebrates three scores in 2021: Cisco was the only vendor recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the Best Practices Market Leadership Award for excellence in the network firewall market. Security Cisco Secure Firewall Zero Trust

Network Firewall vs. Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Security Boulevard

Businesses are taking a closer look at their firewall’s capabilities and considering mixing and matching technologies to cover new security gaps. . Continue reading Network Firewall vs. Web Application Firewall (WAF) at Sucuri Blog.

Securing Remote Workers With Firewall-as-a-Service

Security Boulevard

How have targeted cyberattacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs) influenced the development of next-generation firewalls? And can firewall-as-a-service. The post Securing Remote Workers With Firewall-as-a-Service appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Back to the Future of Firewall

Cisco Retail

As a network and workload security strategy leader, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the good old network firewall. Spoiler alert: I’m not going to join the cool club of pronouncing the firewall dead. Insert Your Firewall Here. Read Me First.

Chinese DriftingCloud APT exploited Sophos Firewall Zero-Day before it was fixed

Security Affairs

China-linked threat actors exploited the zero-day flaw CVE-2022-1040 in Sophos Firewall weeks before it was fixed by the security vendor. and impacts Sophos Firewall versions 18.5 “This particular attack leveraged a zero-day exploit to compromise the customer’s firewall.

Firewalls and the Plateau of Productivity

Security Boulevard

Firewalls: Something every architect is familiar with. At some point in your IT career, it’s likely you’ve had to deploy and configure a firewall and most likely it was a painful experience not easily forgotten. Something that still raises many of our heart rates.

A New Way of Firewalling with Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native

Cisco Retail

With application environments becoming dynamic, there is a desperate need for security tooling, including firewalls, to do the same. Whether on-premises or in public or private clouds, Secure Firewall Cloud Native empowers NetOps and SecOps teams to run at DevOps speed.

Securing Multicloud Environments with Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense on Alkira Cloud

Cisco Retail

Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense provides unmatched security controls such as stateful firewalling, Snort3 IPS, URL filtering, malware defense, application visibility and control, and more. Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.1 Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense .

NG Firewall for Home Use

Security Boulevard

The post NG Firewall for Home Use first appeared on Untangle. The post NG Firewall for Home Use appeared first on Security Boulevard. Your home network is your gateway to the internet.

Protecting against Log4j with Secure Firewall & Secure IPS

Cisco Retail

This blog details quick ways Secure Firewall Threat Defense (FTD) and Secure IPS users can protect against attacks leveraging this vulnerability while patching their infrastructure. Security Cisco Secure Firewall

Zyxel 0day Affects its Firewall Products, Too

Krebs on Security

Today, Zyxel acknowledged the same flaw is present in many of its firewall products. “We’ve now completed the investigation of all Zyxel products and found that firewall products running specific firmware versions are also vulnerable,” Zyxel wrote in an email to KrebsOnSecurity.

Mitigating Dynamic Application Risks with Secure Firewall Application Detectors

Cisco Retail

As part of our strategy to enhance application awareness for SecOps practitioners, our new Secure Firewall Application Detectors portal, [link] , provides the latest and most comprehensive application risk information available in the cybersecurity space.

Simplify Network Security with Cisco Secure Firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) on AWS

Cisco Retail

With traditional firewalls, network security teams are charged with the heavy lifting of deploying new solutions. According to Gartner, by 2025, 30% of new deployments of distributed branch-office firewalls will switch to firewall-as-a-service, up from less than 10% in 2021.

Save time with Dynamic Attributes for Cisco Secure Firewall

Cisco Retail

The shift of applications and the associated security controls within dynamic cloud environments create challenges for firewall teams to keep up with security requirements. Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.0 Dynamic Objects Configuration Guide for Firewall Management Center (FMC).

Simplify Security at the Virtual Edge with Cisco Secure Firewall and Network Edge from Equinix

Cisco CSR

At the core of our vision is Cisco Secure Firewall. We are integrating industry-leading security controls and visibility of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual with Network Edge services from Equinix, offering Cisco’s firewall capabilities in 24+ Equinix global locations.

New Russia Malware targets firewall appliances

CyberSecurity Insiders

Interestingly, Cyclops Blink has been operational since June 2019 and is now being developed into espionage conducting software from just a mere persistent remote access malware accessing WatchGuard Firewall appliances.

Scalable Security with Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native

Cisco Retail

This is where Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native (SFCN) comes in. Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native brings together the benefits of Kubernetes and Cisco’s industry-leading security technologies, providing a resilient architecture for infrastructure security at scale.

Cisco Secure Firewall insertion using Cisco cAPIC in Azure

Cisco Retail

Traditional firewall integration in on-prem Data Centers. ILB load balances traffic from the consumer EPGs to the internet through multiple Cisco Secure Firewalls (NGFWv). The above network topology depicts Cisco Secure Firewall in the hub VNET (overlay 2) in Azure.

Sophos Firewall affected by a critical authentication bypass flaw

Security Affairs

Sophos has addressed a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-1040, in its Sophos Firewall that allows remote code execution (RCE). Sophos has fixed an authentication bypass vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-1040, that resides in the User Portal and Webadmin areas of Sophos Firewall.

Cisco Supports Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual on Nutanix AHV

Cisco Retail

Today, Cisco is giving you that power by expanding the support of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual (formerly FTDv/NGFWv) to Nutanix AHV. If you are already taking advantage of Secure Firewall Thread Defense Virtual, you can now run your appliance in Nutanix AHV.

Cisco Secure Firewall: Sometimes, updates are great news

Cisco Retail

Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.0 Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.0 For Cisco Secure Firewall 1000, 2100, 4100 and 9300 series, updating your firewall to Threat Defense 7.0 Security Cisco Secure Firewall network security

Building Scalable Security with Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native Version 1.1

Cisco Retail

This is where Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native comes in, giving you the flexibility to provision, run, and scale containerized security services. More information on Secure Firewall Cloud Native is available here. Secure Firewall Cloud Native version 1.1

Simplified Insertion of Cisco Secure Firewall with AWS Route Table Enhancement

Cisco Retail

Cisco Secure Firewall provides industry-leading firewall capabilities for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)and resources deployed inside. Customers use these firewalls to protect north-south and east-west traffic. Security Cisco Secure Firewall

Network Security Automation using Cisco Secure Firewall and Hashicorp’s Consul

Cisco CSR

Let’s assume that an access rule configured on the Cisco Secure Firewall allows traffic from one service to another based on their IP addresses. Security Cisco Secure Firewall

DE:CODED – Firewall speeds and VPN risks

Security Boulevard

Show notes for series 2, episode 2 Is your firewall as fast as you think? The post DE:CODED – Firewall speeds and VPN risks appeared first on SE Labs Blog. The post DE:CODED – Firewall speeds and VPN risks appeared first on Security Boulevard.

VPN 52

Secure and Save with Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual

Cisco Retail

Organizations rely on Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual (formerly FTDv/NGFWv), Cisco’s proven network firewall with IPS, URL filtering, and malware defense that protects virtualized environments in private and public clouds. Security Cisco Secure Firewall network security

Should the West Build its Own ‘Great Firewall’?

Security Boulevard

Lost amid all the focus on China’s ‘Great Firewall‘ and Beijing’s efforts to censor what its citizens can see and say is the undeniable capability afforded to a nation’s defensive posture through a sovereign intranet.

Cloudflare Adds Serverless Firewall Service

Security Boulevard

Cloudflare today revealed it has added a firewall to the services it provides on its content delivery network (CDN) that is based on a serverless computing framework. The post Cloudflare Adds Serverless Firewall Service appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Zyxel addresses four flaws affecting APs, AP controllers, and firewalls

Security Affairs

Zyxel addressed multiple vulnerabilities impacting many of its products, including APs, AP controllers, and firewalls. Zyxel has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities affecting multiple products, including firewall, AP, and AP controller products.

Cisco SecureX with Secure Firewall: More Value Than Ever

Cisco Retail

Cisco Secure Firewall protects hundreds of thousands of networks and Snort IPS has over a million deployments around the world. With the Firewall Threat Defense 7.0 sxo-05-security-workflows/workflows/secure-firewall/.

What is a Personal Firewall?


Firewalls are a term many know as protective of their computers from cyberattacks, but not many know what they do and why they need it (if at all). Data Privacy Data Protection Firewall Network Security Online Privacy Online Safety PC security