NSA Security Awareness Posters

Schneier on Security

From a FOIA request, over a hundred old NSA security awareness posters. These sorts of security awareness posters were everywhere, but there was one I especially liked -- and I asked for a copy. Here are the BBC's favorites. Here are Motherboard's favorites.

4 Security Awareness Training Trends

Security Boulevard

It pushed security teams to the edge, required creative problem-solving skills, great teamwork and investment and optimization of security tools. The post 4 Security Awareness Training Trends appeared first on Security Boulevard.


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Every day is cyber security awareness month

Javvad Malik

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. . Delivering effective cyber security awareness is an ongoing process, and not one that can be solved in one month a year. Operating systems, browsers, security software, and apps, like cats, need to be kept up to date and ‘fed’ the latest updates and patches. Cybersecurity awareness need not be restricted to one month a year. Security

Your Security Awareness Training Isn’t Working

Security Boulevard

According to research from Elevate Security, human behavior had a direct role in 88% of total losses in the largest cybersecurity incidents over the past five years and about two-thirds of major data breaches are.

Creating Security-Aware Passwords

Digital Shadows

Note: This blog is an overview of password history and best practices for individuals in honor of World Password Day, The post Creating Security-Aware Passwords first appeared on Digital Shadows.

What Should Security Awareness Training Include?


This post will answer the question – what should security awareness training include? The post What Should Security Awareness Training Include? Tutorials data security Enterprise Security

10 Security Awareness Training Mistakes to Avoid

Dark Reading

Give your cybersecurity culture a boost by adding these to the "don't" column of your cybersecurity awareness training do's and don'ts list

Security Awareness Training – Time for a Change in Philosophy?

Security Weekly

The post Security Awareness Training – Time for a Change in Philosophy? appeared first on Security Weekly. Articles Blue Team Careers Compliance Email Security OSINT Security Awareness Security Training Social Engineering

9 New Tactics to Spread Security Awareness

Dark Reading

Employees are often your first line of security defense when the bad guys come calling -- providing your workers are properly trained. Security leaders share how they're raising awareness

Protect your business with security awareness training


Even a company with the most sophisticated cybersecurity tools and expert security teams can fall prey to cybercriminals if they overlook one area of vulnerability: their people. Many employees are unaware using the same password across multiple personal is a significant security risk.

SANS Launches Security Awareness Certification

Dark Reading

The SANS Security Awareness Professional (SSAP) will be available this summer to professionals focused on measuring and mitigating human risk

Everything You Need to Know About National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Mitnick Security

celebrate a month full of cybersecurity awareness and education. cybersecurity industry cybersecurity national cyber security awareness monthEvery October, people all across the U.S.


CyberSecurity Insiders

The best way to combat human error is through training and awareness. However, most folks regard security awareness training as boring, dry or unnecessary. Security practitioners understand the problems. The security practitioner has an understanding of risk.

Spanish, French and Dutch Languages Added to Security Awareness Training


The blurred lines between home life and work life leads to the use of improperly secured personal devices with ramifications being felt by small, medium and large businesses. Because of this shared element, security experts know where to focus their energy. A Global Challenge.

Choose Your Own Adventure game animates security awareness training

SC Magazine

The employees at your organization are badly in need of security awareness training. The concept lends itself well to corporate security awareness programs, considering that employees also have high-stakes choices that can either avert a cyber disaster, or trigger one. “We’ve

?New Training: Work from Home Security Awareness

PCI perspectives

To help bridge this knowledge gap, PCI SSC has created a low cost 45-minute training to educate organizations and remote workers on the basics of working from home in a secure manner. Small Business Training Awareness Interview COVID-19

SiteLock Launches New Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation


We are excited to announce that we have expanded our cybersecurity product portfolio to include SiteLock Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation ! What is Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation? Stay Secure While Working Remotely.

Survey Data Reveals Gap in Americans' Security Awareness

Dark Reading

Survey data reveals many people have never heard of major cyberattacks, including the attack targeting Colonial Pipeline

Lack of Time Biggest Barrier for Security Awareness Programs

Digital Guardian

When it comes to building a mature security awareness program, money isn't the biggest challenge

Time suck: Security awareness pros are getting sidetracked from core functions

SC Magazine

Awareness programs are great for a number of reasons, but they do not take priority over the daily fire drills that most security teams face,” said Brian Johnson, chief security officer at Armorblox. full-time-equivalent (FTE) employees dedicated to awareness.

New House Bill Aims to Drive Americans' Security Awareness

Dark Reading

The legislation requires the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to establish a cybersecurity literacy campaign

The Risk-Conscious, Security-Aware Culture: The Forgotten Critical Security Control

Cisco Retail

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) across the Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 are obsessed with protecting the workforce endpoints as critical vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity and risk management posture of their enterprises. Cisco Secure Social Channels.

Adapting Security Awareness to the Post-Pandemic World

Security Boulevard

It's time for Security Awareness to adapt by thinking Cyber The transition to working from home, as well as the necessary technological change, has had an effect on businesses all over the world. To keep up, security awareness must build new methods.

Smart Building Security Awareness Grows

Dark Reading

In 2020, expect to hear more about smart building security

Educating Educators: Microsoft's Tips for Security Awareness Training

Dark Reading

Microsoft's director of security education and awareness shares his approach to helping train employees in defensive practices

Security Awareness Training is Broken. Human Risk Management (HRM) is the Fix

The Hacker News

Humans are an organization's strongest defence against evolving cyber threats, but security awareness training alone often isn't enough to transform user behaviour. In this guide, usecure looks at why Human Risk Management (HRM) is the new fix for building a security-savvy workforce.

Researchers Create New Framework to Evaluate User Security Awareness

Dark Reading

Approaches based on questionnaires and self-evaluation are not always a good indicator of how well a user can mitigate social engineering threats

Strong medical device security awareness stifled by inventory, knowledge gaps

SC Magazine

MRIs are among the tech many providers struggle to secure. Health care providers are increasingly aware of the need to secure the vast landscape of medical devices. However, the sector yet to meet necessary inventory and security measures to stymie this critical threat.

'Culture Eats Policy for Breakfast': Rethinking Security Awareness Training

Dark Reading

What's definitely not working with end-user cybersecurity awareness training - and what you can do about it

7 Tips for an Effective Employee Security Awareness Program

Dark Reading

Breaches and compliance requirements have heightened the need for continuous and effective employee training, security experts say

Designing Employee Security Awareness Training That Works

eSecurity Planet

The secret to effective employee security awareness training boils down to three things: Train early, often, and explain why

The Fundamental Flaw in Security Awareness Programs

Dark Reading

It's a ridiculous business decision to rely on the discretion of a minimally trained user to thwart a highly skilled sociopath, financially motivated criminal, or nation-state

Why Security Awareness Training Should Be Backed by Security by Design

Dark Reading

Cybersecurity training needs an overhaul, though the training itself is only one small part of how security teams can influence user behavior

6 Reasons Security Awareness Programs Go Wrong

Dark Reading

While plenty of progress has been made on the training front, there's still some work ahead in getting the word out and doing so effectively

55% of Companies Don't Offer Mandatory Security Awareness Training

Dark Reading

Even those that provide employee training do so sparingly, a new study finds

Cybersecurity CEO: Security Awareness is An Ongoing Commitment

Herjavec Group

If you’re part of the cybersecurity community, then you know that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month ( CSAM ), initially launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in October 2004. Not long ago CSAM was a niche concept that only the security team knew about. Educating employees and implementing a training solution can reduce the risk of a security breach by up to 70%.

Security Awareness Training across an SMB Organization


This is especially true in the world of security. The best security defenses can be totally compromised by a single individual making the wrong decision, either accidentally or knowingly. When considering a fully-featured and well thought out security plan , the human factor is an extremely important part of the equation, and arguably just as important as the technology component of the solution. It takes both components to comprise a strong solution to security threats.

Raising Security Awareness: Why Tools Can't Replace People

Dark Reading

Training your people and building relationships outside of the security organization is the most significant investment a CISO can make


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month: How secure is your enterprise?

Tech Republic Security

It's National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Enterprises of all sizes should take time to educate their workforce on lurking cyber security threats

How to Build Successful Security Awareness Training Programs in 2021 and Beyond


Security awareness training is one of the most straightforward ways to improve a business’ overall resilience against cyberattacks. To help you get started, here are our top 5 recommendations for starting your security awareness program so you can maximize the impact of your efforts. While you probably already have some combination of security tools in place, such as endpoint protection, DNS or web filtering, etc.,

Cyber Attack Haunts a Public Water Supply System. Again!

Security Boulevard

In my previous blog, I had described how and why it is important for critical agencies to ensure that they are secure from. appeared first on Security Boulevard. The post Cyber Attack Haunts a Public Water Supply System. Again! appeared first on Kratikal Blog.

Cyber Security Awareness and Risk Management


In this article we will learn how to address and effectively respond to major enterprise cybersecurity threats and provide tips to mitigate IT security risk. Today, c yber security incidents lead to significant damage, alarming organizations of all types and sizes in different geographic locations. Cloud security success and choosing the right investments is all about having a clear understanding of threat types and their resulting damages.

Proving the Value of Security Awareness with Metrics that 'Deserve More'

Dark Reading

Without metrics that matter to the business, awareness programs will continue to be the bastard child of security