How to Close Kubernetes' Network Security Gap

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StackRox bridges network security and other gaps and makes applying and managing network isolation and access controls easier while extending Kubernetes' automation and scalability benefit

NetWORK: Redefining Network Security

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Among the most consequential is Secure Firewall Threat Defense 7.0, We’ve increased throughput by up to 30%—across enabled AVC, IPS, and VPN services—for the majority of Cisco Secure Firewalls. Today, we’re also announcing a new way forward: NetWORK security.


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Cloud Protection Over Bifurcated Network Security 

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In 2021 alone: The post Cloud Protection Over Bifurcated Network Security appeared first on Security Boulevard. The magnitude of scale, scope and the corresponding costs of data breaches, denial-of-service attacks and ransomware have all been on the rise.

The Kubernetes Network Security Effect

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I’m a firm believer that network security must be a layer in an overall security strategy. As cloud evolves, it’s hard not to notice the network security challenges in this domain.

GUEST ESSAY: A roadmap to achieve a better balance of network security and performance

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Here’s a frustrating reality about securing an enterprise network: the more closely you inspect network traffic, the more it deteriorates the user experience. But there’s something you can do to get better at striking it: build that balance into your network testing and policy management. Why do so many businesses struggle to balance network security and user experience? Today though, the enterprise network itself changes just as frequently.

Network Security and Proactive Monitoring

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million when a successful cyberattack targets their network. Unfortunately, traditional security methods aren’t keeping up. The post Network Security and Proactive Monitoring appeared first on Security Boulevard.

BSidesKC 2022 – Igor Mezic’s ‘AI And Machine Learning In Network Security’

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The post BSidesKC 2022 – Igor Mezic’s ‘AI And Machine Learning In Network Security’ appeared first on Security Boulevard. Our sincere thanks to BSidesKC 2022 for publishing their outstanding conference videos on the organization's YouTube channel.

Network Security: 5 Fundamentals for 2021

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But despite the seismic changes to the way we work, the biggest network security threats to organizations were mostly the same old threats we’ve been facing for the past five years. In January 2020, no one could have predicted how unpredictable the coming year would be.

5 Threat Mitigation Strategies for Network Security

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Network security is critical for any company today, especially when we live in an age where data is an organization’s most valuable resource. Effective network security is not just about tools and. What is the cost of a data breach? million, on average.

Best Network Security Tools 2021

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Maintaining the integrity of networks and data is a critical consideration for every organization. These are some of the best network security products we’ve identified from our complete top security products series. Top network security tools.

RSAC insights: ‘CAASM’ tools and practices get into the nitty gritty of closing network security gaps

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Reducing the attack surface of a company’s network should, by now, be a top priority for all organizations. Related: Why security teams ought to embrace complexity. As RSA Conference 2022 gets underway today in San Francisco, advanced systems to help companies comprehensively inventory their cyber assets for enhanced visibility to improve asset and cloud configurations and close security gaps will be in the spotlight.

GUEST ESSAY: Five steps to improving identity management — and reinforcing network security

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When you consider these points, it’s understandable why businesses end up with too many solutions to effectively manage, or simply default to manual, inefficient processes to address identity- and security-related tasks. From the findings, here are five ways leaders can improve their approach to identity management and security. It’s reasonable that businesses will work with multiple vendors to address specific security issues.

U.S. Security Agencies Release Network Security, Vulnerability Guidance

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National Security Agency (NSA) released comprehensive network security guidance on March 3, on the same day that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released its longest-ever list of exploited vulnerabilities. Purdue network architecture.

How to Determine if Your Network Security is Working

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The post How to Determine if Your Network Security is Working appeared first on Security Boulevard. Cybersecurity Featured Network Security Security Boulevard (Original) Threat Intelligence cybersecurity defense event logging web access firewall

3 Tests to Ensure Zero Trust Network Security

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The COVID pandemic has highlighted the challenges of ensuring security across an expanding enterprise network forced to support more and more remote workers , an ever-increasing diversity of devices, and frequent mobility. Network Security Grows in Complexity.

Trend Micro fixes 3 flaws in Home Network Security Devices

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Trend Micro fixed some flaws in Trend Micro Home Network Security devices that could be exploited to elevate privileges or achieve arbitrary authentication. The flaws addressed by the security firm were reported by experts from Cisco Talos.

BrandPost: Why Unified Platforms Are the Future of Network Security

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Today’s complex cybersecurity landscape regularly exposes the weaknesses of disconnected security solutions. The lack of visibility and fragmented oversight across poorly integrated systems limits insights and compromises security across all environments.

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12 Best Practices For Wireless Network Security

Security Boulevard

While there are many different steps that can be taken to secure a wireless network, these 12 best practices are essential for ensuring that your data and devices are safe from malicious actors. Security Bloggers Network

Lessons learned from 2021 network security events

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It’s the end of 2021, a time when you expect to see security pundits predict security issues for the coming year. I’d rather look back at the security issues we’ve been tracking to ensure that we’ve learned all the necessary lessons from them.

Cisco Network Security Flaw Leaks Sensitive Data


The flaw exists in Cisco's network security Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) software and its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software.

5 Network Security Threats And How To Protect Yourself

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Every organisation that needs to deliver services to their customers and employees must protect their IT 'network' - all the apps and connected devices from laptops and desktops to servers and smartphones.

Your Next Move: Network Security Specialist

CompTIA on Cybersecurity

If you enjoy the challenge of keeping bad actors at bay network security specialist may be a good next step for you

Survey: COVID-19 Accelerates new Networking, Security Paradigms

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Many businesses rushed to implement remote access solutions, VPNs and new cybersecurity technologies, all while seeking to increase bandwidth and establish control over what had become a decentralized network.

How Zero Trust architecture improves the organization’s network security

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Data breaches taught organizations to stay cautious regarding security, especially when it comes to information protection – and a Zero Trust model may be the best option. Zero Trust is a security paradigm. Zero Trust presupposes there is no traditional network boundary.

How to Enhance Your Home Network Security

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The only measure most people use to protect their home wireless network nowadays is to set up a password and prevent neighbors and other people from taking control of your data. But we have to be more serious about home network security and do more than just setting a simple password.

Netography Fusion Advances Network Security and Visibility with Multiple Updates

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The latest release of Netography Fusion provides much more functionality and an improved customer experience for security operations center (SOC) and cloud operations teams. The post Netography Fusion Advances Network Security and Visibility with Multiple Updates appeared first on Netography.

GUEST ESSAY: 3 sure steps to replace legacy network security systems — in a measured way

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To make matters more difficult, implementing new security software and processes to address these issues is another big hurdle, often causing disruption—and not the good kind. Still, according to Gartner’s recent Security and IAM Adoption Trend Survey 76% of enterprises report that they want to get more out of their identity management programs. With security, and especially identity management, even with proper solutions and practices in place, the work is never really done.

Report: Working from home jeopardizes network security

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Here's how employees in the US, UK, France and Germany are putting systems at risk, according to CyberArk

Network Security 101 – Definition, Types, Threats, and More

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As society evolves more and more towards the dynamic workplace, the modern enterprise is faced with increased network security risks. In this article, you will find the definition of network security, […].

Mozilla fixes critical flaw in Network Security Services (NSS) cryptography library

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Mozilla fixed a critical memory corruption issue affecting its cross-platform Network Security Services (NSS) set of cryptography libraries. Applications using NSS can support SSL v3, TLS, PKCS #5, PKCS #7, PKCS #11, PKCS #12, S/MIME, X.509 v3 certificates, and other security standards.

12 Best Practices For Wireless Network Security


While there are many different steps that can be taken to secure a wireless network, these 12 best practices are essential for ensuring that your data and devices are safe from malicious actors

Private 5G Network Security Expectations Part 3

Trend Micro

How to secure your private 5G networks; The challenge of complex ecosystem in DX. Trend Micro Research : ICS OT Trend Micro Research : IoT Trend Micro Research : Research Trend Micro Research : Mobile Trend Micro Research : Privacy & Risks Trend Micro Research : Articles, News, Report

Netography Integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon to Automate Network Security on Endpoints

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The post Netography Integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon to Automate Network Security on Endpoints appeared first on Netography. The post Netography Integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon to Automate Network Security on Endpoints appeared first on Security Boulevard.

New PsExec spinoff lets hackers bypass network security defenses

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Security researchers have developed an implementation of the Sysinternals PsExec utility that allows moving laterally in a network using a less monitored port. [.]. Security

Private 5G Network Security Expectations Part 2

Trend Micro

The importance of proof of “security” concepts in private 5G networks: Are verifications of system operations and new functions sufficient for your proof of concept in private wireless networks?

Are You Guilty of These 8 Network-Security Bad Practices?


Tony Lauro, director of Security Technology & Strategy at Akamai, discusses VPNs, RDP, flat networks, BYOD and other network-security bugbears.

Network Security in the Cloud

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The events of 2020 have confirmed what most technology leaders across the country already know: cloud computing is the key to driving business agility and unlocking value. Expert Perspective Articles, News, Reports Compliance & Risks Cloud

Could Network Security Be Key to Ideal UX?

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Typically, network security stays unnoticed and under the surface unless it’s directly impacting a user (e.g., To achieve this type of unnoticed security, industry professionals focus on building networks with security and user experience in mind from the start.

Microsoft changes default settings to improve network security

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Microsoft changes default settings for a variety of reasons, but some recent key changes will keep us safer from attacks, specifically ransomware. This includes blocking macros by default, limiting native tools used by attackers, and activating Credential Guard by default. Blocking Office 365 macros.

Best Enterprise Network Security Products

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Network security is central to IT security. Here are some of the best network security software and hardware products to protect vital data

Network security firm COO charged with medical center cyberattack

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The former chief operating officer of Securolytics, a network security company providing services for the health care industry, was charged with allegedly conducting a cyberattack on Georgia-based Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC). [.]. Security

Content Delivery Network Security Best Practices


Content delivery networks exist to expedite this process. CDN Security Concerns. Distributed denial-of-service attacks are another CDN security concern. How to Ensure CDN Security. Are there failover security measures in place?

Survey Shows Lack of Confidence in Network Security

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A survey of 2,045 IT leaders found that, despite technological advances, the majority of respondents still don’t have much confidence in their network security. The survey was conducted by Cato Networks, a provider of a secure access service edge (SASE) offering delivered via the cloud.