Tracking Stolen Cryptocurrencies

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Good article about the current state of cryptocurrency forensics. Uncategorized blockchain cryptocurrency forensics theft tracking

Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support

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According to Wired , Signal is adding support for the cryptocurrency MobileCoin, “a form of digital cash designed to work efficiently on mobile devices while protecting users’ privacy and even their anonymity.” Uncategorized cryptocurrency encryption privacy Signal


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Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Scams

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Really interesting research: " An examination of the cryptocurrency pump and dump ecosystem ": Abstract : The surge of interest in cryptocurrencies has been accompanied by a proliferation of fraud. academicpapers cryptocurrency fraud scams

What is Cryptocurrency?

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Cryptocurrency is best thought of as a digital currency that only exists on computers. Cryptocurrency Main Features. Let’s dig into how cryptocurrency works. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and distributed. Continue reading What is Cryptocurrency?

Romance scams with a cryptocurrency twist – new research from SophosLabs

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Apple Cryptocurrency iOS cryptocurrency ios iPhone romance scam ScamRomance scams and dating site treachery with a new twist - "there's an app for that!".

New Malware Hijacks Cryptocurrency Mining

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botnets cryptocurrency hacking malware scamsThis is a clever attack. After gaining control of the coin-mining software, the malware replaces the wallet address the computer owner uses to collect newly minted currency with an address controlled by the attacker. From then on, the attacker receives all coins generated, and owners are none the wiser unless they take time to manually inspect their software configuration.

Over $600m cryptocurrency stolen in Cyber Attack

CyberSecurity Insiders

Hackers have stolen more than $600m cryptocurrency through a vulnerability in the systems of Blockchain site Poly Network. The post Over $600m cryptocurrency stolen in Cyber Attack appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

Nicholas Weaver on Cryptocurrencies

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Here's the opening: Cryptocurrencies, although a seemingly interesting idea, are simply not fit for purpose. Risks involving cryptocurrencies occur in four major areas: technical risks to participants, economic risks to participants, systemic risks to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and societal risks. I haven't written much about cryptocurrencies, but I share Weaver's skepticism. bitcoin cryptocurrency riskassessment risks

Chrome Extension Stealing Cryptocurrency Keys and Passwords

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Second, the extension also actively injects malicious JavaScript code when users navigate to five well-known and popular cryptocurrency management platforms. blockchain chrome cryptocurrency fraud keys passwords theft

3 Ways to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

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Are you investing in cryptocurrency or thinking about it? The post 3 Ways to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe appeared first on The Shared Security Show. The post 3 Ways to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Decrypting Cryptocurrencies

IT Security Guru

Cryptocurrencies are a topic that touches many areas; not only finance and investing but technology and even political arenas. It is perhaps this decentralised nature which has contributed to the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency value. Are Cryptocurrencies a Bubble or a ‘Safe-haven’?

S3 Ep48: Cryptographic bugs, cryptocurrency nightmares, and lots of phishing [Podcast]

Naked Security

Cryptocurrency Cryptography Phishing Podcast cryptocurrency Naked Security Podcast openssl phishing vulnerabilityLatest episode - listen now!

FBI Warns of Cryptocurrency Attacks

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The post FBI Warns of Cryptocurrency Attacks appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog. Cybersecurity News Bitcoin Crypto Cryptocurrency Attacks cryptocurrency scams FBI SIM swap attack SIM swappingThis situation is believed to be able to lead to significant financial losses.

Google bans the following cryptocurrency apps for data security

CyberSecurity Insiders

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast and are using any of the mining apps to earn more, then this article needs your interest. The post Google bans the following cryptocurrency apps for data security appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders. Mobile cryptocurrency apps Mining

Mac Cryptocurrency Traders Targeted by Trojanized Apps


Four trojanized cryptocurrency trading apps have been found spreading malware that drains cryptocurrency wallets and collects Mac users' browsing data.

Hackers swipe almost $100 million from major cryptocurrency exchange

We Live Security

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid suspends cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals and moves its assets into cold storage. The post Hackers swipe almost $100 million from major cryptocurrency exchange appeared first on WeLiveSecurity.

Russian cybercrime forums launch contests for cryptocurrency hacks

Security Affairs

Cybercriminals in Russian underground forums have been invited to take part in competitions for hacking cryptocurrency and NFT. Several Russian underground forums have launched competitions for hacking cryptocurrency schema and Non-fungible token (NFT).

Botnet backdoors Microsoft Exchange servers, mines cryptocurrency

Bleeping Computer

Unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers are being targeted by the Prometei botnet and added to its operators' army of Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency mining bots. [.]. Security CryptoCurrency

US forms a National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team to curb ransomware payments

CyberSecurity Insiders

Early this week, the United States Department of Justice aka DOJ formed a National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team(NCET) to curb illegal use of cryptocurrency in criminal acts such as ransomware payments. News National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team NCET

Heimdal™ Security Discovers New Cryptocurrency Scam Campaign

Heimadal Security

The past year has been a significant one for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In the face of such extremity and economic meltdowns, cryptocurrencies have proven to be remarkably resilient. Cybersecurity News cryptocurrency cryptocurrency scams

Cryptocurrency: Cybercrime’s New Favorite Tool

Security Weekly

While 2021 will, unfortunately, play host to a wide variety of threats, it’s unlikely any factor will feature more prominently than cryptocurrency. Two types of attacks leverage cryptocurrency directly: extortion and cryptojacking.

Ukraine shuts down money laundering cryptocurrency exchanges

Bleeping Computer

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) took down a network of cryptocurrency exchanges used to anonymize transactions since the beginning of 2021. [.]. Security CryptoCurrency

GoDaddy Employees Used in Attacks on Multiple Cryptocurrency Services

Krebs on Security

Fraudsters redirected email and web traffic destined for several cryptocurrency trading platforms over the past week. 13, with an attack on cryptocurrency trading platform

Criminals are mailing altered Ledger devices to steal cryptocurrency

Bleeping Computer

Scammers are sending fake replacement devices to Ledger customers exposed in a recent data breach that are used to steal cryptocurrency wallets. [.]. CryptoCurrency Security

Scammers mail fake Ledger devices to steal your cryptocurrency

Bleeping Computer

Scammers are sending fake replacement devices to Ledger customers exposed in a recent data breach that are used to steal cryptocurrency wallets. [.]. CryptoCurrency Security

Over $600 million reportedly stolen in cryptocurrency hack

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Over $611 million have reportedly been stolen in one of the largest cryptocurrency hacks. Decentralized cross-chain protocol and network, Poly Network announced today that it was attacked with cryptocurrency assets having successfully been transferred into the attackers' wallets. [.].

Malicious 'Safepal Wallet' Firefox add-on stole cryptocurrency

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Safepal is a cryptocurrency wallet application capable of securely storing a variety of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. [.]. Security CryptoCurrency

Two Russians Charged in $17M Cryptocurrency Phishing Spree

Krebs on Security

authorities today announced criminal charges and financial sanctions against two Russian men accused of stealing nearly $17 million worth of virtual currencies in a series of phishing attacks throughout 2017 and 2018 that spoofed websites for some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

US sanctions cryptocurrency exchange used by ransomware gangs

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The US Treasury Department announced the first-ever sanctions against a cryptocurrency exchange, the Russian-linked Suex, for facilitating ransom transactions for ransomware gangs and helping them evade sanctions. [.]. Security CryptoCurrency

FBI warns cryptocurrency owners, exchanges of ongoing attacks

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns cryptocurrency owners, exchanges, and third-party payment platforms of threat actors actively targeting virtual assets in attacks that can lead to significant financial losses. [.]. Security CryptoCurrency

Top 5 ways to protect against cryptocurrency scams

Tech Republic Security

As the use of cryptocurrency increases, so does the risk of being a target for scammers. Tom Merritt offers five tips for defending against cryptocurrency scams

FBI warns hackers are targeting cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges

Graham Cluley

The FBI has sounded an alert amongst owners of cryptocurrency, digital currency exchanges, and cryptocurrency payment platforms that their virtual riches are being actively targeted by malicious hackers. Guest blog Law & order Mobile Security threats cryptocurrency FBI sim swap

How The FBI Seized Bitcoin from Colonial Pipeline Hackers – Does Law Enforcement Have More Control Over Cryptocurrencies Than People Believe?

Joseph Steinberg

The post How The FBI Seized Bitcoin from Colonial Pipeline Hackers – Does Law Enforcement Have More Control Over Cryptocurrencies Than People Believe? CryptoCurrency / BlockChain / ICO CyberSecurity News Scams and Crime bitcoin BTC colonial pipeline Darkside FBI ransomware

Tracking ransomware cryptocurrency payments: What now for Bitcoin?

We Live Security

Should we expect cybercriminals to ditch the pseudonymous cryptocurrency for other forms of payment that may be better at throwing law enforcement off the scent? The post Tracking ransomware cryptocurrency payments: What now for Bitcoin?

Liquid cryptocurrency exchange loses $94 million following hack

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Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Liquid has suspended deposits and withdrawals after attackers have compromised its warm wallets. [.]. Security CryptoCurrency

Breaking the Anonymity in the Cryptocurrency Monero

Schneier on Security

Researchers have exploited a flaw in the cryptocurrency Monero to break the anonymity of transactions. academicpapers anonymity blockchain cryptocurrency tracingResearch paper. BoingBoing post.

Norton 360 antivirus now lets you mine Ethereum cryptocurrency

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NortonLifelock has added the ability to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency directly within its Norton 360 antivirus program as a way to "protect" users from malicious mining software. [.]. CryptoCurrency Security Software

Monero Cryptocurrency campaign exploits ProxyLogon flaws

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Threat actors targeted are exploiting the ProxyLogon vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers to deploy Monero cryptocurrency miners. The post Monero Cryptocurrency campaign exploits ProxyLogon flaws appeared first on Security Affairs.

Hetzner cloud server provider bans cryptocurrency mining

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CryptoCurrency Hardware TechnologyPopular German cloud hosting and dedicated server provider Hetzner has banned cryptomining on its servers after users have been using their large storage devices to mine Chia. [.].

US cryptocurrency expert pleads guilty to helping North Korea evade sanctions

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A US cryptocurrency expert has pleaded guilty to conspiring to assist North Korea in evading sanctions, and could now face years in prison. Guest blog Law & order cryptocurrency Ethereum North Korea sanctions

White House puts sanctions on Russian Cryptocurrency exchange for ransomware payments

CyberSecurity Insiders

Biden Administration announced early this month that it’s going to put sanctions on cryptocurrency exchanges that deal in ransomware payments and as a first shot it has issued sanctions on Russian Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex. Ransomware cryptocurrency Exchange SUEX US Sanction

Blockchain & Fraud Prevention: Strategies to overcome the cryptocurrency scam

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What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that generally only exists electronically. Blockchain Cryptojacking Cybersecurity #Blockchain #Crypto #CryptoScam bitcoin Cryptocurrency Ransomware scam

Fake Walmart press release causes cryptocurrency price surge

Graham Cluley

The cryptocurrency Litecoin soared in value earlier this week upon the news that supermarket giant Walmart would accept it as a form of payment at its retail stores across America. Guest blog Security threats cryptocurrency GlobeNewswire litecoin walmart