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How phishing attacks evade traditional security defenses

Tech Republic Security

Two of three phishing pages analyzed by Armorblox were hosted on legitimate services to try to sneak past the usual security protection.

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New PsExec spinoff lets hackers bypass network security defenses

Bleeping Computer

Security researchers have developed an implementation of the Sysinternals PsExec utility that allows moving laterally in a network using a less monitored port. [.].


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New AdLoad Variant Bypasses Apple's Security Defenses to Target macOS Systems

The Hacker News

A new wave of attacks involving a notorious macOS adware family has evolved to leverage around 150 unique samples in the wild in 2021 alone, some of which have slipped past Apple's on-device malware scanner and even signed by its own notarization service, highlighting the malicious software ongoing attempts to adapt and evade detection.

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Cisco to offer Webex air-gapped cloud system for security, defense work

CSO Magazine

Building on its WebEx product line, Cisco plans to deliver an air-gapped, cloud-based collaboration system for companies involved in US national security and defense work, extending the secure offerings the company already provides to industries that require collaboration tools with strong security measures to meet US government requirements.

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KnowBe4 Partners With Egress to Enhance Organizations' Inbound and Outbound Email Security Defenses

Dark Reading

Egress also launches adaptive security architecture, which dynamically adjusts email security controls based on aggregated data including KnowBe4's user risk score.

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It's a Zero-day? It's Malware? No! It's Username and Password

The Hacker News

As cyber threats continue to evolve, adversaries are deploying a range of tools to breach security defenses and compromise sensitive data. This article explores the seriousness of compromised credentials, the challenges they present to security solutions, and the

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Towards native security defenses for the web ecosystem

Google Security

Posted by Artur Janc and Lukas Weichselbaum, Information Security Engineers With the recent launch of Chrome 83, and the upcoming release of Mozilla Firefox 79, web developers are gaining powerful new security mechanisms to protect their applications from common web vulnerabilities.