Internet of Things Candle

Schneier on Security

There's a Kickstarter for an actual candle , with real fire, that you can control over the Internet. What could possibly go wrong? internetofthings

Exploiting Spectre Over the Internet

Schneier on Security

Google has demonstrated exploiting the Spectre CPU attack remotely over the web: Today, we’re sharing proof-of-concept (PoC) code that confirms the practicality of Spectre exploits against JavaScript engines.


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Internet Voting in Puerto Rico

Schneier on Security

Puerto Rico is considered allowing for Internet voting. Cybersecurity experts agree that under current technology, no practically proven method exists to securely, verifiably, or privately return voted materials over the internet. aclu authentication cybersecurity internet secrecy votingI have joined a group of security experts in a letter opposing the bill.

MyBook Users Urged to Unplug Devices from Internet

Krebs on Security

Western Digital’s response at the time was that the affected devices were no longer supported and that customers should avoid connecting them to the Internet. But these products also make it simple for users to access their files remotely over the Internet using a mobile app.

The Internet of Things is a Complete Mess (and how to Fix it)

Troy Hunt

I've spent more time IoT'ing my house over the last year than any sane person ever should. But hey, it's been strange times for all of us and it's kept me entertained whilst no longer travelling.

Gene Spafford on Internet Voting

Schneier on Security

Good interview. covid19 interviews voting

Securing Internet Videoconferencing Apps: Zoom and Others

Schneier on Security

The NSA just published a survey of video conferencing apps. So did Mozilla. Zoom is on the good list, with some caveats. The company has done a lot of work addressing previous security concerns. It still has a bit to go on end-to-end encryption. Matthew Green looked at this.

Together for a Better Internet: Let’s Make a Safer Internet Day, Every Day

Hot for Security

Since the dawn of the Internet, the digital world has continued to evolve, offering users unlimited access to information, entertainment and ways of connecting with people around the globe.

Paul van Oorschot’s Computer Security and the Internet

Schneier on Security

Paul van Oorschot’s webpage contains a complete copy of his book: Computer Security and the Internet: Tools and Jewels. It’s worth reading. Uncategorized books computer security

Internet Security Threats at the Olympics

Schneier on Security

cyberattack dhs internet leaks mcafee northkorea russia securitymonitoring southkorea sportsThere are a lot : The cybersecurity company McAfee recently uncovered a cyber operation, dubbed Operation GoldDragon, attacking South Korean organizations related to the Winter Olympics. McAfee believes the attack came from a nation state that speaks Korean, although it has no definitive proof that this is a North Korean operation.

Safer Internet Day: Exploring Reliability Online

Security Boulevard

Safer Internet Day has been a landmark event on technology calendars for more than 18 years. Each year, Safer Internet Day focuses on a unique. The post Safer Internet Day: Exploring Reliability Online appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Iran Has Shut Off the Internet

Schneier on Security

AccessNow has a global campaign to stop Internet shutdowns. Iran has gone pretty much entirely offline in the wake of nationwide protests. This is the best article detailing what's going on; this is also good. censorship control internetandsociety iran

Kazakhstan Government Intercepting All Secured Internet Traffic

Adam Levin

The Kazakhstan government is intercepting all HTTPS-encrypted internet traffic within its borders. Under a new directive effective 7/17, the Kazakhstan government is requiring every internet service provider in the country to install a security certificate onto every internet-enabled device and browser. Once installed, this certificate allows the government to decrypt and analyze all incoming internet traffic. .

Google One gets certified by Internet of Secure Things Alliance

CyberSecurity Insiders

For building trust among users, companies manufacturing web connected devices should get the approval of Internet of Secure Things Alliance (iOXT) that approves the product only when it passes all the eight security principles planned by it before.

5 Teen Internet Safety Tips

Security Boulevard

The post 5 Teen Internet Safety Tips appeared first on Security Boulevard. Security Bloggers Network Child Safety FEATURED Internet Safety

A Trippy Visualization Charts the Internet's Growth

WIRED Threat Level

In 2003, Barrett Lyon created a map of the internet. In 2021, he did it again—and showed just how quickly it's expanded. Security Security / Security News

Safer Internet Day: The Future is Digital, Let’s Keep it Safe!

Security Boulevard

The internet Continue reading. The post Safer Internet Day: The Future is Digital, Let’s Keep it Safe! The post Safer Internet Day: The Future is Digital, Let’s Keep it Safe!

China Spying on Undersea Internet Cables

Schneier on Security

For years, the US and the Five Eyes have had a monopoly on spying on the Internet around the globe. As I have repeatedly said , we need to decide if we are going to build our future Internet systems for security or surveillance. Supply chain security is an insurmountably hard problem. The recent focus is on Chinese 5G equipment, but the problem is much broader.

It's Safer Internet Day!

Approachable Cyber Threats

Safer Internet Day, sponsored by ConnectSafely , aims to create both a safer and a better internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Securing the Internet of Things through Class-Action Lawsuits

Schneier on Security

This law journal article discusses the role of class-action litigation to secure the Internet of Things. Basically, the article postulates that (1) market realities will produce insecure IoT devices, and (2) political failures will leave that industry unregulated. Result: insecure IoT.

Safer Internet Day – Why not up your game?

Naked Security

Four tips for Safer Internet Day. Security threats homeschooling malware Patching Safer Internet Day

Teaching kids internet safety tips for Zoom parties

CyberSecurity Insiders

The internet has changed over the years. The post Teaching kids internet safety tips for Zoom parties appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders. This blog was written by an independent guest blogger. Image Source: Pexels.

West Virginia Using Internet Voting

Schneier on Security

This is crazy (and dangerous). West Virginia is allowing people to vote via a smart-phone app. Even crazier, the app uses blockchain -- presumably because they have no idea what the security issues with voting actually are. blockchain phones securitypolicies voting

Critical Flaw in Swiss Internet Voting System

Schneier on Security

Researchers have found a critical flaw in the Swiss Internet voting system. I was going to write an essay about how this demonstrates that Internet voting is a stupid idea and should never be attempted -- and that this system in particular should never be deployed, even if the found flaw is fixed -- but Cory Doctorow beat me to it : The belief that companies can be trusted with this power defies all logic, but it persists.

Why Internet Security Is So Bad

Schneier on Security

I recently read two different essays that make the point that while Internet security is terrible, it really doesn't affect people enough to make it an issue. This is true, and is something I worry will change in a world of physically capable computers. Automation, autonomy, and physical agency will make computer security a matter of life and death, and not just a matter of data. internetandsociety internetofthings securityawareness

Tesla Elon Musk to offer satellite based internet that cannot be hacked

CyberSecurity Insiders

Electric Car’s tycoon Elon Musk has announced that any hacker in the world can never hack his Starlink Satellite Internet Service….hmmm The post Tesla Elon Musk to offer satellite based internet that cannot be hacked appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

RIP: Internet Explorer will be disabled in Windows 11

Bleeping Computer

Windows 11 has officially signed the death sentence for Internet Explorer as it will be disabled when users upgrade to the new operating system. [.].

Microsoft 365 drops support for Internet Explorer 11 in August

Bleeping Computer

Microsoft has reminded customers that Microsoft 365 apps and services will drop support for the legacy Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) web browser next month, on August 17, 2021. [.].

Social Media Best Practices for Safer Internet Day

The State of Security

On February 9, 2021, the world will celebrate the 18th iteration of Safer Internet Day. One of the ways we can observe Safer Internet […]… Read More. The post Social Media Best Practices for Safer Internet Day appeared first on The State of Security.

Full Private Internet Access VPN Review


This article shows our result of the full practical evaluation and review of the Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN. The post Full Private Internet Access VPN Review appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity. Reviews cybersecurity Private Internet Access VPN

VPN 52

Does using a VPN slow down your Internet?


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can stop others from snooping on or tampering with your Internet traffic. Despite its benefits, some people hesitate to use the technology because they believe VPNs negatively impact the performance of their Internet connection.

VPN 101

Cracking the Passwords of Early Internet Pioneers

Schneier on Security

Lots of them weren't very good : BSD co-inventor Dennis Ritchie, for instance, used "dmac" (his middle name was MacAlistair); Stephen R. Bourne, creator of the Bourne shell command line interpreter, chose "bourne"; Eric Schmidt, an early developer of Unix software and now the executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, relied on "wendy!!!" (the

Internet Safety Tips for Seniors and Scams to Watch Out for

Security Boulevard

The post Internet Safety Tips for Seniors and Scams to Watch Out for appeared first on Security Boulevard. Security Bloggers Network Internet SafetyAccording to a Pew Research Center survey, about 66% of Americans are over the age of 65 and many of them are online.

Goodbye Internet Explorer—and Good Riddance

WIRED Threat Level

Microsoft will finally put the venerated, vulnerability-ridden browser out to pasture, but it's still got a year to cause some trouble. Security Security / Security News

Internet Society Opposition to LAED Act

Adam Shostack

The Internet Society Open Letter Against Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act was published this morning. It’s an important and broad coalition to protect the ability of American companies to deliver security to their customers. I’m honored to be one of the signers. Current Events Legislation Security

Internet disruption in Russia coincided with the introduction of restrictions

Security Affairs

Experts at the NetBlocks Internet Observatory observed this week a temporary disruption of internet service in Russia due to new restrictions. However, indications are that the implementation of #Russia 's new internet restrictions did not go as planned.

General Tips for Children & Teens on Safer Internet Day

The State of Security

On February 9, 2021, the world will celebrate the 18th iteration of Safer Internet Day. The theme of this year’s event is “Together for a better internet.” The post General Tips for Children & Teens on Safer Internet Day appeared first on The State of Security.

Keeping the Internet Secure

Adam Shostack

Today, a global coalition led by civil society and technology experts sent a letter asking the government of Australia to abandon plans to introduce legislation that would undermine strong encryption. The letter calls on government officials to become proponents of digital security and work collaboratively to help law enforcement adapt to the digital era.

Security Vulnerability in Internet-Connected Construction Cranes

Schneier on Security

This seems bad: The F25 software was found to contain a capture replay vulnerability -- basically an attacker would be able to eavesdrop on radio transmissions between the crane and the controller, and then send their own spoofed commands over the air to seize control of the crane. These devices use fixed codes that are reproducible by sniffing and re-transmission," US-CERT explained.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center Logs its Six Millionth Complaint

Hot for Security

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has been providing the public with reliable cybercrime reporting systems for 20 years. Alerts Industry News cybercrime extortion scam fbi IC3 Internet Crime Complaint Center online scams

Massive DDoS attack brought down 25% Iranian Internet connectivity

Security Affairs

Iran comes under cyber-attack again, a massive offensive brought down a large portion of the Iranian access to the Internet. Confirmed: Internet partially shut down #Iran from 11:45 a.m. ” #CyberAttack at 11:44 local time disrupted internet services in #Iran for an hour.


Internet Scanning: Definition, Benefits, Brief History and Tools


Learn about what is Internet Scanning, benefits and implications of these scans, as well as popular internet scanning tools.

Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer on some Windows 10 versions

Bleeping Computer

Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer 11 from some Windows 10 versions and replacing it with the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. [.]. Microsoft