Surveillance of the Internet Backbone

Schneier on Security

Vice has an article about how data brokers sell access to the Internet backbone. Uncategorized cybersecurity forensics Internet privacy surveillance tracking traffic analysisThis is netflow data.

Transacting in Person with Strangers from the Internet

Krebs on Security

But when dealing with strangers from the Internet, there is always a risk that the person you’ve agreed to meet has other intentions. These safe trading places exist because sometimes in-person transactions from the Internet don’t end well for one or more parties involved.


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Internet Backbone Giant Lumen Shuns.RU

Krebs on Security

Lumen Technologies , an American company that operates one of the largest Internet backbones and carries a significant percentage of the world’s Internet traffic, said today it will stop routing traffic for organizations based in Russia. ru) from the Internet.

Internet of Things Candle

Schneier on Security

There's a Kickstarter for an actual candle , with real fire, that you can control over the Internet. What could possibly go wrong? internetofthings

Internet Voting in Puerto Rico

Schneier on Security

Puerto Rico is considered allowing for Internet voting. Cybersecurity experts agree that under current technology, no practically proven method exists to securely, verifiably, or privately return voted materials over the internet. aclu authentication cybersecurity internet secrecy votingI have joined a group of security experts in a letter opposing the bill.

Web3 and the Decentralized Internet

Security Boulevard

What is it and what will it mean to have a decentralized Internet. The post Web3 and the Decentralized Internet appeared first on The Shared Security Show. The post Web3 and the Decentralized Internet appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Hidden Anti-Cryptography Provisions in Internet Anti-Trust Bills

Schneier on Security

Two bills attempting to reduce the power of Internet monopolies are currently being debated in Congress: S. Reducing the power to tech monopolies would do more to “fix” the Internet than any other single action, and I am generally in favor of them both.

XKCD ‘First Internet Interaction’

Security Boulevard

The post XKCD ‘First Internet Interaction’ appeared first on Security Boulevard. Humor Security Bloggers Network Randall Munroe Sarcasm satire XKCD

Brilliant Advice From Abraham Lincoln About Internet News Reports

Joseph Steinberg

Since then, I have seen many Internet memes circulate that appear to convey a similar message. Encrypted communications and site authentication cues can help shield against such attacks, but the vast majority of Internet activity presently leverages neither defense.

Exploiting Spectre Over the Internet

Schneier on Security

Google has demonstrated exploiting the Spectre CPU attack remotely over the web: Today, we’re sharing proof-of-concept (PoC) code that confirms the practicality of Spectre exploits against JavaScript engines.

Best Internet Security Suites & Software for 2022

eSecurity Planet

Malware is one of the biggest threats businesses face, and with nearly a third of all malware coming through the internet and email, businesses and consumers alike need ways to protect themselves. Types of Internet Security Tools.

Best Internet Scrubbing Services


Here, I will show you the best Internet scrubbing services. The post Best Internet Scrubbing Services appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity. Have you ever wondered why you get ads tailored to. Read more.

China to spy through satellites over internet

CyberSecurity Insiders

Tesla company owner Elon Musk announced last year that his SpaceX Starlink internet service will reach to the remote places on continents like Africa and Asia providing connectivity to the people in rural areas who lack at least the basic communication services.

Internet Safety Month: Avoiding the consequences of unsafe Internet practices


Welcome to Internet Safety Month, a once-a-year event in which you, the public, are told that anywhere between three and 30 different best practices will simplify your approach to staying safe online. This year, then, for Internet Safety Month, we’re packaging our advice a little differently.

An Elaborate Employment Con in the Internet Age

Schneier on Security

They found that almost all the work Madbird claimed as its own had been stolen from elsewhere on the internet — and that some of the colleagues they’d been messaging online didn’t exist. […].

Gene Spafford on Internet Voting

Schneier on Security

Good interview. covid19 interviews voting

Voatz Internet Voting App Is Insecure

Schneier on Security

This paper describes the flaws in the Voatz Internet voting app: " The Ballot is Busted Before the Blockchain: A Security Analysis of Voatz, the First Internet Voting Application Used in U.S.

Shodan: Still the Scariest Search Engine on the Internet? 

Security Boulevard

In April of 2013, CNN introduced the world to Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices, by publishing an article titled, Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet. The post Shodan: Still the Scariest Search Engine on the Internet?

Securing Internet Videoconferencing Apps: Zoom and Others

Schneier on Security

The NSA just published a survey of video conferencing apps. So did Mozilla. Zoom is on the good list, with some caveats. The company has done a lot of work addressing previous security concerns. It still has a bit to go on end-to-end encryption. Matthew Green looked at this.

MyBook Users Urged to Unplug Devices from Internet

Krebs on Security

Western Digital’s response at the time was that the affected devices were no longer supported and that customers should avoid connecting them to the Internet. But these products also make it simple for users to access their files remotely over the Internet using a mobile app.

Iran’s Internet Shutdown Hides a Deadly Crackdown

WIRED Threat Level

Amid protests against the killing of Mahsa Amini, authorities have cut off mobile internet, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The death toll continues to rise. Security Security / National Security

Internet of Nano Things

Security Boulevard

Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular topic in the current 4.0 What about the Internet of Nano Things, a combination of IoT and Nano is something to look forward to. The post Internet of Nano Things appeared first on Speranza.

Internet Security Threats at the Olympics

Schneier on Security

cyberattack dhs internet leaks mcafee northkorea russia securitymonitoring southkorea sportsThere are a lot : The cybersecurity company McAfee recently uncovered a cyber operation, dubbed Operation GoldDragon, attacking South Korean organizations related to the Winter Olympics. McAfee believes the attack came from a nation state that speaks Korean, although it has no definitive proof that this is a North Korean operation.

Internet de los comportamientos: más allá del Internet de las cosas

Security Boulevard

Aquí viene la pieza que falta para construir un viaje de usuario ideal: Internet …. The post Internet de los comportamientos: más allá del Internet de las cosas appeared first on ManageEngine Blog.

Internet Safety Month: Stop, Think, Connect

Security Through Education

June is National Internet Safety Month! With this in mind, our June newsletter will break down this campaign and help you and your organizations stop, think, and connect for internet safety month. Remember, there is no ‘delete’ button on the internet.

Safer Internet Day: Exploring Reliability Online

Security Boulevard

Safer Internet Day has been a landmark event on technology calendars for more than 18 years. Each year, Safer Internet Day focuses on a unique. The post Safer Internet Day: Exploring Reliability Online appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Misinformation and propaganda in the authoritarian internet

Security Boulevard

The post Misinformation and propaganda in the authoritarian internet appeared first on Security Boulevard. On my sixth birthday, my father gifted me a globe of the world. It is the best birthday present I have ever received. You see, I grew up in a cramped apartment in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Russia Is Taking Over Ukraine’s Internet

WIRED Threat Level

In occupied Ukraine, people’s internet is being routed to Russia—and subjected to its powerful censorship and surveillance machine. Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks

Honest Private Internet Access (PIA) Antivirus Review


Here’s the Personal Internet Access (PIA) antivirus review. The post Honest Private Internet Access (PIA) Antivirus Review appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity. Reviews antivirus Private Internet Access

Elon Musk warns that Starlink Internet Satellites can be bombed

CyberSecurity Insiders

It is a known fact that Tesla Chief’s Starlink Internet Satellites are offering consistent internet connectivity to Ukrainians who are facing a lot of troubles because of the Russian-waged illogical war. News Elon Musk Starlink Internet Satellite

Patreon Fires its Security Team — and the Internet Freaks Out

Security Boulevard

The post Patreon Fires its Security Team — and the Internet Freaks Out appeared first on Security Boulevard. Patreon, the notorious membership monetization platform, laid off its entire security team yesterday. Just like that.

Iran Has Shut Off the Internet

Schneier on Security

AccessNow has a global campaign to stop Internet shutdowns. Iran has gone pretty much entirely offline in the wake of nationwide protests. This is the best article detailing what's going on; this is also good. censorship control internetandsociety iran

Safer Internet Day – Why not up your game?

Naked Security

Four tips for Safer Internet Day. Security threats homeschooling malware Patching Safer Internet Day

Together for a Better Internet: Let’s Make a Safer Internet Day, Every Day

Hot for Security

Since the dawn of the Internet, the digital world has continued to evolve, offering users unlimited access to information, entertainment and ways of connecting with people around the globe.

Apple to provide secure satellite internet to iPhone 14 users

CyberSecurity Insiders

Apple has made it official that it will be offering specialized hardware on its upcoming model of iPhone 14, which will have the capabilities of beaming internet directly from satellite services provider.

Paul van Oorschot’s Computer Security and the Internet

Schneier on Security

Paul van Oorschot’s webpage contains a complete copy of his book: Computer Security and the Internet: Tools and Jewels. It’s worth reading. Uncategorized books computer security

5 tips to help children navigate the internet safely

We Live Security

How can you steer kids toward safe internet habits? The post 5 tips to help children navigate the internet safely appeared first on WeLiveSecurity.

New Vulnerabilities Reported in Baxter's Internet-Connected Infusion Pumps

The Hacker News

Multiple security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Baxter's internet-connected infusion pumps used by healthcare professionals in clinical environments to dispense medication to patients.

The Challenge of Cracking Iran’s Internet Blockade

WIRED Threat Level

People around the world are rallying to subvert Iran's internet shutdown, but actually pulling it off is proving difficult and risky. Security Security / National Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks Security / Security News

Internet Searches Reveal Surprisingly Prevalent Ransomware

Dark Reading

Two mostly defunct threats — WannaCry and NonPetya — top the list of ransomware searches, but does that mean they are still causing problems

China Spying on Undersea Internet Cables

Schneier on Security

For years, the US and the Five Eyes have had a monopoly on spying on the Internet around the globe. As I have repeatedly said , we need to decide if we are going to build our future Internet systems for security or surveillance. Supply chain security is an insurmountably hard problem. The recent focus is on Chinese 5G equipment, but the problem is much broader.

Amy Zegart on Spycraft in the Internet Age

Schneier on Security

Now everyone is racing for insight and the internet gives them tools to do it. Amy Zegart has a new book: Spies, Lies, and Algorithms: The History and Future of American Intelligence. Wired has an excerpt : In short, data volume and accessibility are revolutionizing sensemaking.

Kazakhstan Government Intercepting All Secured Internet Traffic

Adam Levin

The Kazakhstan government is intercepting all HTTPS-encrypted internet traffic within its borders. Under a new directive effective 7/17, the Kazakhstan government is requiring every internet service provider in the country to install a security certificate onto every internet-enabled device and browser. Once installed, this certificate allows the government to decrypt and analyze all incoming internet traffic. .