Cybersecurity Visuals

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The Hewlett Foundation just announced its top five ideas in its Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge. The problem Hewlett is trying to solve is the dearth of good visuals for cybersecurity. Uncategorized contests cybersecurity

More Biden Cybersecurity Nominations

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News : President Biden announced key cybersecurity leadership nominations Monday, proposing Jen Easterly as the next head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and John “Chris” Inglis as the first ever national cyber director (NCD).


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A New Cybersecurity “Social Contract”

Schneier on Security

He also leaves out the NSA — whose effectiveness rests on all of these global insecurities — and the FBI, whose incessant push for encryption backdoors goes against his vision of increased cybersecurity. Uncategorized cybersecurity national security policy public interest

Teaching Cybersecurity to Children

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Uncategorized children cybersecurity generations privacy security education

How Preparation and Strategy Can Be Used to Fight and Defeat Any Ransomware Attack

Speaker: Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager at phoenixNAP

Through a detailed analysis of major attacks and their consequences, Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager at phoenixNAP, will discuss the state of ransomware and future predictions, as well as provide best practices for attack prevention and recovery.

AI and Cybersecurity

Schneier on Security

Ben Buchanan has written " A National Security Research Agenda for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence." artificialintelligence attribution cybersecurity nationalsecuritypolicy reports

Billion Dollar CyberSecurity Annual Budgets Have Arrived

Joseph Steinberg

Major American banks and various other parties serving them are each spending $1 Billion per year on cybersecurity, according to Bank of America’s CEO, Brian Moynihan. CyberSecurity News Cybersecurity budget

Zero Trust and the Failure of Sampling: Two Important Cybersecurity Trends

Joseph Steinberg

Last week, I attended an excellent briefing given by Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of VMware’s Networking and Advanced Security Business Group, in which he discussed various important cybersecurity-related trends that he and his team have observed.

Cybersecurity Law Casebook

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Robert Chesney teaches cybersecurity at the University of Texas School of Law. courts cybersecurity lawsHe recently published a fantastic casebook, which is a good source for anyone studying this.

How to Build Cybersecurity Resilience

Security Boulevard

Cybersecurity has been changing rapidly over the past couple of years, due in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, organizations have digitized at an unprecedented rate and, in the process, created new opportunities for cybersecurity shortfalls.

Cybersecurity startup ideas

Javvad Malik

Call this surprise cybersecurity pizza. Sell cybersecurity on the dark web – bad guys on the dark web also need cybersecurity. Give all of your sales people kazoos to make it seem like they are having fun when talking about cybersecurity. I’ve seen VC’s fund many security and tech startups. Lots of the ideas are rubbish, so I’ve come up with my own ideas that aren’t rubbish so VC’s can fund me instead.

Cover Your SaaS: How to Overcome Security Challenges and Risks For Your Organization

Speaker: Ronald Eddings, Cybersecurity Expert and Podcaster

In this webinar, Ronald Eddings, Cybersecurity Expert, will outline the relationship between SaaS apps and IT & security teams, along with several actionable solutions to overcome the new difficulties facing your organization.

Where Next for Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity?

Lohrman on Security

We’ve been hearing about upcoming breakthroughs with quantum computing technology for several years, so what’s the latest from around the world

Cybersecurity Team Lessons from Football Game Defeats

Lohrman on Security

Underestimating, or not properly preparing for, adversaries can lead to big trouble — in both football and cybersecurity. So what can cyber teams learn from “The Game”?

“Secure Workloads” – So, what does this cybersecurity catchphrase actually mean?

Joseph Steinberg

The cybersecurity term “secure workloads” seems to be gaining a lot of traction in marketing materials lately. When it comes to cybersecurity, securing workloads means protecting all of the various components that make up an application (such as its database functionality).

Sepio Systems: Cybersecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg Joins Advisory Board

Joseph Steinberg

Rockville, MD – November 17, 2021 – Sepio Systems , the leader in Zero Trust Hardware Access (ZTHA), announced today that cybersecurity expert Joseph Steinberg has joined its advisory board. CyberSecurity News Advisory Board Announcement hardware security Joseph Steinberg Sepi

Cybersecurity During COVID-19

Schneier on Security

covid19 cybersecurity hacking phishingThree weeks ago (could it possibly be that long already?), I wrote about the increased risks of working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. One, employees are working from their home networks and sometimes from their home computers.

EU and U.S. Join Forces to Help Developing World Cybersecurity

Lohrman on Security

The United States and the European Union are planning to work together to secure digital infrastructure in developing countries. Here’s why this is vitally important

Cybersecurity AI

Security Boulevard

Click to read Cybersecurity AI. The post Cybersecurity AI appeared first on Security Boulevard. Cybersecurity

Protecting Patients With Healthcare Cybersecurity

CyberSecurity Insiders

It also showcased how vitally important healthcare cybersecurity has become during the internet age. How are strong cybersecurity measures working to protect sensitive patient data? How Is Cybersecurity Protecting Patients?


CyberSecurity Insiders

Cybersecurity experts now must ‘Move their Cheese’ and deal with threats created by the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile/wireless and wearable technology. As in every other domain, AI has emerged as one of the top game-changers for cybersecurity.

Five Interesting Israeli CyberSecurity Companies

Joseph Steinberg

Today, however, after, having had literally hundreds of conversations with, and about, Israeli cybersecurity companies, I thought that I would mention to my readers a few of the firms that I find interesting. The firm has also expanded into cybersecurity systems for aircraft.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: #BeCyberSmart

Naked Security

#BeCyberSmart - during CyberSecurity Awareness Month and beyond. Malware Security leadership #BeCyberSmart cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Talent Bubble Keeps Growing

Security Boulevard

million unfilled cybersecurity jobs as of October 2021 according to (ISC)2, it seems the cybersecurity talent bubble will be floating around for the foreseeable future. The post Cybersecurity Talent Bubble Keeps Growing appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Inadequate Cybersecurity

Security Boulevard

It is customary to begin an article on cybersecurity with statements about huge increases in threats and attacks and mounting cyberspace losses from fraud, identity theft, ransoms, data exfiltration, blackmail, etc. The post Inadequate Cybersecurity appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Global Cybersecurity Ramifications from the War in Ukraine

Lohrman on Security

What have we learned so far regarding cybersecurity from the Russia-Ukraine war and related cyber incidents around the world? Let’s explore

LA Covers Up Bad Cybersecurity

Schneier on Security

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has been accused of deliberately keeping widespread gaps in its cybersecurity a secret from regulators in a large-scale coverup involving the city's mayor. coverups cybersecurity utilities vulnerabilitiesThis is bad in several dimensions.

The Human Factor in Cybersecurity Breaches

CyberSecurity Insiders

Cybersecurity is a hot boardroom topic at most companies, regardless of industry. That’s why, when discussing cybersecurity, we come across terms like human factor, human error, and insider threat. Human error still causes the overwhelming majority of cybersecurity breaches.

Cybersecurity Experts to Follow on Twitter

Schneier on Security

Security Boulevard recently listed the “Top-21 Cybersecurity Experts You Must Follow on Twitter in 2021.” Uncategorized cybersecurity Schneier news Twitter” I came in at #7. I thought that was pretty good, especially since I never tweet.

CyberSecurity Is Not Enough: Businesses Must Insure Against Cyber Losses

Joseph Steinberg

This article is sponsored by iBynd which enables MSP’s, Cybersecurity companies, Cloud providers and other technology and Financial Service companies to seamlessly integrate a Cyber Liability Insurance product offering to their Small and Medium sized business customers.

Humble Bundle's 2020 Cybersecurity Books

Schneier on Security

This month, they're featuring as many as nineteen cybersecurity books for as little as $1, including four of mine. books cybersecurity schneiernewsFor years, Humble Bundle has been selling great books at a "pay what you can afford" model.

Joseph Steinberg Appointed To CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Council

Joseph Steinberg

Long-time cybersecurity-industry veteran, Joseph Steinberg , has been appointed by CompTIA, the information technology (IT) industry’s nonprofit trade association that has issued more than 2-million vendor-neutral IT certifications to date, to its newly-formed Cybersecurity Advisory Council.

Italy announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy 2022/26

Security Affairs

Italy announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2022/26, a crucial document to address cyber threats and increase the resilience of the country. However, such a scenario doesn’t always match with the society’s cybersecurity awareness level.”

CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence Expert Joseph Steinberg To Speak at AI Summit

Joseph Steinberg

Mike Hadjimichael, AI Cyber Domain Capability Area Lead & Group Lead, National Cybersecurity FFRDC, The MITRE Corporation. Achieving this requires a structured approach and a positive cybersecurity culture that includes not just the IT team but everyone in the organization.

Best cybersecurity certifications in 2022

Tech Republic Security

Solidify your skills as a cybersecurity professional by becoming certified. Here is a list of some of the best cybersecurity certifications available today. The post Best cybersecurity certifications in 2022 appeared first on TechRepublic.

Free CyberSecurity Advice For Journalists In Ukraine

Joseph Steinberg

The post Free CyberSecurity Advice For Journalists In Ukraine appeared first on Joseph Steinberg: CyberSecurity Expert Witness, Privacy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisor. CyberSecurity News journalists russia ukraine

Don’t Let Encryption Become A Double-Edged Sword That Undermines Zero Trust CyberSecurity

Joseph Steinberg

It is no secret that cybersecurity professionals universally recommend that people, businesses, and governments employ strong encryption as one of several methods of protecting sensitive information. CyberSecurity vmware zero trust

The Future of Machine Learning and Cybersecurity

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The Center for Security and Emerging Technology has a new report: “ Machine Learning and Cybersecurity: Hype and Reality.” Uncategorized cybersecurity machine learning reports

Nokia starts a Cybersecurity Testing Lab for 5G Networks

CyberSecurity Insiders

Nokia, once renowned for its amazing mobile phones, has now developed a testing lab completely dedicated to cybersecurity in the United States. The post Nokia starts a Cybersecurity Testing Lab for 5G Networks appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders. News cybersecurity Nokia

IoT 114

The Unintended Harms of Cybersecurity

Schneier on Security

Interesting research: " Identifying Unintended Harms of Cybersecurity Countermeasures ": Abstract: Well-meaning cybersecurity risk owners will deploy countermeasures (technologies or procedures) to manage risks to their services or systems.

How To Position Yourself For An Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job


In this post, you will learn how to position yourself for an entry-level cybersecurity job. Cybersecurity is a major concern. The post How To Position Yourself For An Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity. Tutorials cybersecurity jobs

Cybersecurity Awareness: Definition, Importance, Purpose and Challenges

Security Boulevard

Cybersecurity awareness is an ongoing process of educating employees about the threats that lurk in cyberspace and how to act responsibly. The post Cybersecurity Awareness: Definition, Importance, Purpose and Challenges appeared first on Security Boulevard.

House Passes ICS Cybersecurity Training Act

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In a predominantly bipartisan vote, the Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Training Act was passed by the House of Representatives on the evening of June 21, 2022. The post House Passes ICS Cybersecurity Training Act appeared first on Security Boulevard.