How to Protect Structured and Unstructured Data

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Every effective PII protection effort addresses three critical imperatives – data discovery, access governance and risk mitigation. IT teams grappling with privacy mandates need to consider these factors across their unstructured and structured data contexts.

MY TAKE: The no. 1 reason ransomware attacks persist: companies overlook ‘unstructured data’

The Last Watchdog

All too many companies lack a full appreciation of how vital it has become to proactively manage and keep secure “unstructured data.”. One reason for the enduring waves of ransomware is that unstructured data is easy for hackers to locate and simple for them to encrypt. Related video: Why it’s high time to protect unstructured data. For a drill down on our conversation about unstructured data exposures please listen to the accompanying podcast.


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McAfee a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Unstructured Data Security Platforms


This introduces new security challenges in being able to locate and control sensitive data across all the potential exfiltration vectors regardless of whether they are in the cloud; on premise via managed or unmanaged machines.

GUEST ESSAY: How stricter data privacy laws have redefined the ‘filing’ of our personal data

The Last Watchdog

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) changed the game. Legacy filing systems were not built to keep track of the personal data of specific individuals primarily to be in compliance with the many data protection regulations popping up around the world. This is an important capability for organizations who need to satisfy this new type data handling regulations. This is because the newer data protection regulations do not apply to old data.

Data Governance Trends Report Reveals Securing Customer Data is Top IT Priority, Content Sprawl is Major Concern

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Companies are struggling with how to get a handle on the vast amounts of unstructured data they generate, and this is going to continue as the new hybrid work model proceeds into 2022. To investigate these issues, this week, Egnyte released its annual 2021 Data Governance Trends Report.

CNA legal filings lift the curtain on a Phoenix CryptoLocker ransomware attack


This notice has given every reader an insight into how the attack happened, what CNA did, and what they continue to do for those whose data was affected by this ransomware-attack-slash-data-breach. Data stolen but untouched.

Key steps on the road to LGPD compliance

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Brazil, the largest country in both South America and Latin America, released a data privacy law bringing new business opportunities, especially in the international domain. Visibility across the organization provides the accurate data it needs to make informed decisions.

Don't Encrypt Everything; Protect Intelligently

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The volume of confidential documents created daily is, frankly, incalculable, and the volume of “everything” distributed across multiple data centers around the world is much, much more. Encrypting everything is time intensive because of explosive data growth.

7 Step Data Loss Prevention Checklist for 2021

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Ensure the security of your organization’s sensitive data with this data loss prevention checklist, intended to help mitigate both internal and outsider threats. Create a data inventory. Understand when data is at risk. Featured Data Security How To

How to Keep Your Information Safe for Data Privacy Day 2020

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

January 28, 2020 marks the 13th iteration of Data Privacy Day. An extension of the celebration for Data Protection Day in Europe, Data Privacy Day functions as the signature event of the National Cyber Security Centre’s ongoing education and awareness efforts surrounding online privacy.

China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL): A New Take on GDPR?


Many people have heard of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), legislation that became law across the EU in May 2018. It has many similarities to GDPR, a key one being that it also applies world-wide with respect to data held on Chinese citizens.

SentinelOne forks over $155 million for log management company

SC Magazine

Automated endpoint security company SentinelOne has acquired Scalyr, a log management and data analytics platform, for $155 million in equity and cash.

Researcher’s audacious hack demonstrates new type of supply-chain attack


DNS data exfiltration is a way to exchange data between two computers without any direct connection, in a way that doesn’t draw much attention. Often the most brilliant ideas are the most simple. The hard part is being the first one to come up with the idea and put it to use.

DNS 110

Five Key Points When Preventing Cybersecurity Attacks in a World of Hybrid Working

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tag=Data Loss Prevention'>Data Loss Prevention</a> <a href='/blog?tag=File Because HelpSystems only provides best-in-class cybersecurity solutions, we can offer easily integrated and complementary data security tools. Language. English. <a href='/blog?tag=Endpoint

Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity calls for MFA and Data Encryption

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Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity calls for MFA and Data Encryption. Multifactor Authentication and Data Encryption. One of the most striking requirements is the implementation of multifactor authentication and data encryption for all Federal governments.

How to Comply with GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA

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The regulations from GDPR, PIPL, and CCPA are especially prevalent to MSPs and software vendors because they get access to data from so many organizations, but all businesses need to comply with them. China’s new data privacy law just went into effect in November 2021.

GUEST ESSAY: ‘Tis the season — to take proactive measures to improve data governance

The Last Watchdog

Sadly, data breaches often occur at this time of year. Related podcast: The need to lock down unstructured data. Every large brand is acutely aware that securing its data is of foremost importance in today’s world, and that by protecting data you are protecting the brand’s equity. The first step toward fortifying one of the company’s most valuable assets — customer or employee data — is to get to know the data better.

How Can You Protect Critical Infrastructure from Ransomware Attacks

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A ransomware is a vicious type of malware that cybercriminals use to block access to business critical systems by encrypting data in files, databases, or entire computer systems, until the victim pays a ransom. Data security.

The ambition for a ‘made in Europe’ AI: the Why, the What and the How

IT Security Guru

Building on this body of work, in February 2020 the EC released a ‘White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – A European Approach to Excellence and Trust,’ and two other complementary documents – the ‘European Strategy for Data,’ and ‘A Strategy for Europe Fit for the Digital Age’.

Why would a lawyer ever need an Information Security Professional?

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Regulations from China , South Africa , the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), and India all share the following principles: Consent to collect information. Data obfuscation requirements. Data retention limits. Data portability.

Putting VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform to the Test with Thales’s Vormetric Data Security Manager

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Certifying the full compatibility of the Thales Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) with the VMware platform was a critical element in ensuring our mutual customers’ satisfaction. Thales simply needed to deploy the Vormetric Data Security Manager into VMware’s cloud environment, run the VMware KMS Certification Suite and upload the logs from the same platform. Thales configured the Vormetric Data Security Manager and complete certification within a few hours. Data securit

How security professionals will rise to the challenge of cyber defense in 2022

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Thankfully, cybersecurity professionals everywhere are working on inventing new tech and improving upon legacy technology solutions to maintain pace with these criminals who threaten our data security. Protecting unstructured data will likely be one of the biggest challenges in the new year.

Using Encryption with Access Controls to Mitigate Malware and Ransomware Damage

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Recently the headlines have been dominated by infected enterprise software that has resulted in malware and hackers gaining access to mission critical infrastructures, taking control of systems, and stealing data. FDE works on endpoints because if the device is stolen the data cannot be used.

Can visibility be the key to better privacy?

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Technology innovation creates business value for organizations, but also new challenges for data privacy and protection. Probably also increasing the cost of any resultant data breach, as mentioned in the 2020 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report. Discover the location of your data.

How to Prepare for the Future of Healthcare Digital Security

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Healthcare’s IT evolution has brought numerous security challenges including regulations, the use of digitally transformative technologies that have created huge amounts of data to store and protect, and the extraordinary value of electronic personal health information (ePHI) to cybercriminals. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how healthcare enterprises can not only meet these challenges, but go beyond compliance to best practice to secure their data and their reputations.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blog Series: Using Technology to Safeguard the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

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In this blog post, I’ll discuss: Our current perimeter defense; The need to shift to a data-centric security approach; and, The need to educate the public to strengthen our critical infrastructure security posture. If we focus primarily on perimeter defense, we will continue to see data breaches and exposure to our critical infrastructure. Perimeter defense, while necessary, is not enough to protect our sensitive data. The Vormetric Data Security Platform.

Data-Centric Security and Big Data

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As Cybersecurity continues to be heavily focused on solving the problem of attacks against software vulnerabilities and system access, one potential silver bullet in the data breach equation remains out of the limelight. Enter data-centric security… a set of technologies that lower the value of data through encryption, tokenization, data masking and access control methods. The Big Data Conundrum. Data security

Top Threat Intelligence Platforms for 2021

eSecurity Planet

LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) Platform delivers a coordinated collection of data analysis and incident response capabilities to enable organizations around the globe to rapidly detect, neutralize and recover from security incidents. Centralized data platform.

McAfee MVISION Cloud and Azure Information Protection


Definitive Guide to Office 365 Data Protection. Learn how to protect data in Office 365 including common data loss scenarios, threats to users and data including real life examples, Office 365 data protection best practices, etc. 5) Run a scan to look for documents with sensitive data in any cloud application (historical data) and classify the documents with AIP sensitivity labels. What is Azure Information Protection?