Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS

Schneier on Security

This new protocol , called Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS (ODoH), hides the websites you visit from your ISP. Because the DNS query is encrypted, the proxy can’t see what’s inside, but acts as a shield to prevent the DNS resolver from seeing who sent the query to begin with.

DNS 190

Firefox Enables DNS over HTTPS

Schneier on Security

This is good news : Whenever you visit a website -- even if it's HTTPS enabled -- the DNS query that converts the web address into an IP address that computers can read is usually unencrypted. browsers childpornography dns firefox https mozilla securityengineering terrorism

DNS 232

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DNS Security

Adam Shostack

They asked us to look at the value of DNS security, such as when your DNS provider uses threat intel to block malicious sites. Just point to a DNS server like The report is available from GCA’s site: Learn About How DNS Security Can Mitigate One-Third of Cyber Incidents. I’m happy to say that some new research by Jay Jacobs, Wade Baker, and myself is now available, thanks to the Global Cyber Alliance.

DNS 109

How to define DNS in Docker containers

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen shows you how to configure specific DNS servers for your Docker container deployments

DNS 123

DNS Global Outage Affected Websites and Online Services

Heimadal Security

A global DNS outage related to the Akamai company made quite a stir on Thursday. The post DNS Global Outage Affected Websites and Online Services appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog. Cybersecurity News DNS dns security global outage

DNS 76

DNS over HTTPS, DNS over TLS explained: Encrypting DNS traffic

CSO Magazine

Being the backbone of the internet, the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol has undergone a series of improvements and enhancements over the past few years.

DNS 72

New DNS Hijacking Attacks

Schneier on Security

DNS hijacking isn't new, but this seems to be an attack of uprecidented scale: Researchers at Cisco's Talos security division on Wednesday revealed that a hacker group it's calling Sea Turtle carried out a broad campaign of espionage via DNS hijacking, hitting 40 different organizations.

DNS 173

What is DNS Poisoning? (aka DNS Spoofing) | Keyfactor

Security Boulevard

DNS poisoning, also known as DNS cache poisoning or DNS spoofing, is a highly deceptive cyber attack in which hackers redirect web traffic toward fake web servers and phishing websites. The post What is DNS Poisoning?

DNS 81

How DNS attacks threaten organizations

Tech Republic Security

Application downtime was the most significant side effect of a DNS attack, according to EfficientIP

DNS 137

DNS-over-HTTPS takes another small step towards global domination


Firefox recently announced that it will be rolling out DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) soon to one percent of its Canadian users as part of its partnership with CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority), the Ontario-based organization responsible for managing the.ca

DNS 82

Enable secure DNS on your Chromebook: Here's how

Tech Republic Security

For a more secure experience, use DNS-over-HTTPS on your Chromebook. Jack Wallen shows you how

DNS 78

TsuNAME flaw exposes DNS servers to DDoS attacks

Security Affairs

A flaw in some DNS resolvers, tracked as TsuNAME, can allow attackers to launch DDoS attacks against authoritative DNS servers. domains), and the Information Science Institute at the University of Southern California has discovered a vulnerability, named TsuNAME, in some DNS resolvers.

DNS 79

Details on Recent DNS Hijacking

Schneier on Security

At the end of January the US Department of Homeland Security issued a warning regarding serious DNS hijacking attempts against US government domains. Brian Krebs wrote an excellent article detailing the attacks and their implications. Strongly recommended

DNS 137

NAME:WRECK DNS Bugs: What You Need to Know

Security Boulevard

That’s because the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol does a good job of seamlessly routing users to different IP addresses that are all associated with a single domain name. […]… Read More. The post NAME:WRECK DNS Bugs: What You Need to Know appeared first on The State of Security.

DNS 65

Brave browser leaks onion addresses in DNS traffic

Zero Day

DNS leak leaves footprints in DNS server logs for a Brave user's Tor traffic

DNS 106

Threat Trends: DNS Security, Part 1

Cisco Security

After examining topics such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework , LOLBins , and others, this release will look at DNS traffic to malicious sites. We’ll also look at malicious DNS activity—the number of queries malicious sites receive. Organizations and malicious DNS activity.

DNS 99

Corporate and Government Customers’ Data Exposed by DNS Vulnerabilities

Heimadal Security

cloud security analysts were searching through Amazon Web Services’ Route53 Domain Name Service (DNS) when they noticed all of a sudden that its self-service domain registration system allowed them to create a new hosted zone with the same name as the authentic AWS name server it was utilizing.

DNS 52

New TsuNAME DNS bug allows attackers to DDoS authoritative DNS servers

Bleeping Computer

Attackers can use a newly disclosed domain name server (DNS) vulnerability publicly known as TsuNAME as an amplification vector in large-scale reflection-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks targeting authoritative DNS servers. [.].

DNS 101

VIPRE Endpoint Security and Encrypted DNS


Most of you have probably heard about encrypted DNS (DNS-over-HTTPS or DoH, and DNS-over-TLS or DoT) and have noticed that several of the major browser vendors have rolled out support for these newer protocols. ” And we would agree: encrypted DNS does provide a convenient way for computer users to mask the names and IP addresses of the hosts they are looking up, and can also help prevent tampering with those mappings in transit.

DNS 43

NSA Recommends Using Only 'Designated' DNS Resolvers

Dark Reading

Agency provides guidelines on securely deploying DNS over HTTPS, aka DoH

DNS 68

Threat Trends: DNS Security, Part 2

Cisco Security

This is what we covered in part one of this Threat Trends release on DNS Security, using data from Cisco Umbrella , our cloud-native security service. This time we’ll be comparing yearly totals of DNS traffic to malicious sites, by industry. percent lower in overall DNS traffic.

DNS 82

Google Announces DNS over HTTPS ‘General Availability’


Google finalizes its DNS-over-HTTPS service inching toward a world where DNS request are sent via HTTPS and not UDP or TCP. DNS over HTTPS DNS Spoofing DNS-over-HTTPS service HTTPSHacks Privacy Web Security

DNS 66

Threat Trends: DNS Security

Cisco Security

After examining topics such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework , LOLBins , and others, this release will look at DNS traffic to malicious sites. We’ll also look at malicious DNS activity—the number of queries malicious sites receive. Organizations and malicious DNS activity.

DNS 53

New DNS Name Server Hijack Attack Exposes Businesses, Government Agencies

Dark Reading

Researchers found a "novel" class of DNS vulnerabilities in AWS Route53 and other DNS-as-a-service offerings that leak sensitive information on corporate and government customers, with one simple registration step

DNS 63

Into the Rabbit Hole – Offensive DNS Tunneling Rootkits

Doctor Chaos

In this blog, we will discuss one of them which is DNS tunneling and how it works. We will look at well-known DNS tunneling attack rootkits and how to configure them to test the security and detection capabilities in your environment. What is DNS? How DNS Tunneling Attacks Work.

DNS 130

DNS Filtering: A Top Battle Front Against Malware and Phishing


Peter Lowe with DNSFilter discusses the science behind domain name system (DNS) filtering and how this method is effective in blocking out phishing and malware. Podcasts black list content filtering DNS dns filtering Domain Name System internet filtering malware Phishing

DNS 67

Edge DNS Secondary Implementation: Order of Operations for NS Zone and Registrar Records

Security Boulevard

Akamai Edge DNS service delivers edge-based, authoritative domain services for thousands of organizations. These organizations trust Edge DNS to deliver reliable and performant responses, reflected by a 100% uptime service-level agreement. Security Bloggers Network dns edge

DNS 56

A Deep Dive on the Recent Widespread DNS Hijacking Attacks

Krebs on Security

” The DNS part of that moniker refers to the global “ D omain N ame S ystem ,” which serves as a kind of phone book for the Internet by translating human-friendly Web site names (example.com) into numeric Internet address that are easier for computers to manage. Talos reported that these DNS hijacks also paved the way for the attackers to obtain SSL encryption certificates for the targeted domains (e.g. PASSIVE DNS. The U.S.

DNS 199

Microsoft outage caused by overloaded Azure DNS servers

Bleeping Computer

Microsoft has revealed that Thursday's worldwide outage was caused by a code defect that allowed the Azure DNS service to become overwhelmed and not respond to DNS queries. [.].

DNS 103

Mandatory Windows 10 update causing DNS and shared folder issues

Bleeping Computer

Some Windows 10 users have issues with DNS resolution after installing the latest Windows 10 cumulative updates released this week. [.]. Microsoft

DNS 110

Critical DNS Bug Opens Windows Servers to Infrastructure Takeover


Vulnerabilities Web Security critical vulnerability CVE-2020-1350 DNS DNS NameServer dns.exe Domain Administrator HTTP request July Patch Tuesday Microsoft patch Microsoft Security Response Center security bug SigRed WinDNS Windows server wormable

DNS 86

Finding the Best Servers to Answer Queries — Edge DNS and Anycast

Security Boulevard

The post Finding the Best Servers to Answer Queries — Edge DNS and Anycast appeared first on Security Boulevard. Security Bloggers Network anycast dns edgednsTL;DR.

DNS 52

New Proposed DNS Security Features Released

Dark Reading

Verisign's R&D team has developed new ways to authenticate and optimize DNS traffic on the client side of the domain-name resolution process

DNS 67

Microsoft Adds DNS-Over-HTTPS Support for Windows 10 Insiders


Microsoft is letting Windows Insiders test-drive DNS-over-HTTPS protocol in a pre-release build of Windows 10. Privacy Web Security chrome DNS DNS over HTTPS DNS-over-HTTPS service DoH DOT Firefox google HTTPS Microsoft Mozilla Windows 10 windows 10 build Windows Insider

DNS 61

Three Things that DNS Outages Teach Administrator

PerezBox Security

Rarely do you wake up thinking to yourself, “wonder how my DNS is doing today?” The post Three Things that DNS Outages Teach Administrator appeared first on PerezBox. ” but I can guarantee it’s been the root cause of one, or two, sleepless nights, Read More.

DNS 69

Vulnerabilities in Popular DNS Software Allow Poisoning

Dark Reading

Seven flaws in DNSMasq have limited impact, but in combination they could be chained to create a multistaged attack

DNS 104

Windows 11 includes the DNS-over-HTTPS privacy feature - How to use

Bleeping Computer

Microsoft has added a privacy feature to Windows 11 called DNS-over-HTTPS, allowing users to perform encrypted DNS lookups to bypass censorship and Internet activity. [.].

Name:Wreck DNS Bugs Put IoT Devices At Risk

Heimadal Security

Security experts from Forescout and JSOF have discovered a new set of DNS vulnerabilities that could impact more than 100 million IoT devices used by consumers and organizations. The post Name:Wreck DNS Bugs Put IoT Devices At Risk appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog.

DNS 64

How to enable secure DNS on your Chromebook

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen walks you through the process of using DNS-over-HTTPS on your Chromebook for a more secure experience

DNS 79

NSA, CISA issue guidance on Protective DNS services

SC Magazine

A PDNS service uses existing DNS protocols and architecture to analyze DNS queries and mitigate threats. The capability to reroute email, user web browsers, as well as distribute malware at scale are possible when a DNS address has been compromised,” Kelly said.

DNS 109

The Evolving World of DNS Security

PerezBox Security

I was recently at an event listening to representatives of ICANN and CloudFlare speak on security with DNS and it occurred to me that very few of us really understand. The post The Evolving World of DNS Security appeared first on PerezBox. Security DNS Architecture and Security Security Tools And Technology Web And Information Security

DNS 76

DNS over HTTPS (DoH): Definition, Implementation, Benefits, and More

Heimadal Security

A new internet protocol is making headlines in the world of enterprise security: DNS over HTTPS. The post DNS over HTTPS (DoH): Definition, Implementation, Benefits, and More appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog.

DNS 67

DNSpooq Flaws Allow DNS Hijacking of Millions of Devices


Seven flaws in open-source software Dnsmasq could allow DNS cache poisoning attacks and remote code execution. Vulnerabilities

DNS 90