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Zero-Trust DNS

Schneier on Security

Microsoft is working on a promising-looking protocol to lock down DNS. ZTDNS aims to solve this decades-old problem by integrating the Windows DNS engine with the Windows Filtering Platform—the core component of the Windows Firewall—directly into client devices.

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RSAC Fireside Chat: Rich threat intel, specialized graph database fuel HYAS’ Protective DNS

The Last Watchdog

Related: Selecting a Protective DNS One smart way to do this is by keeping an eagle eye out for rogue command and control (C2) server communications. And this beaconing must intersect with the Domain Name System (DNS.) DNS security and the overall Protective DNS space is rising in importance.

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Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS

Schneier on Security

This new protocol , called Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS (ODoH), hides the websites you visit from your ISP. Here’s how it works: ODoH wraps a layer of encryption around the DNS query and passes it through a proxy server, which acts as a go-between the internet user and the website they want to visit. Slashdot thread.

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DNSBomb: New DDoS Attack Explodes DNS Traffic, Threatening Critical Internet Infrastructure

Penetration Testing

This innovative attack weaponizes DNS (Domain Name System) traffic to overwhelm and disrupt online services,... The post DNSBomb: New DDoS Attack Explodes DNS Traffic, Threatening Critical Internet Infrastructure appeared first on Penetration Testing.

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Muddling Meerkat, a mysterious DNS Operation involving China’s Great Firewall

Security Affairs

The China-linked threat actors Muddling Meerkat are manipulating DNS to probe networks globally since 2019. Infoblox researchers observed China-linked threat actors Muddling Meerkat using sophisticated DNS activities since 2019 to bypass traditional security measures and probe networks worldwide. ” concludes the report.

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Chinese Actor SecShow Conducts Massive DNS Probing on Global Scale

The Hacker News

Cybersecurity researchers have shed more light on a Chinese actor codenamed SecShow that has been observed conducting Domain Name System (DNS) on a global scale since at least June 2023.

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Hackers use DNS tunneling for network scanning, tracking victims

Bleeping Computer

Threat actors are using Domain Name System (DNS) tunneling to track when their targets open phishing emails and click on malicious links, and to scan networks for potential vulnerabilities. [.]

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