Phone Cloning Scam

Schneier on Security

A newspaper in Malaysia is reporting on a cell phone cloning scam. What’s clever about this scam is that the victim is an Uber driver and the scammer is the passenger, so the driver is naturally busy and can’t see what the scammer is doing.

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Romance Scams


The post Romance Scams appeared first on Stay Safe Online

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Employment Scam

Schneier on Security

Interesting story of an old-school remote-deposit capture fraud scam, wrapped up in a fake employment scam. employment fraud scamsSlashdot thread.

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Details of a Computer Banking Scam

Schneier on Security

This is a longish video that describes a profitable computer banking scam that’s run out of call centers in places like India. One, it illustrates the complex business nature of the scam: there are a lot of people doing specialized jobs in order for it to work.

Hackers Exploit the COVID-19 Pandemic for Cyber Scams

Security Boulevard

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the global crisis coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) to attempt cyber scams! The post Hackers Exploit the COVID-19 Pandemic for Cyber Scams appeared first on Kratikal Blogs.

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Scams and Misinformation Challenges


The post Scams and Misinformation Challenges appeared first on Stay Safe Online

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Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Scams

Schneier on Security

academicpapers cryptocurrency fraud scamsReally interesting research: " An examination of the cryptocurrency pump and dump ecosystem ": Abstract : The surge of interest in cryptocurrencies has been accompanied by a proliferation of fraud. This paper examines pump and dump schemes.

Sophisticated Voice Phishing Scams

Schneier on Security

Brian Krebs is reporting on some new and sophisticated phishing scams over the telephone. fraud phishing scams socialengineeringI second his advice: "never give out any information about yourself in response to an unsolicited phone call." Always call them back, and not using the number offered to you by the caller. Always.

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Instagram scams and how to avoid them

Naked Security

Here are our top tips to protect you from Instagram scams. Instagram Phishing Privacy fraud Romance Scams scamsDon't get taken for a sucker on social media!

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5 common scams targeting teens – and how to stay safe

We Live Security

The post 5 common scams targeting teens – and how to stay safe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity. ScamsFrom knock-off designer products to too-good-to-be-true job offers, here are five common schemes fraudsters use to trick teenagers out of their money and sensitive data.

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Watch out for these scams, targeting Amazon’s customers

We Live Security

The post Watch out for these scams, targeting Amazon’s customers appeared first on WeLiveSecurity. ScamsMost people are fans of the convenience Amazon brings to online shopping, and that’s precisely what cybercriminals are betting on.

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As Covid-19 Cases Increase, Beware Tracing Scams

Adam Levin

The post As Covid-19 Cases Increase, Beware Tracing Scams appeared first on Adam Levin. Data Security Identity Theft featured scams tax scams coronavirus covid-19 covidAs Covid-19 rise across the country, public health officials are starting to ramp up contact tracing efforts. .

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Cyber scam targeted at owners of expensive Apple laptops

CyberSecurity Insiders

All you shoppers out there in UK using expensive Apple Laptops like MacBooks, you better be aware of the ongoing scams set up by retail outlets doing business in your area. The post Cyber scam targeted at owners of expensive Apple laptops appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

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Eight suspects busted in raid on “home delivery” scamming operation

Naked Security

Some victims of home delivery scams end up with their entire bank accounts drained. Law & order bust devlivery scam Royal Mail ScamDon't get caught out!

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Tourist Scams

Schneier on Security

egypt france italy scams spainA comprehensive list. Most are old and obvious, but there are some clever variants.

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New PayPal Credential Phishing Scam Conducted Via Live Chat Service

Heimadal Security

Recently, Cofense Phishing Defense Center analysts discovered a rather unusual PayPal credential phishing scam. The post New PayPal Credential Phishing Scam Conducted Via Live Chat Service appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog.

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FBI Logs Rapid Increase in Email Scams, Investment Fraud

Security Boulevard

The FBI reported complaints concerning online scams and investment fraud have now reached a record-breaking level. The post FBI Logs Rapid Increase in Email Scams, Investment Fraud appeared first on Security Boulevard.

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Home delivery scams get smarter – don’t get caught out

Naked Security

Data loss Phishing Privacy phishing Scam smishing SMSWe've said it before, and we'll say it again: don't be in too much of a hurry for those home deliveries you're expecting!

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50 Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed on Black Friday

Adam Levin

Here are 50 ways to avoid getting scammed on Black Friday — and beyond. Popular browsers, like Safari or Firefox, frequently issue updates to protect against scams. Avoid delivery issue scams by tracking your shipments via confirmation emails or password-protected online accounts.

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Free COVID-19 Masks Arriving At People’s Homes Across The USA Are Likely Part Of A Cyber Scam

Joseph Steinberg

While some folks who receive such items may feel lucky – protective gear can sometimes be difficult to find in local stores – these “gifts” appear to be part of a cyber-scam, sometimes known as “ brushing ,” about which you should be familiar.

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How to Protect Yourself from Gift Card Scams

Security Boulevard

In our July monthly show we discuss gift card scams! What are the different scams that are out there, how do they work, and details on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. ** Links mentioned on the show ** 8 Gift Card SCAMS you can SPOT and EASILY AVOID!

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‘Land Lordz’ Service Powers Airbnb Scams

Krebs on Security

site that helps him manage more than 500 scam properties and interactions with up to 100 (soon-to-be-scammed) “guests” looking to book the fake listings. The Land Lordz administrative panel for a scammer who’s running dozens of Airbnb scams in the United Kingdom. Fake properties for rent, as listed by the Land Lordz Airbnb scam service. People who lose money in these scams fail big time on two things.

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Employment Scams Increasingly Targeting Job Seekers

Adam Levin

Employment fraud is currently the most prevalent scam targeting consumers, according to Better Business Bureau report. The scams primarily target job-seekers with promises of great job opportunities and high pay. He soon found that the bank account transfer and his “employer” were both fraudulent, and that he had been scammed out of $35,000. So they come up with all these scams to launder the money effectively.”. Find out more about employment scams here.

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Why do we fall for SMS phishing scams so easily?

We Live Security

Here’s how to spot scams where criminals use deceptive text messages to hook and reel in their marks. The post Why do we fall for SMS phishing scams so easily? Scamsappeared first on WeLiveSecurity.

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Parcel Delivery Scam Targets Victims with Personalized Messages

Heimadal Security

The Police stations have been receiving a large number of reports on a daily basis from victims that have been scammed in a newly discovered parcel delivery scam. The victims were scammed through convincing emails and personalized text messages.

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8 Ways to Protect Yourself against Scams on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Adam Levin

of all reports to the BBB Scam Tracker “were online purchase scams, up from 24.3% of those consumers lost money due to those scams, up from 71.2% Of those who lost money to an online purchase scam, 73% paid for a product and/or service and never received it.

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Sextortion Email Scams | Avast

Security Boulevard

Sextortion is an emerging online scam that takes advantage of people’s fear that their most intimate moments will be exposed to the public. The post Sextortion Email Scams | Avast appeared first on Security Boulevard.

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Action Fraud Warns of Ongoing UK National Insurance Scam

Hot for Security

The UK’s National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Center (Action Fraud) is warning citizens about a National Insurance scam targeting their personally identifiable information (PII). How the scam works. If you suspect you’ve fallen a victim to any such scams, don’t panic.

Cryptomining scams target Android app users

Tech Republic Security

TechRepublic's Karen Roby interviews Lance Whitney about a recent report that detailed how cryptomining scams targeted Android app users and stole an estimated $350,000 from more than 93,000 people

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Booking your next holiday? Watch out for these Airbnb scams

We Live Security

With vacations in full swing, cybercriminals will be looking to scam vacationers looking for that perfect accommodation. Watch out for these Airbnb scams appeared first on WeLiveSecurity.

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The Olympics: a timeline of scams, hacks, and malware


In terms of actual attacks which took place, we see the rise of mobile as a way in for Olympics scams. Email spam promising free airline tickets to see the games is a timeless social media scam also repackaged for this sporting event. Here, you’d get nothing but survey scams.

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Cyber Threat to UK Populace from latest WhatsApp Scam

CyberSecurity Insiders

The alert is related to a widespread scam that is targeting users on the said video and image sharing service. Going by the details of the scam provided by the British National Crime Agency, scamsters are seen targeting WhatsApp users in disguise of a known contact.

Scams 101: All you need to know to protect against online fraud and identity theft

Hot for Security

Internet scams are everywhere, inflicting billions of dollars in reported losses from victims each year. Anyone can fall for online scams, as tactics are tailored to the interests of all age groups. IRS and Bank-related scams. How can you avoid being scammed?

Voice Deepfake Scams CEO out of $243,000

Adam Levin

The CEO of a UK-based energy firm lost the equivalent of $243,000 after falling for a phone scam that implemented artificial intelligence, specifically a deepfake voice. The target of the scam was convinced that he was speaking with his boss due to a “subtle German accent” and specific “melody” to the man’s voice and wired the money as requested. . The post Voice Deepfake Scams CEO out of $243,000 appeared first on Adam Levin.

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Australians Have Lost AU$7.2 Million to Remote Access Scams So Far This Year

Heimadal Security

According to a report from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch, almost 6,500 Australians have reported remote access scams trying to convince them to download software that gives access to home computers and their financial information.

Scams 75

What You Need to Know to Avoid Instagram Scams

Hot for Security

With over 1 billion active users every month, Instagram is brimming with fraudsters and cybercriminals who prey on naive internet users through various scams. Romance scams. Instagram is a big part of the lives of many people, who use it daily to interact with friends and family.

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Two Charged in SIM Swapping, Vishing Scams

Krebs on Security

Two young men from the eastern United States have been hit with identity theft and conspiracy charges for allegedly stealing bitcoin and social media accounts by tricking employees at wireless phone companies into giving away credentials needed to remotely access and modify customer account information. Prosecutors say Jordan K.

Scams 213

5 common scams and how to avoid them

We Live Security

Here are 5 common scams you should look out for. The post 5 common scams and how to avoid them appeared first on WeLiveSecurity. ScamsFraudsters are quick to exploit current events for their own gain, but many schemes do the rounds regardless of what’s making the news.

Scams 88

British man arrested in connection with Twitter mega-hack that posted cryptocurrency scam from celebrity accounts

The State of Security

Guest blog Hacked celebrities Law & order Twitter cryptocurrency ScamPolice in Spain have arrested a British man in connection with what many consider the worst hack in Twitter's history. Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

Protecting the New Most Vulnerable Population – Subscription Scams

Security Boulevard

Phone scams, lottery scams, tech support scams, and a […]… Read More. The post Protecting the New Most Vulnerable Population – Subscription Scams appeared first on The State of Security.

Scams 60

FTC warns of scam website that promises refund for victims of online scams

Graham Cluley

Security threats ftc ScamThe Federal Trade Commission is warning computer users not to be fooled by a website that appears to have stolen the look-and-feel of the genuine FTC in an attempt to defraud consumers.

Scams 82

HMRC Issues Nationwide Warning on Tax Credit Renewal Scams

Hot for Security

The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has warned the British public to be vigilant against scams and fraud attempts, as the remaining annual renewal packs are due to arrive via post this week. Industry News fraud HM Revenue & Customs HMRC scams tax credit renewal scams

Scams 63

Beware of this Royal Mail Cyber Scam

CyberSecurity Insiders

What’s interesting about the scam is that even the law enforcement cannot intervene in the issue to get refunds back from the bank. Now, to those uninitiated, the scam is taking place interestingly. The post Beware of this Royal Mail Cyber Scam appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

Scams 76