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Interview With a Crypto Scam Investment Spammer

Krebs on Security

Social networks are constantly battling inauthentic bot accounts that send direct messages to users promoting scam cryptocurrency investment platforms. ” One of the crypto investment scam messages promoted in the spam campaigns on Mastodon this month. “On Twitter, more spam and crypto scam.”

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PayPal Phishing Scam Uses Invoices Sent Via PayPal

Krebs on Security

While the phishing message attached to the invoice is somewhat awkwardly worded, there are many convincing aspects of this hybrid scam. Details of this scam were shared Wednesday with PayPal’s anti-abuse ( and media relations teams. .” A copy of the phishing message included in the invoice.

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Double-Your-Crypto Scams Share Crypto Scam Host

Krebs on Security

Online scams that try to separate the unwary from their cryptocurrency are a dime a dozen, but a great many seemingly disparate crypto scam websites tend to rely on the same dodgy infrastructure providers to remain online in the face of massive fraud and abuse complaints from their erstwhile customers. ” Ark-x2[.]org

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Phone Cloning Scam

Schneier on Security

A newspaper in Malaysia is reporting on a cell phone cloning scam. What’s clever about this scam is that the victim is an Uber driver and the scammer is the passenger, so the driver is naturally busy and can’t see what the scammer is doing.

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Scam Intercepters – some thoughts

Security Boulevard

Despite no longer being paid to provide consultancy to the IT security industry, I couldn’t resist catching up with an interesting BBC initiative called Scam Interceptors.

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Romance Scams and Relationship Scams: What’s the Difference?

Identity IQ

Romance Scams and Relationship Scams: What’s the Difference? IdentityIQ Romance Scams Romance scams are a type of fraud that involves criminals using deception to take advantage of victims looking for companionship. Romance scams can be very costly for victims. They can often use fake profiles and photos.

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How to Avoid Being Scammed When Giving Charity

Joseph Steinberg

While evildoers perpetrate charity-related scams throughout the year, they know that the holiday spirit in general, and the concentrated focus on charity on Giving Tuesday specifically, both improve their odds of success. Here are 9 ways to protect against charity-related scams: 1. Confirm that a charity is real.

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