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Report: Cyber Insurance Not Driving Ransomware Market

SecureWorld News

It is no secret that ransomware attacks have been on the rise in recent years and have caused a significant amount of pain to organizations worldwide. One aspect of these cyberattacks that has been hotly debated is the role that cybersecurity insurance plays in these incidents. However, RUSI's research presents a different perspective.

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Insurance and Ransomware

Schneier on Security

As ransomware becomes more common, I’m seeing more discussions about the ethics of paying the ransom. Here’s one more contribution to that issue: a research paper that the insurance industry is hurting more than it’s helping. However, the most pressing challenge currently facing the industry is ransomware.


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The future of cyber insurance

IT Security Guru

Cyber insurers are losing money. Their loss ratios – total claims plus the insurer’s costs, divided by total premiums earned – are now consistently above 60%, which presents something of an existential threat to the insurance industry, making cyber risk a potentially uninsurable area due to falling profitability.

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Cyber-Insurance Fuels Ransomware Payment Surge


Companies relying on their cyber-insurance policies to pay off ransomware criminals are being blamed for a recent uptick in ransomware attacks.

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The Cyber Insurance Landscape Has Grown More Complicated

SecureWorld News

When considering adding a cyber insurance policy, organizations, both public and private, must weigh the pros and cons of having insurance to cover against harm caused by a cybersecurity incident. Having cyber insurance can help ensure compliance with these requirements. Can companies live without cyber insurance?

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Decline in ransomware claims could spark change for cyber insurance

CSO Magazine

New data highlighting fluctuations relating to ransomware attack and payment claims indicates significant shifts in the cyberthreat landscape. Could such variations trigger changes in the cyber insurance market and, if so, how will they impact insurance carriers and organizations?

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Ransomware gang says it targets firms who have cyber insurance

Graham Cluley

A member of the REvil ransomware gang claims that the group specifically targets firms who have taken our cyber insurance. And what's more, it will hack insurance firms to identify them.