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On the 20th Safer Internet Day, what was security like back in 2004?


You had very rich and powerful adware companies, making liberal use of bundled installers. The adware was frequently incredibly invasive, with affiliate networks often in meltdown promoting every kind of rogue install under the sun. For one final slice of additional context, 2005 was also a key year for security happenings.

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Second malware strain primed to attack Apple’s new M1 chip identified

SC Magazine

Along with the Pirrit Mac adware identified earlier this week, researchers from Red Canary identified Thursday a different malware strain (Jon Rawlinson/CC BY 2.0)). 14 noting that a Safari adware extension that was originally written to run on Intel x86 chips was revamped to run on the new M1 chips.

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GUEST ESSAY. Everyone should grasp these facts about cyber threats that plague digital commerce

The Last Watchdog

Malware can be categorized based on how it behaves (adware, spyware and ransomware), and how it propagates from one victim to another (viruses, worms and trojans). If you’re lucky, the only malware program you’ve come in contact with is adware, which attempts to expose the compromised end-user to unwanted, potentially malicious advertising.

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Types of Malware & Best Malware Protection Practices

eSecurity Planet

Jump ahead: Adware. Adware, also known as malvertising , is a type of malware that downloads or displays advertisements to the user interface. Rather than stealing data, adware is more of an irritant forcing users to see unwanted ads. Most users are familiar with adware in the form of unclosable browser pop-ups.

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Scammers, profiteers, and shady sites? It must be tax season


Many search hijackers in this family also use notifications, which qualifies them as adware. In 2005 the domain had switched to an outfit selling software to organize and store files. This blogpost was triggered by a web push notification I got from a search hijacker from the SearchDimension family I was investigating.

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$12m Grindr fine shows GDPR’s got teeth


Yet much of the bad old days of Adware/spyware from 2005 – 2008 was dependent on bad policies and leaky data sharing. Data privacy, and privacy policies, are an “uncool” story for many. Everyone wants to see the latest hacks, or terrifying takeovers. While companies would occasionally be brought before the FTC , this was rare.