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Adload Adware Quickly Evades Apple’s Expanded XProtect

Penetration Testing

A recent update of Apple’s XProtect security framework, which included an unprecedented 74 new rules targeting the prolific Adload adware, appears to have been ineffective.

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Adware Signs, Effects, And How To Remove It


In this post, we will reveal Adware signs and effects. Adware is malicious software (malware) that prompts up ads on computer screens – usually while surfing the net. Plus, how to remove them from your web browsers. However, there is more to this program than malware.

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Adware Guide for Beginners: Stay Safe Online


Here is a comprehensive adware guide. Well, chances are you've encountered adware. Adware is a type of software that displays unwanted advertisements on your device. It's […] The post Adware Guide for Beginners: Stay Safe Online appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity.

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Over 60,000 Android apps infected with adware-pushing malware

CSO Magazine

The campaign is designed to push adware to Android devices with the purpose of driving revenue. Bitdefender has uncovered a hidden malware campaign living undetected on mobile devices worldwide for more than six months.

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Adware Vs Ransomware Showdown: Decoding the Threat


Here is the Adware vs Ransomware comparison. Two common types of malware that can cause significant disruptions and pose risks to users are adware and ransomware. In today’s digital landscape, threats to computer systems and online security are prevalent.

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Over 60,000 Android apps secretly installed adware for past six months

Bleeping Computer

Over 60,000 Android apps disguised as legitimate applications have been quietly installing adware on mobile devices while remaining undetected for the past six months. [.]

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+60,000 Android apps spotted hiding adware for past six months

Security Affairs

Bitdefender researchers have discovered 60,000 different Android apps secretly installing adware in the past six months. Bitdefender announced the discovery of more than 60,000 Android apps in the past six months that were spotted installing adware on Android devices. ” reads the report published by Bitdefender.

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