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The Software-Defined Car

Schneier on Security

Developers are starting to talk about the software-defined car. The behavior of new cars is increasingly defined by software, too. But keep in mind that, of course, the more software there is in the car, the more risk is there for vulnerabilities, no question about this,” Anhalt said. They’re highly secure.

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Securing Open-Source Software

Schneier on Security

Good essay arguing that open-source software is a critical national-security asset and needs to be treated as such: Open source is at least as important to the economy, public services, and national security as proprietary code, but it lacks the same standards and safeguards.

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Risks of Evidentiary Software

Schneier on Security

Over at Lawfare, Susan Landau has an excellent essay on the risks posed by software used to collect evidence (a Breathalyzer is probably the most obvious example). Bugs and vulnerabilities can lead to inaccurate evidence, but the proprietary nature of software makes it hard for defendants to examine it.

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Can open-source software be secure?

We Live Security

And how does open-source software compare to proprietary software in terms of security? Or, is mass public meddling just opening the door for problems?

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GUEST ESSAY: Where we stand on mitigating software risks associated with fly-by-wire jetliners

The Last Watchdog

Related: Pushing the fly-by-wire envelope This is especially true because systems are more interconnected and use more complex commercial software than ever before, meaning a vulnerability in one system could lead to a malicious actor gaining access to more important systems. Risks delineated Still, there have been many other incidents since.

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Hacked Cellebrite and MSAB Software Released

Schneier on Security

Cellebrite is an cyberweapons arms manufacturer that sells smartphone forensic software to governments around the world. Someone has released software and documentation from both companies. MSAB is a Swedish company that does the same thing.

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Progress Software fixed two critical severity flaws in WS_FTP Server

Security Affairs

Progress Software has addressed a critical severity vulnerability in its WS_FTP Server software used by thousands of IT teams worldwide. In an advisory published on Wednesday, Progress disclosed multiple vulnerabilities impacting the software’s manager interface and Ad hoc Transfer Module. and 8.8.2, and 8.8.2,

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