TajMahal Spyware

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Kaspersky has released details about a sophisticated nation-state spyware it calls TajMahal: The TajMahal framework's 80 modules, Shulmin says, comprise not only the typical keylogging and screengrabbing features of spyware, but also never-before-seen and obscure tricks. And that unique spyware toolkit, Kaspersky says, bears none of the fingerprints of any known nation-state hacker group. kaspersky malware spyware

Mexican Drug Cartels with High-Tech Spyware

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NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware Used Against US State Department Officials

Schneier on Security

Its Pegasus spyware was used against nine US State Department employees. We don’t know which NSO Group customer trained the spyware on the US. ” Uncategorized cyberespionage hacking Israel spywareNSO Group’s descent into Internet pariah status continues.

The powerful incentives for developing smartphone spyware

Security Boulevard

A recent investigation by Ronen Bergman and Mark Mazzetti in The New York Times Magazine opened the curtains into the complex, high-stakes world surrounding commercially available smartphone spyware. Security Bloggers Network Mobile Espionage spyware

Defending Against Pervasive Spyware

Security Boulevard

The spyware successfully infiltrated the mobile devices of more than 50,000 people, from Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador to reporters from CNN to Claude Mangin, the French. The post Defending Against Pervasive Spyware appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Spanish Govt. Hacked by NSO Pegasus Spyware (or was it?)

Security Boulevard

The notorious spyware, sold by NSO Group “only to governments,” caused large amounts of data to be exfiltrated. Hacked by NSO Pegasus Spyware (or was it?) The prime minister and the defense minister of Spain were infected with Pegasus.

‘Anomalous’ Spyware Targets Industrial Companies

Heimadal Security

Several campaigns employing spyware have come to light, a new report shows. The ‘Anomalous’ Spyware Cyberattacks: More Details Researchers from Kaspersky […]. The post ‘Anomalous’ Spyware Targets Industrial Companies appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog.

WhatsApp Compromised by Spyware

Adam Levin

WhatsApp disclosed a major security vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely install spyware on mobile devices. The spyware deployed has been traced back to NSO Group, an Israeli cyber company alleged to have enabled Middle East governments to surveil its citizens. The attack has all the hallmarks of a private company reportedly that works with governments to deliver spyware that takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems,” WhatsApp announced in a statement.

US Blocks Trade with ‘Legal’ Pegasus Spyware Firm, NSO

Security Boulevard

has finally blocked exports to the notorious NSO Group—makers of sophisticated “zero click” spyware, Pegasus. The post US Blocks Trade with ‘Legal’ Pegasus Spyware Firm, NSO appeared first on Security Boulevard. What took you so long? The U.S. Commerce Dept.

The Latest in Creepy Spyware

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airtravel alarms google internetofthings privacy spyware surveillanceThe Nest home alarm system shipped with a secret microphone , which -- according to the company -- was only an accidental secret : On Tuesday, a Google spokesperson told Business Insider the company had made an "error." "The The on-device microphone was never intended to be a secret and should have been listed in the tech specs," the spokesperson said. That was an error on our part.".

FBI still unsure about Israel Phantom Spyware

CyberSecurity Insiders

After spending a time span of two full years on thinking, US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is still unsure on whether to buy Phantom Spyware from the Israeli firm NSO Group or not. The post FBI still unsure about Israel Phantom Spyware appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

Trojans and Spyware Are Making a Comeback

Adam Levin

Trojan horse-based malware attacks and spyware rose sharply in 2018 as ransomware-based attacks declined, according to a new report published by Malwarebytes. The post Trojans and Spyware Are Making a Comeback appeared first on Adam Levin. Data Security Cybersecurity Technology featured trojans spyware emotet trickbot

New York Times Journalist Hacked with NSO Spyware

Schneier on Security

Citizen Lab is that a New York Times journalist was hacked with the NSO Group’s spyware Pegasus, probably by the Saudis. The world needs to do something about these cyberweapons arms manufacturers. This kind of thing isn’t enough; NSO Group is an Israeli company

NSO Group Pegasus spyware leverages new zero-click iPhone exploit in recent attacks

Security Affairs

Researchers from Citizen Lab have published a report detailing the use of a new zero-click iMessage exploit, dubbed HOMAGE, to install the NSO Group Pegasus spyware on iPhones belonging to Catalan politicians, journalists, academics, and activists.

Regulating International Trade in Commercial Spyware

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Spyware companies like NSO Group have relied on rubber stamp approvals by government agencies whose permission is required to export their technologies abroad. marketing privacy spyware surveillanceSiena Anstis, Ronald J. Deibert, and John Scott-Railton of Citizen Lab published an editorial calling for regulating the international trade in commercial surveillance systems until we can figure out how to curb human rights abuses.

Hungarian official confirms Hungary used NSO Group Pegasus spyware

Security Affairs

A Hungarian government official confirmed that his government has bought and used the controversial NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. According to the investigation, more than 300 individuals in Hungary may have been targeted with the powerful spyware.

Apple Inc issues fix to Pegasus Spyware vulnerability in iPhones

CyberSecurity Insiders

Apple Inc has proudly announced that it has issued a fix to the famous Pegasus Spyware vulnerability existing on iPhones that could lead remote hackers to take control of the device to conduct espionage. Malware Apple vulnerability spyware Pegasus

Pegasus And Spyware | Avast

Security Boulevard

The post Pegasus And Spyware | Avast appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Pegasus Spyware Used in 45 Countries

Schneier on Security

Citizen Lab has published a new report about the Pegasus spyware. On infected devices, Pegasus is a powerful spyware that can do many things, such as record conversations, steal private messages, exfiltrate photos, and much much more. Six of those countries are known to deploy spyware against political opposition: Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. espionage malware spyware

NSO Group spyware used to compromise iPhones of 9 US State Dept officials

Security Affairs

Apple warns that the mobile devices of at least nine US Department of State employees were compromised with NSO Group ‘s Pegasus spyware. The iPhones of at least nine US state department officials were compromised with the NSO Group’s spyware Pegasus.

DevilsTongue Spyware Targets Windows Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Heimadal Security

A new report by Microsoft and Citizen Lab has tracked DevilsTongue spyware, a threat that targets zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows systems. Threat actors seem to belong to an Israeli-based spyware company by its name Candiru or Sourgum. What Is a Spyware?

Pegasus Project – how governments use Pegasus spyware against journalists

Security Affairs

Pegasus Project investigation into the leak of 50,000 phone numbers of potential surveillance targets revealed the abuse of NSO Group’s spyware. The report also includes indicators of compromise for Pegasus spyware attacks. SecurityAffairs – hacking, Pegasus Spyware).

Cyberweapons Arms Manufacturer FinFisher Shuts Down

Schneier on Security

This is the spyware company whose products were used, among other things, to spy on Turkish and Bahraini political opposition. Uncategorized cyberweapons privacy spyware surveillanceFinFisher has shut down operations.

Experts warn of anomalous spyware campaigns targeting industrial firms

Security Affairs

Researchers spotted several spyware campaigns targeting industrial enterprises to steal credentials and conduct financial fraud. The attackers use off-the-shelf spyware, but in order to avoid detection they limited the scope and lifetime of each sample to the bare minimum.

China officially condemns Pegasus spyware surveillance and accuses US

CyberSecurity Insiders

Chine Foreign Ministry has issued a public statement condemning the distribution and usage of Pegasus Spyware surveillance software by various countries. The post China officially condemns Pegasus spyware surveillance and accuses US appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

‘Anomalous’ spyware stealing credentials in industrial firms

Bleeping Computer

Researchers have uncovered several spyware campaigns that target industrial enterprises, aiming to steal email account credentials and conduct financial fraud or resell them to other actors. [.].

Apple iPhones to get protection against Pegasus Mobile Spyware

CyberSecurity Insiders

The post Apple iPhones to get protection against Pegasus Mobile Spyware appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders. Malware Apple iPhone spyware Pegasus

Spyware, ransomware and Nation-state hacking: Q&A from a recent interview

Security Affairs

I transcribed a recent interview, here some questions and answers about nation-state hacking, spyware, and cyber warfare. Enjoy” How has spyware changed the rules of cyber security in recent years? Spyware are powerful weapons in the arsenal of governments and cybercrime gangs.

Cherie Blair and the Dubai ruler who spied on his ex-wife’s phone with Pegasus spyware

Graham Cluley

The UK High Court has determined that the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, had his ex-wife's smartphone hacked with the notorious Pegasus spyware, sold by the equally notorious NSO Group. Law & order Malware Mobile NSO Group Pegasus spyware

Experts Uncover Spyware Attacks Against Catalan Politicians and Activists

The Hacker News

A previously unknown zero-click exploit in Apple's iMessage was used to install mercenary spyware from NSO Group and Candiru against at least 65 individuals as part of a "multi-year clandestine operation."

NSO Group spyware found on iPhones of US State Department employees


iPhones of at least nine US State Department employees are said to have been hacked using the Pegasus spyware developed by the Israeli technology company, NSO Group. Pegasus is a proprietary and sophisticated spyware capable of the remote surveillance of smartphones.

Life360 Selling Location Data, NSO Group Spyware Hacks Government Employees, Homecoming Queen Contest Hacked

Security Boulevard

State Department employees were hacked with spyware from the infamous NSO Group, and details on a bizarre story about a mother and daughter that face 16 years in prison for […].

The Difference Between Antivirus and Anti Spyware


The post The Difference Between Antivirus and Anti Spyware appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity. Tutorials anti spyware software anti virus software antivirus malware Protection ToolsYou should always make sure your computer is protected from viruses and other sorts of malware.

Apple addresses a new zero-day exploited to deploy the NSO Pegasus spyware

Security Affairs

Apple confirmed that at least one of the flaws was exploited by threat actors to infect the device with the NSO Pegasus spyware. Early this month, Apple addressed two zero-days flaws , one of which was exploited to deliver the Pegasus spyware on iPhones.

Apple sues NSO Group for abusing state-sponsored Pegasus spyware

Security Affairs

federal court for illegally targeting its customers with the surveillance spyware Pegasus. The complaint provides new information on how NSO Group infected victims’ devices with its Pegasus spyware.

APT C-23 group targets Middle East with an enhanced Android spyware variant

Security Affairs

A threat actor, tracked as APT C-23, is using new powerful Android spyware in attacks aimed at targets in the Middle East. The spyware is delivered to specific users via SMS text messages containing download links.

‘PseudoManuscrypt’ Mass Spyware Campaign Targets 35K Systems


It’s similar to Lazarus’s Manuscrypt malware, but the new spyware is splattering itself onto government organizations and ICS in a non-Lazarus-like, untargeted wave of attacks.

Apple Patches Vulnerabilities in iOS Exploited by Spyware

eSecurity Planet

Apple continues to be haunted by spyware developed by an Israeli security firm that hostile governments used to hack into Apple devices to spy on journalists, activists and world leaders (see Apple Security Under Scrutiny Amid Fallout from NSO Spyware Scandal ). Spyware Vulnerability.

Israeli surveillance firm Candiru used Windows zero-days to deploy spyware

Security Affairs

Experts said that Israeli surveillance firm Candiru, tracked as Sourgum, exploited zero-days to deliver a new Windows spyware. According to the experts, at least 100 activists, journalists and government dissidents across 10 countries were targeted with Candiru’s spyware.

Apple Patches Pegasus Spyware Flaw for iOS Devices, Macs

Security Boulevard

Tech giant Apple has released an emergency software patch for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers which addresses a critical vulnerability to spyware from Israel’s NSO Group, the company behind mobile spyware Pegasus.

Sophisticated Android spyware PhoneSpy infected thousands of Korean phones

Security Affairs

South Korean users have been targeted with a new sophisticated Android spyware, tracked as PhoneSpy, as part of an ongoing campaign. Even though thousands of South Korean victims have fallen prey to the spyware campaign, it is unclear whether they have any connections with each other.

NYT Journalist’s iPhone infected twice with NSO Group’sPegasus spyware

Security Affairs

Threat actors infected the iPhone of New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard with NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware between June 2018 to June 2021. The iPhone of New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard was repeatedly infected with NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware.

NSO Group Spyware Used to Breach US State Dept. Phones

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At least nine US State Department employee iPhones were targeted with sophisticated spyware developed by the Israeli firm NSO Group