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Spyware Vendor Hacked

Schneier on Security

A Brazilian spyware app vendor was hacked by activists: In an undated note seen by TechCrunch, the unnamed hackers described how they found and exploited several security vulnerabilities that allowed them to compromise WebDetetive’s servers and access its user databases. gigabytes of data scraped from the spyware’s web dashboard.

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Spyware in India

Schneier on Security

.” AccessNow puts this in context : For India to uphold fundamental rights, authorities must initiate an immediate independent inquiry, implement a ban on the use of rights-abusing commercial spyware, and make a commitment to reform the country’s surveillance laws.

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Apple Alerts iPhone Users in 92 Countries to Mercenary Spyware Attacks

Tech Republic Security

Apple recommends that iPhone users install software updates, use strong passwords and 2FA, and don’t open links or attachments from suspicious emails to keep their device safe from spyware.

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Qatar Spyware

Schneier on Security

Everyone visiting Qatar for the World Cup needs to install spyware on their phone. Everyone travelling to Qatar during the football World Cup will be asked to download two apps called Ehteraz and Hayya.

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US Citizen Hacked by Spyware

Schneier on Security

The New York Times is reporting that a US citizen’s phone was hacked by the Predator spyware. The simultaneous tapping of the target’s phone by the national intelligence service and the way she was hacked indicate that the spy service and whoever implanted the spyware, known as Predator, were working hand in hand.

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Predator spyware vendor banned in US


The US Treasury Department has sanctioned Predator spyware vendor Intellexa Consortium, and banned the company from doing business in the US. Intellexa is based in Greece but the Treasury Department imposed the sanctions because of the use of the spyware against Americans, including US government officials, journalists, and policy experts.

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Google: Zero-Day Attacks Rise, Spyware and China are Dangers

Security Boulevard

The number of zero-day vulnerabilities that are exploited jumped in 2023, with enterprises becoming a larger target and spyware vendors and China-backed cyberespionage groups playing an increasingly bigger role, according to Google cybersecurity experts.

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