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Banks in Singapore to phase out one-time passwords in 3 months

Bleeping Computer

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced a new requirement impacting all major retail banks in the country to phase out the use of one-time passwords (OTPs) within the next three months. [.]

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Android banking trojans: How they steal passwords and drain bank accounts


For the most popular operating system in the world—which is Android and it isn’t even a contest —there’s a sneaky cyberthreat that can empty out a person’s bank accounts to fill the illicit coffers of cybercriminals. What are Android banking trojans? Take the SharkBot banking trojan, which Malwarebytes detects and stops.

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The Risk of Weak Online Banking Passwords

Krebs on Security

If you bank online and choose weak or re-used passwords, there’s a decent chance your account could be pilfered by cyberthieves — even if your bank offers multi-factor authentication as part of its login process. Image: Hold Security.

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Banks, Arbitrary Password Restrictions and Why They Don't Matter

Troy Hunt

Allow me to be controversial for a moment: arbitrary password restrictions on banks such as short max lengths and disallowed characters don't matter. Also, allow me to argue with myself for a moment: banks shouldn't have these restrictions in place anyway. for my *online banking*. 6 characters.

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Singapore Banks to Phase Out OTPs for Online Logins Within 3 Months

The Hacker News

Retail banking institutions in Singapore have three months to phase out the use of one-time passwords (OTPs) for authentication purposes when signing into online accounts to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks. Customers who have activated their digital

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GUEST ESSAY: Consumers, institutions continue to shoulder burden for making mobile banking secure

The Last Watchdog

The rapid adoption of mobile banking has revolutionized how we manage our finances. Related: Deepfakes aimed at mobile banking apps With millions of users worldwide relying on mobile apps for their banking needs, the convenience is undeniable. Alarmingly, 85% of banks are predicted to be at risk from rising cyber threats.

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Leaking Passwords through the Spellchecker

Schneier on Security

Sometimes browser spellcheckers leak passwords : When using major web browsers like Chrome and Edge, your form data is transmitted to Google and Microsoft, respectively, should enhanced spellcheck features be enabled.

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