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SecureMySocial Issued 5th US Patent For Social Media Security Technology

Joseph Steinberg

I am happy (and proud) to announce that SecureMySocial, a cybersecurity company that I co-founded, has been issued its fifth United States patent for social media security. The patent was issued by the United States Patent Office on September 6th, 2022, with a priority date going back over a decade, to June of 2012.

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5 free OSINT tools for social media

We Live Security

A roundup of some of the handiest tools for the collection and analysis of publicly available data from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms The post 5 free OSINT tools for social media appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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Media disposal policy

Tech Republic Security

PURPOSE This Media disposal policy from TechRepublic Premium provides specific instructions for ensuring organization data is properly protected when disposing of old storage media.

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Hiding Malware in Social Media Buttons

Schneier on Security

The syntax for hiding the skimmer’s source code as a social media button perfectly mimics an ‘svg’ element named using social media platform names (e.g., facebook_full, twitter_full, instagram_full, youtube_full, pinterest_full, and google_full).

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Do Not Post Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card On Social Media

Joseph Steinberg

It seems like every day that I see social media posts in which people share photos of the official COVID-19 vaccine card that they have received after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus that has inflicted tremendous suffering worldwide over the past year. Sample CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Card.

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Facebook Meta uncovers Social Media Espionage

CyberSecurity Insiders

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has uncovered a new social media espionage campaign in which cyber criminals launch social engineering attacks on Facebook and Instagram users by asking them to click on malevolent links, download malware, or share personal details.

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5 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media

Identity IQ

5 Things You Should Not Share on Social Media. Social media has become some of the most popular platforms people spend their time on. Whether you want to check up on your family members, post photos or even meet new people, social media is the way to go. Additionally, never post your credit card on social media.