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SecureMySocial Issued 5th US Patent For Social Media Security Technology

Joseph Steinberg

I am happy (and proud) to announce that SecureMySocial, a cybersecurity company that I co-founded, has been issued its fifth United States patent for social media security. The patent was issued by the United States Patent Office on September 6th, 2022, with a priority date going back over a decade, to June of 2012.

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Hiding Malware in Social Media Buttons

Schneier on Security

The syntax for hiding the skimmer’s source code as a social media button perfectly mimics an ‘svg’ element named using social media platform names (e.g., facebook_full, twitter_full, instagram_full, youtube_full, pinterest_full, and google_full).

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Ant Media Server Flaw Grants Local Users Root Access (CVE-2024-32656)

Penetration Testing

A serious security vulnerability in Ant Media Server, a popular streaming solution used by thousands of organizations, has been uncovered by the Praetorian red team.

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Do Not Post Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card On Social Media

Joseph Steinberg

It seems like every day that I see social media posts in which people share photos of the official COVID-19 vaccine card that they have received after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus that has inflicted tremendous suffering worldwide over the past year. Sample CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Card.

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Social media influencers targeted by identity thieves


Social media influencers are attractive targets for identity thieves. In October of 2023, the Federal Trade Commission warned people with a lot of social media followers they might be the target of scammers. Don’t let any person or app create posts on social media on your behalf. Unless their account falls into the wrong hands.

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Voice Cloning Conundrum: Navigating Deepfakes in Synthetic Media

SecureWorld News

Originally coined to describe synthetic media generated by deep learning technologies, deepfakes refer to highly realistic digital content, whether images, videos, or audio, that is indistinguishable from real media. As synthetic media becomes more sophisticated, the techniques to detect such content must also evolve.

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Tracking Illegal Pharmaceutical Sales on Social Media

Security Boulevard

Nisos Tracking Illegal Pharmaceutical Sales on Social Media Nisos continuously monitors mainstream and alternative social media platforms as well as other online.

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