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5 ethics principles big data analysts must follow

Tech Republic Security

We trust big data and its processing far too much, according to Altimeter analysts. Get tips on incorporating ethics into your analytics projects.

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Big data privacy is a bigger issue than you think

Tech Republic Security

When it comes to privacy, big data analysts have a responsibility to users to be transparent about data collection and usage. Here are ways to allay users' concerns about privacy and big data.

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Unlocking Business Value from Data Analytics Without Compromising on Security

Security Boulevard

Yet the same data can be a security and compliance risk if not properly managed. The problem is that many data analysts find their projects torpedoed from the start by over-zealous colleagues. The post Unlocking Business Value from Data Analytics Without Compromising on Security appeared first on Security Boulevard.

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How Big Data Is Transforming the Education

CyberSecurity Insiders

So, it is not for nothing that people have invented cloud storages for keeping data sets. You might have run into the term “Big Data” which means a field in which data analysts process, structure, apply and learn data sets that usual software cannot handle. Role of Big Data in the modern learning process.

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GUEST ESSAY – Notable events in hacking history that helped transform cybersecurity assessment

The Last Watchdog

military officials hired data analysts to crack the Japanese secret code known as JN-25. After analysts cracked the code, Commander Joseph Rochefort could relay the Japanese Navy’s future plans to Admiral Chester Nimitz. After the devastating blow of Pearl Harbor, U.S.

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3 Things Leaders Often Miss When Trying to Get More Women into Tech

Jane Frankland

Tech skills like programming, software development, big data, cybersecurity, cloud migration along with skills that computers can’t yet capably do, like creative thinking, problem-solving, negotiating, and applying emotional intelligence, are going to be in high demand. Contact TechTalent Academy now.