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CSO’s Guide: Water-Tight Account Security For Your Company

Security Boulevard

This essential CSO guide outlines the robust account monitoring, access notifications, multi-factor authentication, deception technology, and user controls crucial for implementing unmatched account security across your organization.

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Podcast Episode 113: SAP CSO Justin Somaini and Election Hacks – No Voting Machines Required!

The Security Ledger

SAP CSO Justin Somaini. For consumers, that means boning up on account security – maybe getting a password manager. But what if you’re the Chief Security Officer of an $128 billion global corporation? Somaini has the distinction of being the first CSO at Yahoo and also at Symantec.

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GitHub Discovers Authentication Issue

SecureWorld News

GitHub announced a security update due to a bug causing issues with the authentication of sessions. For the very small population of accounts that we know to be affected by this issue, we've reached out with additional information and guidance.". GitHub CSO Mike Hanley takes security seriously.

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Darwinium upgrades its payment fraud protection platform

CSO Magazine

Use cases for the Darwinium platform include account security, scam detection, account takeover, fraudulent new accounts, synthetic identities, and bot intelligence. The company claims that the update ensures customers remain in control of users’ data while also preventing Darwinian from becoming a target of cybercrime.

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Cybercriminals bypass 2FA and OTP with robocalling and Telegram bots

CSO Magazine

Two-factor authentication (2FA) has been widely adopted by online services over the past several years and turning it on is probably the best thing users can do for their online account security.

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Not-so-customary customer service: Experts offer tips on vendor best practices

SC Magazine

said Dan Meacham, vice president of global security and corporate operations and CSO/CISO at film production company Legendary Entertainment. A contact center team member should review every support request, verify the requester to ensure account security, and then create the support case,” Ghazizadeh continued. “An