Propaganda as a Social Engineering Tool

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The post Propaganda as a Social Engineering Tool appeared first on Security Boulevard. Remember WYSIWYG? What you see is what you get. That was a simpler time in technology; you knew what the end result would be during the development stage. There were no surprises.

Reaction to Social Engineering Indicative of Cybersecurity Culture

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It was a master class in social engineering, one that put an organization’s security posture at risk. Social engineering attacks like phishing take advantage of an employee’s awareness of.


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Reverse-Engineering the Redactions in the Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition

Schneier on Security

Slate magazine was able to cleverly read the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition and reverse-engineer many of the redacted names. As far as I know, this reverse-engineering technique is new. Uncategorized courts redaction reverse engineering

The Third Edition of Ross Anderson’s Security Engineering

Schneier on Security

Ross Anderson’s fantastic textbook, Security Engineering , will have a third edition. Uncategorized books security engineeringThe book won’t be published until December, but Ross has been making drafts of the chapters available online as he finishes them. Now that the book is completed, I expect the publisher to make him take the drafts off the Internet. I personally find both the electronic and paper versions to be incredibly useful.

What are Common Types of Social Engineering Attacks?

eSecurity Planet

Social engineering is a common technique that cybercriminals use to lure their victims into a false sense of security. As social engineering tactics become more advanced, it’s important to know how to identify them in the context of cybersecurity. Threats social engineering

Software Engineering Radio

Adam Shostack

I enjoyed being a guest on Software Engineering Radio: Adam Shostack on Threat Modeling. It’s a substantial, in depth interview, running nearly 80 minutes, and covering a wide variety of topics. podcasts threat modeling

Structures, Engineering and Security

Adam Shostack

Buildings don’t fall down because they’re engineered from a set of materials to meet the goals of carrying appropriate loads. The real subject of this post is engineering cybersecurity. Perhaps we will learn from our engineering peers and get better at it faster. books Security Software EngineeringGordon’s Structures, or Why Things Don’t Fall Down is a fascinating and accessible book. Why don’t things fall down?

The Business Value of the Social-Engineer Phishing Service

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The post The Business Value of the Social-Engineer Phishing Service appeared first on Security Boulevard. Phishing attacks continue to plague organizations across the globe with great success, but why? Cybercriminals are targeting the human element of organizations.

Lazarus gang targets engineers with job offers using poisoned emails

Graham Cluley

Security researchers report that a notorious North Korean hacking group has been targeting engineers working in the defence industry. Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog. Guest blog Malware Lazarus macro Microsoft Word North Korea

Ghidra: NSA's Reverse-Engineering Tool

Schneier on Security

Last month, the NSA released Ghidra , a software reverse-engineering tool. Early reactions are uniformly positive. Three news articles. cybersecurity nsa opensource reverseengineering

Reverse Engineering a Chinese Surveillance App

Schneier on Security

Human Rights Watch has reverse engineered an app used by the Chinese police to conduct mass surveillance on Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang. The details are fascinating, and chilling. Boing Boing post. china privacy reverseengineering surveillance

Predicting the Future of Social Engineering

Security Through Education

Someone once asked me to come up with some positive predictions I see unfolding in the social engineering world. Over the past few years, I have seen a rise in discussions surrounding social engineering and the tactics intrinsic to it.

10 Important Facts About Social Engineering

Security Boulevard

These 10 facts about social engineering statistics illustrate how powerful it can be has grown and show you can protect your business. The post 10 Important Facts About Social Engineering appeared first on Security Boulevard.

4 Social Engineering Attack Examples (with Pictures!)

Mitnick Security

We’re constantly telling our employees to look out for social engineering attacks , but while we can share definitions all day long, humans often learn best by example. social engineering attacks

How to work with Vault Secrets Engines

Tech Republic Security

Jack Wallen shows you how to create both local and AWS secrets engines with Hashicorp's Vault

Brave launches its own, privacy?focused search engine

We Live Security

The Brave Search engine takes on Google, promising to let users surf the web without leaving a trace. The post Brave launches its own, privacy‑focused search engine appeared first on WeLiveSecurity.

5 programming languages cloud engineers should learn

Tech Republic Security

Whether you're trying to break into the role or you're already a cloud engineer, these programming languages are a must for maintaining an edge over the competition

Reverse Engineering: A Security Researcher’s Toolkit

Security Boulevard

Craig Young, Principal Security Researcher at Tripwire, unpacks the modern security researcher’s toolkit to reverse engineer complex designs. The post Reverse Engineering: A Security Researcher’s Toolkit appeared first on The State of Security.

Social Engineering Terms Explained (with Examples!)

Mitnick Security

You’ve been told you need social engineering training , but as soon as you start researching what social engineering is, you’re hit with all these confusing terms and abbreviations.

Social Engineering Attacks Hacking Humans Today

Security Boulevard

In Episode Two, Zero-Hour Attacks Hacking Humans Today, Patrick is joined by Chris Hadnagy, the Founder and CEO of The Social Engineer and host of the […]. The post Social Engineering Attacks Hacking Humans Today first appeared on SlashNext.

How to Transition from Systems Engineering to Cybersecurity

CompTIA on Cybersecurity

Learn how the skills you have as a systems engineer can help lead you toward a career in cybersecurity

New Framework Aims to Describe & Address Complex Social Engineering Attacks

Dark Reading

As attackers use more synthetic media in social engineering campaigns, a new framework is built to describe threats and provide countermeasures

Hackers Using Microsoft Build Engine to Deliver Malware Filelessly

The Hacker News

Threat actors are abusing Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) to filelessly deliver remote access trojans and password-stealing malware on targeted Windows systems.

How Social Engineers Use Your Digital Footprint Against You

Mitnick Security

Social Engineering social engineering threatsThink of all the publicly accessible information about your business that’s published on the web— from your corporate social media accounts to your very own website.

Social Engineering Training: What You're Really Paying For

Mitnick Security

Social engineering attacks are currently one of the most prominent cyberattacks plaguing organizations today. End users, who are the first and last line of defense when it comes to social engineering attacks. Social Engineering Mitnick Security Training

What You Get When You Invest in Social Engineering Testing with Mitnick Security

Mitnick Security

You’ve educated your team on the dangers of cybercriminals by putting them through social engineering training. Social Engineering vishing social engineering attacksBut was the investment worth it?

Jayson Street – Hacking and Social Engineering and Why There are No ‘Black Hat’ Hackers

Security Boulevard

The post Jayson Street – Hacking and Social Engineering and Why There are No ‘Black Hat’ Hackers appeared first on TechSpective. The post Jayson Street – Hacking and Social Engineering and Why There are No ‘Black Hat’ Hackers appeared first on Security Boulevard.

How to Avoid Holiday Scams & Social Engineering Tricks at Work

Mitnick Security

Social Engineering social engineering threats social engineering attacksWhile you’re out looking for incredible shopping deals this holiday season, cyberattackers are hunting for clever ways to trick unsuspecting users.

7 new social engineering tactics threat actors are using now

CSO Magazine

It’s been a boom time for social engineering. Social engineering, of course, means attacking the user rather than the computing system itself, trying to extract information or incite an action that will lead to compromise.

Data breach news trending on Google Search Engine

CyberSecurity Insiders

Note- Remember, often such leaked details are used by cyber criminals to launch Vishing and phishing attacks, identity theft, social engineering attacks, brute force attacks and can also be sold on the dark web for a smart price.

A Microservice Overdose: When Engineering Trends Meet the Startup Reality

Security Boulevard

Engineering in startups is different. With lower product maturity, fewer resources, and less certainty about the future, startups have a whole bunch of constraints that must be taken into account when designing the product’s architecture and engineering procedures.

6 persuasion tactics used in social engineering attacks

Tech Republic Security

IT security teams need to educate employees about the psychological techniques cybercriminals often use in social engineering attacks

Maze Ransomware leaks files of ST Engineering group

Security Affairs

ST Engineering is the last victim of the Maze Ransomware operators that published their data on their leak website. ST Engineering is one of the leading engineering groups worldwide, it specializes in the aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors.

Brave launches its privacy-focused no-tracking search engine

Bleeping Computer

Today, Brave launched their non-tracking privacy-centric search engine to bring another alternative to finding the information you want on the web without giving up your data. [.].

The Impact Of Social Engineering—And How To Defend Against Social Engineering Attacks


Social engineering isn’t just a personal threat—it’s a corporate one. More than half of all businesses are a target of a social engineering or spear phishing attack every year.

The Danny Ocean of Social Engineer’s

Security Through Education

This story, along with others of being arrested, evading armed guards (on foot, this time), and slipping in back doors unnoticed were my introduction into the world of social engineering. Professional Social Engineer’s (SEs) became, in my mind; confident, bold people who were not riddled with anxiety over their tasks. At DEF CON 27 I came to understand that my perception of the “typical” social engineer was skewed. It’s pitch black.

Unpatched Virtual Machine Takeover Bug Affects Google Compute Engine

The Hacker News

An unpatched security vulnerability affecting Google's Compute Engine platform could be abused by an attacker to take over virtual machines over the network.

What A Security Engineer & Software Engineer Learned By Swapping Roles

Dark Reading

A security engineer and infrastructure engineer with Salesforce share lessons learned from their professional role reversal, and advice for people on both teams

The Impact Of Social Engineering—And How To Defend Against Social Engineering Attacks


Social engineering isn’t just a personal threat—it’s a corporate one. More than half of all businesses are a target of a social engineering or spear phishing attack every year.

Social engineering: A cheat sheet for business professionals

Tech Republic Security

People, like computers, can be hacked using a process called social engineering, and there's a good chance a cybersecurity attack on your organization could start with this technique

Don’t Fall For Search Engine Scams | Avast

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Search engines even capitalize on this fact by selling ad space that sits at the top of search results, usually marked with the word “Ad,” before serving up organic results. . The post Don’t Fall For Search Engine Scams | Avast appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Scams 61

Warning To Employers And Their Former Employees: Ex-Engineer Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Hacking Cisco’s WebEx

Joseph Steinberg

A former Cisco engineer was sentenced this past Wednesday (December 9, 2020) to 24 months in prison (and a $15,000 fine) for accessing Cisco’s network, and subsequently causing a service outage of Cisco’s WebEx Teams video conferencing service.

Google Chrome now 23% faster after JavaScript engine improvements

Bleeping Computer

Google says the latest Google Chrome release comes with a significant performance boost due to newly added improvements to the open-source V8 JavaScript and WebAssembly engine. [.].