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Vulnerability Management Policy Template

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Similarly, the IT Department needs to evaluate the current environment, the current IT architecture, and the nature of the vulnerability to determine the likelihood of exploitation, which should also be evaluated on a scale from 1 (low likelihood) to 10 (high likelihood). within [30] business days Vulnerabilities ranked below 8.0:

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Ransomware rolled through business defenses in Q2 2022


The supply chain, already stretched to a breaking point, suffered additional misfortunes across multiple industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to technology and utilities. However, in a clear bid for the supply chain jugular, threat actors also zeroed in on manufacturing, technology, utilities (including oil), and agriculture.


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IoT Secure Development Guide

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Introduction This guide deals with threat modelling and early stages of development so that security issues and controls are identified before committing to manufacturing. Deploy malicious firmware. The CoP includes the following recommendations for manufacturers: No default passwords. Cryptographic keys on the device or pod.

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McAfee Enterprise ATR Uncovers Vulnerabilities in Globally Used B. Braun Infusion Pump


Lastly, the pump runs its own custom Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and firmware on a M32C microcontroller. An architecture diagram below helps demonstrates the system layout and design when a pump is present in the docking station. Figure 2: System Architecture. SpaceCom Functions and Software Components.

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Network Protection: How to Secure a Network

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Operating technology (OT), also known as the industrial internet of things (IIoT), uses smart pumps, conveyor belts, motors, and manufacturing equipment — and the operations teams that install the devices may not always inform the network security team about them.

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2024 State of Cybersecurity: Reports of More Threats & Prioritization Issues

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Infrastructure Protection Defense against DDoS and DNS attacks starts with effective network security architecture. > 54% of all data breaches come from ransomware attacks in manufacturing, healthcare, government, financial, retail, and technology industries. 30% data breaches and +23% ransomware for the first two months of 2024.