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LockBit Breach Exposes Manufacturing Network Vulnerabilities

SecureWorld News

based Zaun, a manufacturer of high-security perimeter fencing—revealing critical vulnerabilities in manufacturing networks. LockBit's tactics and manufacturers' vulnerabilities LockBit has been a prickly thorn in the side of many organizations over the last few years. Stephen Gates , Principal Security SME at,

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Cybersecurity in Manufacturing: Key Threats and Risks

Security Boulevard

Whether it’s production lines halted by a malware attack causing millions of lost revenue, or a cyber-espionage attempt that stealthily infiltrates your network and steals your trade secrets, countless plausible scenarios threaten cybersecurity in manufacturing in the modern hyperconnected, digital age.


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Alphv group claims the hack of Clarion, a global manufacturer of audio and video equipment for cars

Security Affairs

The Alphv ransomware group claims to have hacked Clarion, the global manufacturer of audio and video equipment for cars and other vehicles. The Alphv ransomware group added Clarion, the global manufacturer of audio and video equipment for cars and other vehicles, to the list of victims on its Tor leak site.

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More on NSO Group and Cytrox: Two Cyberweapons Arms Manufacturers

Schneier on Security

The other was hacked both by Pegasus and by the spyware from another cyberweapons arms manufacturer: Cytrox. Citizen Lab published another report on the spyware used against two Egyptian nationals. One was hacked by NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. We haven’t heard a lot about Cytrox and its Predator spyware.

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What's Wrong with Manufacturing?

The Hacker News

In last year's edition of the Security Navigator we noted that the Manufacturing Industry appeared to be totally over-represented in our dataset of Cyber Extortion victims. Manufacturing was also the most represented Industry in our CyberSOC dataset – contributing more Incidents than any other

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Stop the line: Cyber threats facing manufacturing

Digital Shadows

The cyber risk facing the manufacturing sector is likely greater at this point than ever before. The post Stop the line: Cyber threats facing manufacturing first appeared on Digital Shadows. Cybercriminals have demonstrably pivoted.

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Why Manufacturing Struggles With Cloud Security

Security Boulevard

Attacks targeting cloud infrastructure are on the rise, according to the Netwrix 2022 Cloud Data Security Report, and the industry that is most vulnerable to attacks on the cloud is manufacturing. Slightly more than half of manufacturing companies experienced an attack on their cloud infrastructure in the past year.