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The future of cyber insurance

IT Security Guru

Cyber insurers are losing money. Their loss ratios – total claims plus the insurer’s costs, divided by total premiums earned – are now consistently above 60%, which presents something of an existential threat to the insurance industry, making cyber risk a potentially uninsurable area due to falling profitability.

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Unlock Savings: The Impact of Strong Passwords To Reduce Cyber Insurance Costs for Businesses


Cyber threats have become a significant concern for businesses of all sizes. The cost of cyber attacks, including financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences, can be staggering. To mitigate these risks, businesses often invest in cyber insurance. This is where CYPFER comes in.


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SHARED INTEL Q&A: My thoughts and opinions about cyber threats — as discussed with OneRep

The Last Watchdog

Acohido to share his ideas about the current cyber threat landscape, the biggest threats for businesses today, the role of AI and machine learning in cyberattacks and cyberdefence, and the most effective methods for companies to protect themselves. Erin: What are some of the biggest cyber threats that businesses face today?

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Ransomware: Number One Cyber Insurance Claim

SecureWorld News

Trends of cyber insurance claims for 2020. Coalition, a cyber insurance company, recently released a report detailing the categories of cyber attacks as well as the cause behind the attacks for the first half of 2020. The number one type of cyber incident so far this year is ransomware.

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Major Cyber Attacks that took place so far in 2021

CyberSecurity Insiders

Microsoft Exchange Server Cyber Attack- Cyber Threat actors somehow infiltrated the email servers of Microsoft Exchange operating across the world through a vulnerability and accessed data of many government and private companies.

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As market for cyber insurance booms, watchdog calls for better data

SC Magazine

Overall, insurance companies seem to be responding to increased demand from clients for cyber-specific insurance, and one survey found that the two things most likely to spur a purchase of cyber insurance are when a business experiences a cyber attack and when they hear about other companies being hit by a cyber attack.

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These are the 15 Top Cyber Threats Now

SecureWorld News

Sometimes when you are down in the cyber attack trees defending your organization, it can be tough to see the cyber threat forest. Understanding how things are shifting in the forest, or overall threat landscape, can help us categorize, strategize, and prioritize our resources. Cyber Espionage. Ransomware.