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How to defend lean security teams against cyber threats

CyberSecurity Insiders

In today’s digital age, companies face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. The reality is that no organization is immune to cyber attacks, regardless of its size or industry. However, lean security teams, which are commonplace in smaller companies and startups, can be particularly vulnerable to these threats.

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Attributes of a mature cyber-threat intelligence program

CSO Magazine

Earlier this year, ESG published a research report focused on how enterprise organizations use threat intelligence as part of their overall cybersecurity strategy. The research project included a survey of 380 cybersecurity professionals working at enterprise organizations (i.e., more than 1,000 employees).


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The March Madness Cyber Threat

Adam Levin

Phishing emails are the most common vector for attacks on corporate networks, especially in ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) campaigns; anything that involves large groups of employees to continuously send updated file attachments or links to a reply-all list or an individual, creates cybersecurity issues.

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Cyber threat with iPhone Phone Link feature on Windows 11 laptops

CyberSecurity Insiders

Attention Windows 11 users who rely on their PCs to respond to messages and phone calls from their iPhones, an important cybersecurity alert requires your immediate attention. However, a UK-based cybersecurity software company named Certo has issued a warning regarding potential cyber threats associated with this feature.

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Cybersecurity awareness: Train your employees and reduce cyber threats

IT Security Guru

As our digital world evolves, cybersecurity has never been more important and critical. As cybercrime continues to increase, the human element can play the most important role in cybersecurity posture and hygiene. After all, cybersecurity is a matter of proper human risk management. Train humans’ awareness.

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Threat Intelligence & Cybersecurity: Quick Wins for 2023

Security Boulevard

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, staying one step ahead is vital. Enter threat intelligence – a proactive approach that involves collecting, analyzing, and applying information about cyber threats. The post Threat Intelligence & Cybersecurity: Quick Wins for 2023 appeared first on Security Boulevard.

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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Boon or Bane? – A Free Webinar With Joseph Steinberg, Author of Cybersecurity For Dummies

Joseph Steinberg

As pretty much every professional knows, the cyber-threat landscape is constantly and rapidly evolving as hackers discover new techniques to breach organizations. The post Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Boon or Bane? The webinar is FREE thanks to the sponsorship of ColorTokens.