Surveillance of the Internet Backbone

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Uncategorized cybersecurity forensics Internet privacy surveillance tracking traffic analysisVice has an article about how data brokers sell access to the Internet backbone. This is netflow data.

Banning Surveillance-Based Advertising

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The Norwegian Consumer Council just published a fantastic new report: “ Time to Ban Surveillance-Based Advertising. A ban on surveillance-based advertising does not mean that one can no longer finance digital content using advertising.


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Apple Censorship and Surveillance in China

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Good investigative reporting on how Apple is participating in and assisting with Chinese censorship and surveillance. Uncategorized Apple censorship China privacy surveillance

Emergency Surveillance During COVID-19 Crisis

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Israel is using emergency surveillance powers to track people who may have COVID-19, joining China and Iran in using mass surveillance in this way. china covid19 datacollection eff epidemiology iran israel nationalsecuritypolicy privacy surveillance

Insider Attack on Home Surveillance Systems

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Uncategorized hacking insiders privacy surveillance

Hacking School Surveillance Systems

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Lance Vick suggesting that students hack their schools' surveillance systems. generations hacking privacy schools surveillanceThis is an ethical minefield that I feel students would be well within their rights to challenge, and if needed, undermine," he said.

Global Surveillance in the Wake of COVID-19

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covid19 facerecognition privacy surveillance tracking

Computers and Video Surveillance

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It used to be that surveillance cameras were passive. Recent developments in video analytics -- fueled by artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning -- enable computers to watch and understand surveillance videos with human-like discernment. The result is a level of surveillance that was impossible just a few years ago. These automated 'video analytics' technologies threaten to fundamentally change the nature of surveillance.".

Banning Surveillance-Based Advertising

Security Boulevard

The Norwegian Consumer Council just published a fantastic new report: “ Time to Ban Surveillance-Based Advertising. From the Introduction: The challenges caused and entrenched by surveillance-based advertising include, but are not limited to: privacy and data protection infringements.

Video Surveillance by Computer

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The ACLU's Jay Stanley has just published a fantastic report: " The Dawn of Robot Surveillance " (blog post here ) Basically, it lays out a future of ubiquitous video cameras watched by increasingly sophisticated video analytics software, and discusses the potential harms to society. aclu cameras machinelearning privacy reports surveillance

Privacy vs. Surveillance in the Age of COVID-19

Schneier on Security

The trade-offs are changing : As countries around the world race to contain the pandemic, many are deploying digital surveillance tools as a means to exert social control, even turning security agency technologies on their own civilians.

Reverse Engineering a Chinese Surveillance App

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Human Rights Watch has reverse engineered an app used by the Chinese police to conduct mass surveillance on Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang. china privacy reverseengineering surveillanceThe details are fascinating, and chilling. Boing Boing post.

Cory Doctorow on The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Schneier on Security

Cory Doctorow has writtten an extended rebuttal of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff. Shorter summary: it's not the surveillance part, it's the fact that these companies are monopolies. Surveillance capitalism has some unique properties that make it particularly unethical and incompatible with a free society, and Zuboff makes them clear in her book. books datacollection nationalsecuritypolicy privacy surveillance

EFF on the Mechanics of Corporate Surveillance

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EFF has published a comprehensible and very readable "deep dive" into the technologies of corporate surveillance, both on the Internet and off. businessofsecurity eff privacy surveillance tracking

Video surveillance network hacked by researchers to hijack footage

Naked Security

Uncategorized CVE-2021-28372 hacking iot video surveillance vulnerability webcamHome automation. Internet of Things. Cloud management. And a security bug that could let other people watch you online.

Israeli Surveillance Gear

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They were attempting to install surveillance gear, which they ended up leaving behind. Israeli media is claiming that the capture of this gear by Hamas causes major damage to Israeli electronic surveillance capabilities. israel surveillanceThe Israeli Defense Force mounted a botched raid in Gaza. There are photos -- scroll past the video.) The Israelis themselves destroyed the vehicle the commandos used to enter Gaza.

Police Surveillance Tools from Special Services Group

Schneier on Security

Special Services Group, a company that sells surveillance tools to the FBI, DEA, ICE, and other US government agencies, has had its secret sales brochure published. cameras eavesdropping foia police privacy surveillance

Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid

Schneier on Security

Excellent op-ed on the growing trend to tie humanitarian aid to surveillance. biometrics privacy surveillanceDespite the best intentions, the decision to deploy technology like biometrics is built on a number of unproven assumptions, such as, technology solutions can fix deeply embedded political problems. And that auditing for fraud requires entire populations to be tracked using their personal data.

China officially condemns Pegasus spyware surveillance and accuses US

CyberSecurity Insiders

Chine Foreign Ministry has issued a public statement condemning the distribution and usage of Pegasus Spyware surveillance software by various countries. The post China officially condemns Pegasus spyware surveillance and accuses US appeared first on Cybersecurity Insiders.

On Surveillance in the Workplace

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Data & Society just published a report entitled " Workplace Monitoring & Surveillance ": This explainer highlights four broad trends in employee monitoring and surveillance technologies: Prediction and flagging tools that aim to predict characteristics or behaviors of employees or that are designed to identify or deter perceived rule-breaking or fraud. biometrics employment privacy surveillance tracking

Palantir's Surveillance Service for Law Enforcement

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All of this information is aggregated and synthesized in a way that gives law enforcement nearly omniscient knowledge over any suspect they decide to surveil. datacollection foia lawenforcement nsa police privacy surveillance

How Surveillance Inhibits Freedom of Expression

Schneier on Security

We know that surveillance has a chilling effect on freedom. People change their behavior when they live their lives under surveillance. This is obviously true for government surveillance, but is true for corporate surveillance as well. You visit the website of an international immigrants' rights group, a fact that is available to the government through mass Internet surveillance. If surveillance nips that process in the bud, change never happens.

NSA Mass Surveillance Program Is Ruled Illegal

Adam Levin

The post NSA Mass Surveillance Program Is Ruled Illegal appeared first on Adam Levin. The controversial collection of details on billions of American phone calls by the National Security Agency (NSA) was illegal and possibly unconstitutional, according to a ruling by a federal appeals court.

Apple Guidance on Intimate Partner Surveillance

Adam Shostack

They’re unreasonable because ever year in the United States, 1,000 to 1,600 women die at the hands of their male partners, and some fraction of those are enabled by technology-aided surveillance. Apple has released (or I’ve just come across) a document Device and Data Access when Personal Safety is At Risk. Apple makes it easy to connect and share your life with the people closest to you.

Fake Santa Surveillance Camera

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Instead, it just gets children used to being under constant surveillance. cameras children privacy surveillanceReka makes a " decorative Santa cam ," meaning that it's not a real camera. Our Santa Cam has a cute Father Christmas and mistletoe design, and a red, flashing LED light which will make the most logical kids suspend their disbelief and start to believe!

Surveillance inside the Body

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medicine phones privacy surveillanceThe FDA has approved a pill with an embedded sensor that can report when it is swallowed. The pill transmits information to a wearable patch, which in turn transmits information to a smartphone.

Verkada Surveillance Hack, Breach Highlights IoT Risks

Security Boulevard

reported a breach of customer surveillance data to the U.S. The post Verkada Surveillance Hack, Breach Highlights IoT Risks appeared first on Security Boulevard. Cloud Security Featured IoT & ICS Security News Security Boulevard (Original) Breach IoT Security surveillance Verkada

The NSA's Domestic Surveillance Centers

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edwardsnowden espionage nationalsecuritypolicy nsa privacy surveillanceThe Intercept has a long story about the NSA's domestic interception points. Includes some new Snowden documents.

Modifying a Tesla to Become a Surveillance Platform

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From DefCon : At the Defcon hacker conference today, security researcher Truman Kain debuted what he calls the Surveillance Detection Scout. cars privacy surveillance tracking

White hat hackers gained access more than 150,000 surveillance cameras

Security Affairs

A group of hackers claimed to have compromised more than 150,000 surveillance cameras at banks, jails, schools, and prominent companies like Tesla and Equinox. Hackers also posted images captured from the hacked surveillance video on Twitter with an #OperationPanopticon hashtag.

Detecting Drone Surveillance with Traffic Analysis

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This is clever : Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel have built a proof-of-concept system for counter-surveillance against spy drones that demonstrates a clever, if not exactly simple, way to determine whether a certain person or object is under aerial surveillance. They first generate a recognizable pattern on whatever subject­ -- a window, say -- someone might want to guard from potential surveillance.

NSA Mass Surveillance Program Illegal, U.S. Court Rules


The NSA argued its mass surveillance program stopped terrorist attacks - but a new U.S. Government Privacy Data Privacy Edward Snowden National Security Agency NSA snowden surveillance surveillance program whistleblower

Amazon Driver-Surveillance Cameras Roll Out, Sparking Debate


Drivers bristle under constant surveillance by artificial-intelligence (AI) tech, but Amazon says it works and boosts safety. Cloud Security Privacy

New Bill Proposes NSA Surveillance Reforms


Government Privacy cell phone data data collection government Surveillance National Security Agency NSA NSA surveillance patriot act privacy bill Ron widen Safeguarding Americans’ Private Records Act Section 215 snowden Steve Danes surveillance us gov

Israeli surveillance firm Candiru used Windows zero-days to deploy spyware

Security Affairs

Experts said that Israeli surveillance firm Candiru, tracked as Sourgum, exploited zero-days to deliver a new Windows spyware. ” Candiru sells surveillance software exclusively to governments, its spyware could spy on iPhones, Androids, Macs, PCs, and cloud accounts.

An RCE in Annke video surveillance product allows hacking the device

Security Affairs

Researchers from Nozomi Networks discovered a critical vulnerability that can be exploited to hack a video surveillance product made by Annke. The post An RCE in Annke video surveillance product allows hacking the device appeared first on Security Affairs.

Data, Surveillance, and the AI Arms Race

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FTC Bans Spyfone From Surveillance Business

Heimadal Security

FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, banned Spyfone and its CEO Scott Zuckerman from the surveillance business. The post FTC Bans Spyfone From Surveillance Business appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog.

German authorities raid the offices of the FinFisher surveillance firm

Security Affairs

Earlier this month, German authorities have raided the offices of FinFisher, the German surveillance software firm, accused of providing its software to oppressive regimes. The post German authorities raid the offices of the FinFisher surveillance firm appeared first on Security Affairs.

FTC bans stalkerware maker Spyfone from surveillance business

Bleeping Computer

FTC has banned stalkerware maker Spyfone and CEO Scott Zuckerman from the surveillance business after failing to protect customers' devices from hackers and sharing info on their location and activity. [.].

Emerging APT Mounts Mass iPhone Surveillance Campaign


The malware, the work of a new APT called TwoSail Junk, allows deep surveillance and total control over iOS devices.

The NYPD Had a Secret Fund for Surveillance Tools

WIRED Threat Level

Documents reveal that police bought facial-recognition software, vans equipped with x-ray machines, and “stingray” cell site simulators—with no public oversight. Business Business / National Affairs Security

Public Voice Launches Petition for an International Moratorium on Using Facial Recognition for Mass Surveillance

Schneier on Security

Coming out of the Privacy Commissioners' Conference in Albania , Public Voice is launching a petition for an international moratorium on using facial recognition software for mass surveillance. biometrics facerecognition privacy surveillanceYou can sign on as an individual or an organization. I did. You should as well. No, I don't think that countries will magically adopt this moratorium. But it's important for us all to register our dissent.