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Are We Ready to Give Up on Security Awareness Training?

The Hacker News

Some of you have already started budgeting for 2024 and allocating funds to security areas within your organization. It is safe to say that employee security awareness training is one of the expenditure items, too. Besides, social engineering remains one of the most prevalent attacks

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Ex-Security Engineer Gets Three Years in Prison for $12 Million Crypto Hacks

Security Boulevard

A former Amazon engineer who scammed more than $12 million from two decentralized cryptocurrencies exchanges in 2022 was sentenced to three years in prison in a case that the U.S. The post Ex-Security Engineer Gets Three Years in Prison for $12 Million Crypto Hacks appeared first on Security Boulevard.


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Choose Your Own Adventure game animates security awareness training

SC Magazine

Infosec’s Choose Your Own Adventure training game “Deep Space Danger” tests employees on their knowledge of social engineering. The employees at your organization are badly in need of security awareness training. Two of them are fraudsters trying to socially engineer their way onto the station.

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Concession in Social Engineering

Security Through Education

Unknowingly, you have just succumbed to a technique we in social engineering refer to as “ concession.” What are ways we can be more aware of concession being used against us? Now imagine how powerful this would be when leveraged maliciously by a professional social engineer! “Oh, I can’t afford that!” you respond. “We

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Threat Intelligence and Security Awareness?

SecureWorld News

In our exclusive Behind the Scenes interview series, we take a deeper look at a topic that is relevant to the information security community. Today's conversation answers this question: How can threat intelligence strengthen security awareness? The pandemic is on everyone's mind, and they're using that for social engineering.

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Social engineering: Cybercrime meets human hacking


According to the latest ISACA State of Security 2021 report , social engineering is the leading cause of compromises experienced by organizations. Findings from the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report also point to social engineering as the most common data breach attack method. What does social engineering look like?

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CyberSecurity Insiders

The best way to combat human error is through training and awareness. However, most folks regard security awareness training as boring, dry or unnecessary. One of the jobs of a security practitioner is to understand and apply technical controls to combat some of these attack vectors. Read more here: