Cloud Migration Security Woes

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As I hear of organizations dealing with security when migrating to the cloud, I occasionally observe cases of “ extreme lift and shift.” I use this label to describe a case when an organization wants to keep every single security technology that they use on-premise after they move to the public cloud. Won’t you be better off if you “deduce” (or: find the documentation for) the intent of the existing controls and then deploy cloud controls that serve the same intent?

Cloud Migration Has Ended Enterprise Datacenter

Security Boulevard

The post Cloud Migration Has Ended Enterprise Datacenter appeared first on Sonrai Security. The post Cloud Migration Has Ended Enterprise Datacenter appeared first on Security Boulevard. Cloud Security Security Bloggers Network Skill Level: Executive Skill Level: Learner


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A Cloud Migration Strategy with Security Embedded

Trend Micro

Learn how to build a cloud migration strategy that keeps security in mind. Cloud Video Expert Perspective

Taking a Security-First Approach to Cloud Migration

Security Boulevard

Over the past year, organizations have seen how important cloud computing is to business operations. In fact, according to a MariaDB survey, 40% of respondents said that COVID-19 accelerated their migration.

Cloud Migration Guide Introduction


There has never been a better time for organizations today to move to the public cloud than there is today in 2018. Public cloud services from all the major players are more robust, mature, and full featured than ever before. Most organizations are looking to move at least part of their IT infrastructure to the public cloud if they haven’t already. However, there are certainly challenges for organizations looking to migrate to the public cloud.

Top 10 Cloud Migration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Know and understand the common mistakes organizations make when it comes to cloud migration. tips,enterprise security

COVID-19's Acceleration of Cloud Migration & Identity-Centric Security

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Here are some tips for updating access control methods that accommodate new remote working norms without sacrificing security

Manufacturing’s Cloud Migration Opens Door to Major Cyber-Risk


Cloud Security Critical Infrastructure Mobile Security Vulnerabilities Web SecurityNew research shows that while all sectors are at risk, 70 percent of manufacturing apps have vulnerabilities.

Storms & Silver Linings: Avoiding the Dangers of Cloud Migration

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We hear a lot about the sunlit uplands of cloud-powered business, but what about the risks of making information available across the organization

Q&A: Sophos poll shows how attackers are taking advantage of cloud migration to wreak havoc

The Last Watchdog

Cloud migration, obviously, is here to stay. But there’s no doubt that the exodus to a much greater dependency on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud resources – Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ) and Platforms-as-a-Service ( PaaS ) – is in full swing. For it’s State of Cloud Security 2020 survey, Sophos commissioned the polling of some 3,500 IT managers across 26 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Acronis: Pandemic Hastened Cloud Migration, Prompting New Security Issues

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SPONSORED: WATCH NOW -- The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated an ongoing shift in data away from business data centers to home offices and the cloud, explains Candid Wuest, VP of cyber protection research for Acronis

Security Falls Short in Rapid COVID Cloud Migration

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The quick pivot to the cloud for remote support also ushered in risks

Security Lags in Enterprise Cloud Migration

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Cloud security is falling farther behind as companies migrate more and more of their workloads to public cloud infrastructures

Menlo Security Finds Cloud Migration and Remote Work Gives Rise to New Era of Malware, Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT)

CyberSecurity Insiders

–( BUSINESS WIRE )– Menlo Security , a leader in cloud security, today announced it has identified a surge in cyberthreats, termed Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT), that bypass traditional security defenses. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(

Five considerations for cloud migration, from the House of Representatives CISO

SC Magazine

A visitor photographs a symbol of a cloud at the Deutsche Telekom stand the day before the CeBIT technology trade fair. You have to be allowed to exchange data with cloud service providers, with on-prem systems, and with other individuals and organizations, but in a secure way.”.

BrandPost: Education SaaS Provider Achieves Agile Cloud Migration with Fast, Flexible Fortinet Solutions in AWS

CSO Magazine

Customer Perspectives Migrating applications from brick-and-mortar data centers to the cloud can present formidable challenges for any enterprise.

Cybersecurity is the Biggest Obstacle to Cloud Adoption

Security Boulevard

As organizations tackle their migrations to the cloud, IT professionals believe cyberthreats aimed at the cloud represent the biggest obstacle to continued adoption. The post Cybersecurity is the Biggest Obstacle to Cloud Adoption appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Menlo Security Finds Cloud Migration and Remote Work Gives Rise to New Era of Malware, Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT)

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Menlo identified 224% increase in HEAT attacks in the last six months fueling ransomware surge

Secure Cloud Migration and the Cloud Security Alliance

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

For many years, Thales eSecurity has been a solution provider member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a global organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment 1. at least, the chapters that I understand), our systems engineers have found that actual secure cloud migration tends to cut across many domains of cloud security.

2021 in Review, Part 3: 5 Things Security Professionals Were Discussing this Year

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Data security in the cloud Champion heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Application Security Data Security Security Bloggers Network APIs bad bots cloud migration DDoS attacks DDoS Mitigation Digest zero day protection

Cloud-to-Cloud Migration: How to Detect Security Issues


The cloud computing boom has brought many benefits to businesses regarding increased productivity and easier accessibility to corporate online systems. The main reason for this is that cloud services make it much easier to access and share data from outside the organization. Data breaches from the cloud may simply be caused by a careless employee sharing files with the wrong person. BYOD Cloud App Security – How Big is the Problem?

In a Quickly Evolving Landscape, CISOs Shift Their 2022 Priorities

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Cloud migration, DevSecOps, cyber insurance, and more have emerged as important motivators for cybersecurity investment and focus

How One Organization Used Radware to Lock Down Their Public Cloud

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Migrating to the public cloud is about agility and flexibility, organizations already in the public cloud see rapid growth in their activity. The post How One Organization Used Radware to Lock Down Their Public Cloud appeared first on Radware Blog.

Why ‘Role’ Permissions Are So Dangerous To Your Cloud Environment

Security Boulevard

A key challenge facing organizations in the cloud is how to reign in excessive permissions. The post Why ‘Role’ Permissions Are So Dangerous To Your Cloud Environment appeared first on Radware Blog.

5 Ways ADCs Simplify Applications’ Transition to the Cloud

Security Boulevard

Adopting a heterogenous cloud environment results in lack of continuity for management, security and reporting. The post 5 Ways ADCs Simplify Applications’ Transition to the Cloud appeared first on Radware Blog.

Cisco Email Security Expands, Simplified to Detect More Threats, Stop More Attacks

Cisco Security

Customers are looking to reduce the complexity involved with email security planning and administration and require a unified solution that supports various deployment models—on-premises, cloud-delivered and complimenting Microsoft 365 and other email platforms.

5 Steps for Implementing Multicloud Identity

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Why embracing, not fighting, decentralization will pave the way to smoother cloud migrations

Cloud Security Podcast by Google?—?Popular Episodes by Topic

Anton on Security

Cloud Security Podcast by Google?—?Popular Data security “Data Security in the Cloud“ “Modern Data Security Approaches: Is Cloud More Secure?” Threat Models and Cloud Security” “EP31 Cloud Certifications, and Cloud Security with TheCertsGuy” “Beyond Compliance: Cloud Security in Europe” “Application Security in the Cloud” Resources: Our video trailer Our new audio trailer Blog with some ideas from the first 46 episodes Cloud Security Podcast by Google?—?Popular

Office 365 Migration to G Suite: Steps to Take


The number one reason why companies chose to migrate from Office 365 to G Suite is mobility. Before you start migrating your data to G Suite, let’s quickly bring some clarity in the choice you have to make. Now though let’s move on to the migration process itself. Data migration from Office 365 to G Suite To migrate data you can to use native Google tool – Data Migration Service. First, it can’t migrate files from OneDrive.

Average Cost of a Data Breach: $3.86 Million

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New IBM study shows that security system complexity and cloud migration can amplify breach costs

Migrating from On Premise to Google G Suite


Organizations today are certainly looking to migrate to public cloud services. The overall numbers of businesses moving to public cloud infrastructure and services is staggering and that trend is still progressing. While the “death of the corporate datacenter” has not entirely happened and may not happen completely, public cloud environments are being utilized and utilized heavily by today’s businesses. Why Migrate to Google G Suite Environment?

Risks of Relying on a Sole Cloud Service Provider


The variety of choices and solutions that businesses today have available have only since expanded in recent years with the exploding cloud marketspace. Numerous cloud offerings from various companies vouch to house your business’s data. There are many different factors that may lead to an organization choosing a particular cloud provider over another. Why is it essential that businesses think about where their cloud backup data is stored?

How Businesses Can Save Up to 64% on G Suite Licenses


As a cloud data protection company, we develop products for organizations that use G Suite (and Office 365). Keeping a cloud backup of the account data is much cheaper than keeping inactive licenses (we talk numbers further in this article). Cloud Migration g suite backup

Why compliance concerns are pushing more big companies to the cloud

Tech Republic Security

Cloud migration is accelerating as companies face compliance, security, and control concerns

Office 365 Migration Guide


PART II In the first part of the Office 365 Migration Guide Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365 , we looked at the features and services that often attract organizations to choose Office 365 as a migration target for public cloud and alternative to G Suite migration. This trusted and well-known platform provides one of the key reasons that many organizations choose Office 365 for public cloud – familiarity.

How to Migrate G Suite Data After an Employee Leaves


Often G Suite admins don’t bother to migrate data from Google accounts of leaving employees and delete the accounts. In this article, we are giving you the options and step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your ex-employee G Suite data! Tools to transfer G Suite account information There is only one native tool explicitly designed for data migration to G Suite – its Data Migration Service. Migrating data takes a few steps only.

How Banks Can Enhance Security of Office 365 and G Suite


The move to the cloud has been somewhat of a foregone conclusion among most businesses today. The services and products that are offered by public cloud vendors often provide solutions that would otherwise be financially or technically unattainable by businesses building out similar infrastructure on-premises. Public cloud has tremendous advantages for many business use cases. Cloud security has certainly been one of the major deterrents to cloud adoption across the board.

Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Step-by-Step


G Suite to Office 365 migration is a task which, if performed incorrectly, can lead the company to critical data loss. To make the migration smooth and not lose critical data along the way, you need to take care of the following things: Backup your files Define data that can’t be migrated and what to do with it Determine what policies (i.e. The data migration process is always coupled with data loss possibility. Then select Migration and click New (plus).

DNS 40

Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365


Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365 Businesses moving to the public cloud today look for powerful solutions that allow them to be more mobile, agile, and technology progressive than keeping infrastructure only in on-premise datacenters. This familiarity with Microsoft’s products can certainly sway organizations to make the choice to house their infrastructure and services in the Microsoft public cloud. Cloud Migration Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Security Podcast by Google?—?Popular Episodes by Topic

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Cloud Security Podcast by Google?—?Popular Data Security in the Cloud“. EP58 SOC is Not Dead: How to Grow and Develop Your SOC for Cloud”. EP39 From False Positives to Karl Popper: Rationalizing Cloud Threat Detection”. Threat Detection at Google Cloud Security Summit”.

Microsoft Office 365 Attacks on the Rise

Security Boulevard

It’s not surprising the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed workers home also accelerated cloud migration and digital transformation, but new research from

BrandPost: Invest in Security Now for Tomorrow's Challenges

CSO Magazine

Network security is forever a work in progress, but rapid changes in technology and fundamental changes to the nature of work over the past two years leave many organizations wondering if they can ever catch up.

CISA's Cloud Security Technical Reference Architecture: Where it succeeds and where it falls short

CSO Magazine

The intent of the RA is to provide recommendations for cloud migration and data protection for agencies as the federal government continues its Cloud Smart pursuit.