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Top Unexpected Ways to Utilise a Password Manager for Enhanced Security and Organisation

IT Security Guru

Password managers have become integral tools for individuals and businesses alike. They are primarily known for securely saving and managing login credentials so users don’t have to remember them all or write them down, where they could be compromised.

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Bitwarden vs 1Password: Compare Top Password Managers

eSecurity Planet

The average internet user has somewhere around 100 accounts, according to NordPass research, meaning they have to track 100 different passwords or risk using the same one over and over. Event logs 24/7 support Security audit and compliance. Custom reports show any accounts that may have been part of a data breach.


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Big name TikTok accounts hijacked after opening DM


High profile TikTok accounts, including CNN, Sony, and—er­—Paris Hilton have been targeted in a recent attack. CNN was the first account takeover that made the news, with Semafor reporting that the account was down for several days after the incident. The account is then taken over and the user loses access.

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Keeping Your Online Accounts Secure [Top 6 Security Tips]


This post will show you how to keep your online accounts secure with the top 6 security tips. With this, it also brought a long list of online privacy and security concerns. The post Keeping Your Online Accounts Secure [Top 6 Security Tips] appeared first on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity.

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Your Google Account allows you to create passkeys on your phone, computer and security keys

Google Security

Sriram Karra and Christiaan Brand, Google product managers Last year, Google launched passkey support for Google Accounts. Passkeys are a new industry standard that give users an easy, highly secure way to sign-in to apps and websites. Today, users rely on password managers to make passkeys available across all of their devices.

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How to Detect and Respond to Account Misuse

Identity IQ

How to Detect and Respond to Account Misuse IdentityIQ As digital connectivity continues to grow, safeguarding your online accounts from misuse is becoming increasingly crucial. Account misuse can result in alarming repercussions, including privacy breaches, financial losses, and identity theft.

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Account Takeover: What is it and How to Prevent It?

Identity IQ

What is Account Takeover? Account takeover, also known as ATO, is a form of identity theft in which a malicious third party gains access to or “takes over” an online account. One of the primary reasons behind this massive rise in account takeover is the relative ease with which it can be done. Account Takeover Prevention.