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FBI Seizes Stolen Cryptocurrencies

Schneier on Security

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FBI has recovered over $30 million in cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean hackers earlier this year. These addresses can be created quickly without them being linked to a cryptocurrency company that could freeze the funds.

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SharkBot — A New Android Trojan Stealing Banking and Cryptocurrency Accounts

The Hacker News

Cybersecurity researchers on Monday took the wraps off a new Android trojan that takes advantage of accessibility features on the devices to siphon credentials from banking and cryptocurrency services in Italy, the U.K., and the U.S. as well as five


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Five Play Store Droppers Target 200 Banking and Cryptocurrency Wallets Apps

Heimadal Security

The apps have targeted 231 banking and cryptocurrency wallet apps with the help of trojans such as SharkBot and Vultur. The post Five Play Store Droppers Target 200 Banking and Cryptocurrency Wallets Apps appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog. Targeted countries include the U.S.,

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Cybercriminals attack banking customers in EU with V3B phishing kit – PhotoTAN and SmartID supported.

Security Affairs

Resecurity uncovered a cybercriminal group that is providing a sophisticated phishing kit, named V3B, to target banking customers in the EU. “Currently, it is estimated that hundreds of cybercriminals are using this kit to commit fraud, leaving victims with empty bank accounts. . ” reads the report published Resecurity.

Banking 103
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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto

Speaker: Ryan McInerny, CAMS, FRM, MSBA - Principal, Product Strategy

Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - what are they and why should you care? With 20% of Americans owning cryptocurrencies, speaking "fluent crypto" in the financial sector ensures you are prepared to discuss growth and risk management strategies when the topic arises.

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Understanding Market Making in the Cryptocurrency


Market making in crypto is a critical function that ensures the smooth operation and liquidity of cryptocurrency markets. This article will explain the role of market makers in the cryptocurrency space, their importance to exchanges, and the different types of entities that engage in market-making activities.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Security Boulevard

Cryptocurrency is best thought of as a digital currency that only exists on computers. It is transferred between peers (there is no middleman like a bank). Cryptocurrency Main Features. Cryptocurrency Main Features. Let’s dig into how cryptocurrency works. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and distributed.