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On Data Privacy Day, Organizations Fail Data Privacy Expectations

Dark Reading

Data Privacy Day rolls around year after year, and data privacy breaches likewise. Two-thirds of data breaches result in data exposure.

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Data Breach Misattribution, Acxiom & Live Ramp

Troy Hunt

The thread on the hacking forum with the samples of alleged TikTok data has been deleted and the user banned for “lying about data breaches” [link] — Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) September 5, 2022 "Lying about data breaches" Ugh, criminals are so untrustworthy!   U.S.


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Difference between Data Security and Data Privacy

CyberSecurity Insiders

Most of you connected to the world of data are in a misconception that both the terms data privacy and data security are same and are just the synonyms. So, never mix up both the terms to be same i.e., Data Security and Data Privacy as they technically way apart.

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Security Compliance & Data Privacy Regulations

eSecurity Planet

Regulatory compliance and data privacy issues have long been an IT security nightmare. And since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect May 25, 2018, IT compliance issues have been at the forefront of corporate concerns. GDPR-style data privacy laws came to the U.S. Location Matters.

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Will Consumers Punish Vendors That Suffer a Data Breach?

Security Boulevard

consumers are less likely to work with a company following a data breach. The ThreatX survey highlighted consumers’ evolving attitudes toward data breach concerns and their purported willingness to pay more. The post Will Consumers Punish Vendors That Suffer a Data Breach?

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Meta Pixel hack leads to US healthcare provider data breach affecting 3 million patients

CyberSecurity Insiders

Advocate Aurora Health(AAH), a medical services provider serving Wisconsin and Illinois populace, was hit by a data breach affecting over 3,000,000 patients. Moreover, the tool is being used by other hospitals in the country and so it could lead to more such data breaches in near time. million patients. .

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Data Privacy and Security: It Takes Two to Tango

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Data Privacy and Security: It Takes Two to Tango. The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) announced earlier this year that they have expanded the Data Privacy Day campaign into Data Privacy Week , a full week-long initiative. And when a breach does happen, then our personal data is the main target.