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March to 5G could pile on heavier security burden for IoT device manufacturers

SC Magazine

As the Department of Defense works on standards to dictate 5G rollout, security requirements may be too much for IoT manufacturers. Of course, many security hurdles for IoT device manufacturers are not specific to 5G. The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 , which was enacted Dec.

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The Internet of Things Is Everywhere. Are You Secure?

Security Boulevard

From smart homes that enable you to control your thermostat from a distance to sensors on oil rigs that help predict maintenance to autonomous vehicles to GPS sensors implanted in the horns of endangered black rhinos , the internet of things is all around you. A Safer Internet of Things. Source: DZone’s Edge Computing and IoT, 2020 .

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News Alert: Swissbit introduces small-capacity memory for IIoT, smart city applications

The Last Watchdog

The models of the EM-30 and S-56(u) series, which are available as an embedded component in the form of an e.MMC or as flexible, interchangeable SD memory cards, offer maximum reliability due to proven firmware architecture. They also guarantee 100% data security. specifications and is fully backward compatible.

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Guest Blog: TalkingTrust. What’s driving the security of IoT?

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

There are so many reasons why manufacturers connect their products to the Internet, whether it’s industrial machines, medical devices, consumer goods or even cars. Additionally, many auto manufacturers now have the ability to remotely update software to fix vulnerabilities or even upgrade functionality. Device Security is Hard.

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Use cases of secure IoT deployment

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

In our previous blog post , we discussed the challenges for securing IoT deployments, and how businesses and consumers benefit from authenticating and validating IoT software and firmware updates. Requirements also included that the firmware was to be signed by the manufacturer and verified by the pacemaker.

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Key Developments in IoT Security

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Remember the early days of the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices? The good news is that security is no longer being ignored during the manufacturing of the devices. Digital identification would fulfill a critical element of attaining a zero trust architecture, especially important for industrial technology edge devices.

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Dynamic analysis of firmware components in IoT devices


As a rule, this means that the source code of the device’s firmware is unavailable and all the researcher can use is the user manual and a few threads on some user forum discussing the device’s operation. The vulnerability assessment of IoT/IIoT devices is based on analyzing their firmware.

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