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Big data privacy is a bigger issue than you think

Tech Republic Security

When it comes to privacy, big data analysts have a responsibility to users to be transparent about data collection and usage. Here are ways to allay users' concerns about privacy and big data.

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Chinese threat actors extract big data and sell it on the dark web

SC Magazine

Among the incidents data stolen by Chinese hackers involved a Twitter database. Researchers on Monday reported that cybercriminals are taking advantage of China’s push to become a leader in big data by extracting legitimate big data sources and selling the stolen data on the Chinese-language dark web.

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Conversational AI Company Uniphore Leverages Red Box Acquisition for New Data Collection Tool

Tech Republic Security

Red Box provides the open architecture for data capture. Uniphore then feeds that data into U-Capture, its conversational AI automation tool.

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Interview with the Head of the NSA’s Research Directorate

Schneier on Security

There’s a lot of talk about quantum computing, monitoring 5G networks, and the problems of big data: The math department, often in conjunction with the computer science department, helps tackle one of NSA’s most interesting problems: big data.

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Cyber Security Combo: Big Data, Machine Learning and AI


While the potential of Big Data is vast, it might lag behind as a standalone tool to deal with hackers due to the enormous volume of data to analyze. There is a huge difference between raw data collected and meaningful insights that can benefit enterprises in their attempt to prevent cyber attacks.

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Meta violates GDPR with non-compliant targeted ad practices, earns over $400 million in fines

Tech Republic Security

Meta has violated GDPR with illegal personal data collection practices for targeted ads. Learn about this latest violation and Meta's rocky GDPR history. The post Meta violates GDPR with non-compliant targeted ad practices, earns over $400 million in fines appeared first on TechRepublic.

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Research “probably one of the dirtiest words in the indigenous world”

Security Boulevard

ori Perspectives on Trust and Automated Decision-Making” is the following insightful commentary on authorization and consent related to big data collection: In the context of Aotearoa, Pool (2016) notes how research and data collection were part of Britain’s broader ‘civilising mission’.