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The ultimate guide to Cyber risk management

CyberSecurity Insiders

Ambitious information security experts serve as a critical part of cyber risk management. This can be achieved through the use of cyber risk management approaches. This article explores the need for security and provides an overview of cyber risk assessment. Cyber risk management. Risk control.

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Q&A: Why SOAR startup Syncurity is bringing a ‘case-management’ approach to threat detection

The Last Watchdog

This has exponentially expanded the attack surface available to motivated, well-funded threat actors. This, in short, is the multi-headed hydra enterprises must tame in order to mitigate rising cyber risks. Smart money. Enter SOAR, the acronym for “security operations, analytics and reporting.”


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Nozomi Networks announces Vantage IQ to address security gaps in critical infrastructure

CSO Magazine

It is built to enhance threat detection and remediation with AI-assisted data analysis to help security teams reduce cyber risk and response times, the firm said. The new offering will be available from Q3 2023 as an add-on to Vantage, Nozomi Networks’ SaaS-based security management platform.

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Local U.S. Governments and Municipalities at Risk of Foreign Nation Cyber Attacks

Security Boulevard

Experts have warned that the Russia-Ukraine conflict poses an unprecedented cyber risk for U.S. Governments and Municipalities at Risk of Foreign Nation Cyber Attacks appeared first on Security Boulevard. organizations as well as State and local governments and municipalities. The post Local U.S.

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4 Critical Capabilities Your Cyber Risk Management Tools Should Have


However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to minimize these risks. It’s important your cybersecurity teams have a cyber risk management program in place for this purpose. While you can hire the services of third-party consultants, you may lose a certain level of control over your organizational risks.

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How Cyber Security Consulting Can Benefit CEOs and Business Owners


Proactive Threat Detection and Incident Response Planning Cyberattacks can strike at any moment, and the consequences can be devastating. Proactive threat detection is essential to identify and neutralize threats before they can cause significant harm.

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Improving your bottom line with cybersecurity top of mind

CyberSecurity Insiders

As senior leaders revisit their growth strategies, it’s an excellent time to assess where they are on the cyber-risk spectrum and how significant the complexity costs have become. Taking necessary precautions against cybercrime can help prevent massive losses and protect your business’s future.