Sat.May 14, 2022 - Fri.May 20, 2022

When Your Smart ID Card Reader Comes With Malware

Krebs on Security

Millions of U.S. government employees and contractors have been issued a secure smart ID card that enables physical access to buildings and controlled spaces, and provides access to government computer networks and systems at the cardholder’s appropriate security level.

Websites that Collect Your Data as You Type

Schneier on Security

A surprising number of websites include JavaScript keyloggers that collect everything you type as you type it, not just when you submit a form.


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Downloading Pwned Passwords Hashes with the HIBP Downloader

Troy Hunt

Just before Christmas, the promise to launch a fully open source Pwned Passwords fed with a firehose of fresh data from the FBI and NCA finally came true. We pushed out the code, published the blog post, dusted ourselves off and that was that. Kind of - there was just one thing remaining.

How to Think about Threat Detection in the Cloud

Anton on Security

This is written jointly with Tim Peacock and will eventually appear on the GCP blog. For now, treat this as “posted for feedback” :-) Ideally, read this post first. In this post, we will share our views on a foundational framework for thinking about threat detection in public cloud computing.

How Preparation and Strategy Can Be Used to Fight and Defeat Any Ransomware Attack

Speaker: Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager at phoenixNAP

Through a detailed analysis of major attacks and their consequences, Karl Camilleri, Cloud Services Product Manager at phoenixNAP, will discuss the state of ransomware and future predictions, as well as provide best practices for attack prevention and recovery.

Senators Urge FTC to Probe Over Selfie Data

Krebs on Security

Some of more tech-savvy Democrats in the U.S. Senate are asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate identity-proofing company

iPhone Malware that Operates Even When the Phone Is Turned Off

Schneier on Security

Researchers have demonstrated iPhone malware that works even when the phone is fully shut down. t turns out that the iPhone’s Bluetooth chip­ — which is key to making features like Find My work­ — has no mechanism for digitally signing or even encrypting the firmware it runs.

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Weekly Update 295

Troy Hunt

A short one this week as the previous 7 days disappeared with AusCERT and other commitments. Geez it was nice to not only be back at an event, but out there socialising and attending all the related things that tend to go along with it.

College Closing Another Sad Milestone for Ransomware Impact

Lohrman on Security

Lincoln College in Illinois announced they were closing their doors as a result of COVID-19 and cyber attack disruptions. Who’s next

Bluetooth Flaw Allows Remote Unlocking of Digital Locks

Schneier on Security

Locks that use Bluetooth Low Energy to authenticate keys are vulnerable to remote unlocking. The research focused on Teslas, but the exploit is generalizable.

GUEST ESSAY: The many ways your supply chain is exposing your company to a cyber attack

The Last Watchdog

It’s a scenario executives know too well. Related: Third-party audits can hold valuable intel. You and your cybersecurity team do everything correctly to safeguard your infrastructure, yet the frightening alert still arrives that you’ve suffered a data breach. It’s a maddening situation that occurs far more often than it should.

Cover Your SaaS: How to Overcome Security Challenges and Risks For Your Organization

Speaker: Ronald Eddings, Cybersecurity Expert and Podcaster

In this webinar, Ronald Eddings, Cybersecurity Expert, will outline the relationship between SaaS apps and IT & security teams, along with several actionable solutions to overcome the new difficulties facing your organization.

A Reactive Cybersecurity Strategy Is No Strategy at All

CyberSecurity Insiders

A foundational approach to cybersecurity empowers CISOs to see abnormalities and block threats before they do damage. by David Ratner, CEO, HYAS ( ). Constantly playing catch-up seems to have become the unfortunate norm in the cybersecurity industry.

DNS 114

Your employees are everywhere. Is your security?

Cisco CSR

Embracing security resilience for the hybrid work era. Hybrid work is here to stay. According to our survey, only 9 percent of the global workforce plans to return to the office full time.

Retail 114

The NSA Says that There are No Known Flaws in NIST’s Quantum-Resistant Algorithms

Schneier on Security

Rob Joyce, the director of cybersecurity at the NSA, said so in an interview: The NSA already has classified quantum-resistant algorithms of its own that it developed over many years, said Joyce. But it didn’t enter any of its own in the contest.

GUEST ESSAY: Here’s why managed security services — MSS and MSSP — are catching on

The Last Watchdog

The unification revolution of cybersecurity solutions has started – and managed security service providers are leading the way. Managed security services (MSS) refer to a service model that enable the monitoring and managing of security technologies, systems, or even software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Here’s more on the various types and benefits of MSS, as well as the state of the MSS(P) market in 2022! Related: Reviving ‘observability’ to secure complex networks.

How to Avoid the Pain and Cost of PCI Compliance While Optimizing Payments

Speaker: P. Andrew Sjogren, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Very Good Security, Matt Doka, Co-Founder and CTO of Fivestars, and Steve Andrews, President & CEO of the Western Bankers Association 

In this webinar, we have a great set of panelists who will take you through how Zero Data strategies can be used as part of a well-rounded compliance and security approach, and get you to market much sooner by also allowing for payment optimization. They’ll share how to grow your business faster and minimize costs for both security and compliance

Microsoft Warns Rise in XorDdos Malware Targeting Linux Devices

The Hacker News

A Linux botnet malware known as XorDdos has witnessed a 254% surge in activity over the last six months, according to latest research from Microsoft.

Securing Your Migration to the Cloud

Cisco CSR

Cisco Secure Access by Duo and Cisco Umbrella expands availability on AWS Marketplace. Cisco Secure powers security resilience enabling you to protect the integrity of your business amidst unpredictable threats and major change, such as migrating to the cloud.

Retail 114

Attacks on Managed Service Providers Expected to Increase

Schneier on Security

CISA, NSA, FBI, and similar organizations in the other Five Eyes countries are warning that attacks on MSPs — as a vector to their customers — are likely to increase. No details about what this prediction is based on. Makes sense, though.

NEW TECH SNAPHOT: Can ‘CAASM’ help slow, perhaps reverse, attack surface expansion?

The Last Watchdog

Defending companies as they transition to cloud-first infrastructures has become a very big problem – but it’s certainly not an unsolvable one. Coming Wed., May 18: How security teams can help drive business growth — by embracing complexity. . The good news is that a long-overdue transition to a new attack surface and security paradigm is well underway, one built on a fresh set of cloud-native security frameworks and buttressed by software-defined security technologies.

Back to the Office: Privacy and Security Solutions to Compliance Issues for 2021 and Beyond

Speaker: Mike Cramer, Director of HIPAA & Data Security at The Word & Brown Companies

Now that companies are slowly allowing employees to return to work at the office, it's time to re-evaluate your company’s posture towards privacy and security. Join Mike Cramer, Director of HIPAA & Data Security at The Word & Brown Companies, for a discussion that will focus on compliance and the types of privacy and security measures your company should be aware of, as well as tips and methods for implementing these measures.

5 Ways K8s Apps Are Vulnerable to Supply Chain Attacks

Security Boulevard

What’s the correlation between Kubernetes and software supply chains? To answer that question, let’s start by exploring the latter. Simply put, software supply chains are the lifeblood of building, delivering, maintaining and scaling cloud-native applications.

Introducing new cloud resources page for Cisco Secure Firewall

Cisco CSR

The last two years have created a lot of pressure on us all. The pandemic has forced us to adapt to new ways of working and has presented many technological challenges, one of which is multi-cloud transformation.

The Onion on Google Map Surveillance

Schneier on Security

“ Google Maps Adds Shortcuts through Houses of People Google Knows Aren’t Home Right Now.” ” Excellent satire

MY TAKE: How ‘CAASM’ can help security teams embrace complexity – instead of trying to tame it

The Last Watchdog

The shift to software-defined everything and reliance on IT infrastructure scattered across the Internet has boosted corporate productivity rather spectacularly. Related: Stopping attack surface expansion. And yet, the modern attack surface continues to expand exponentially, largely unchecked. This dichotomy cannot be tolerated over the long run. Encouragingly, an emerging class of network visibility technology is gaining notable traction.

Beyond Awareness: How to Cultivate the Human Side of Security

CyberSecurity Insiders

By Amanda Fennell, CSO and CIO, Relativity. Sophisticated security tools and well-constructed processes can help insulate an organization from the relentless cyberattacks that are part of the digital reality businesses face every day and everywhere.

Global Snack Manufacturer Becomes Cyber Resilient While Cutting Production Costs

Cisco CSR

Companies aren’t doing business the way they used to, and the shift to hybrid work has forced many to become increasingly security resilient or cease operations. The global food market is no exception.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Schneier on Security

This is a current list of where and when I am scheduled to speak: I’m speaking on “Securing a World of Physically Capable Computers” at OWASP Belgium’s chapter meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, on May 17, 2022. I’m speaking at Future Summits in Antwerp, Belgium, on May 18, 2022.


Surge in Malware Downloads Driven by SEO-Based Techniques 

Security Boulevard

Attackers are using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve the ranking of malicious PDF files on search engines including Google and Microsoft’s Bing, according to a Netskope report.

Fake news – why do people believe it?

We Live Security

In the age of the perpetual news cycle and digital media, the risks that stem from the fake news problem are all too real. The post Fake news – why do people believe it? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity. Ukraine Crisis – Digital Security Resource Center

Media 109

Majority of Kubernetes API Servers Exposed to the Public Internet

Dark Reading

Shadowserver Foundation researchers find 380,000 open Kubernetes API servers

New Bluetooth Hack Could Let Attackers Remotely Unlock Smart Locks and Cars

The Hacker News

A novel Bluetooth relay attack can let cybercriminals more easily than ever remotely unlock and operate cars, break open residential smart locks, and breach secure areas.

‘Incompetent’ Tesla Lets Hackers Steal Cars — via Bluetooth

Security Boulevard

Tesla cars can be unlocked and stolen via a simple relay attack. The company shrugged and said it’s “a known limitation.”. The post ‘Incompetent’ Tesla Lets Hackers Steal Cars — via Bluetooth appeared first on Security Boulevard.

Malware threat to Low-Power Mode (LPM) in Apple iPhones

CyberSecurity Insiders

A group of security researchers from Germany have discovered that the low-power mode feature in Apple iPhones acts as an access point to hackers to induce malware that can emerge as a major cyber threat to the device users. To those uninitiated about LPM, here’s a gist.

Phishing Attacks for Initial Access Surged 54% in Q1

Dark Reading

For the first time in a year, security incidents involving email compromises surpassed ransomware incidents, a new analysis shows

Hackers Trick Users with Fake Windows 11 Downloads to Distribute Vidar Malware

The Hacker News

Fraudulent domains masquerading as Microsoft's Windows 11 download portal are attempting to trick users into deploying trojanized installation files to infect systems with the Vidar information stealer malware.