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New Report “State of Cloud Threat Detection and Response”

Anton on Security

Cloud D&R Report (2023) One of the mysteries of detection and response (D&R) is about how companies really approach D&R in the public cloud. Cloud: Risk or Benefit? Many respondents (more technologists than leaders, mind you) still think that “cloud is hard” and/or also believe in some form of “cloud is a risk” sentiment.

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Black Hat Fireside Chat: Easy come, easy go access strengthens ‘Identity Threat Detection & Response’

The Last Watchdog

With Black Hat USA 2023 ramping up in Las Vegas next week, cybersecurity startup Trustle is championing a new product category—Identity Threat Detection & Response ( ITDR )—which aims to enhance the capabilities of legacy IAM solutions. The big thing is managing entitlements across multiple SaaS applications,” Berenbaum told me.


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Cyber Threat Detection: The Definitive Guide

Security Boulevard

To reduce cyber threats for organizations and individuals, it is crucial to understand the different types of cyber threats […] The post Cyber Threat Detection: The Definitive Guide appeared first on Flare | Cyber Threat Intel | Digital Risk Protection.

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Microsoft acquires cyber threat detecting firm Miburo

CyberSecurity Insiders

Microsoft has acquired Miburo, a cyber threat detection firm that can identify and respond to foreign information operations. Already, Microsoft has been reigning in the business of tracking down cyber threats as it has committed itself to offer utmost online safety to its customers.

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HYAS brings security threat detection, response to production networks

CSO Magazine

Bringing threat detection and response capabilities to production networks, cybersecurity company HYAS Infosec is set to release a new, specifically targeted security solution dubbed HYAS Confront.

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Skyhawk adds ChatGPT functions to enhance cloud threat detection, incident discovery

CSO Magazine

Cloud threat detection and response (CDR) vendor Skyhawk has announced the incorporation of ChatGPT functionality in its offering to enhance cloud threat detection and security incident discovery. The new capabilities are generally available to Skyhawk customers at no additional charge.

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Learn How Your Business Data Can Amplify Your AI/ML Threat Detection Capabilities

The Hacker News

Imagine leveraging this data not only for profit but also for enhanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) threat detection. Your business comprehends its risks, vulnerabilities, and the unique environment in which it operates. In today's digital landscape, your business data is more than just numbers—it's a powerhouse. It's reality.