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Adware Guide for Beginners: Stay Safe Online


Here is a comprehensive adware guide. Have you ever been browsing the internet only to be bombarded with pop-up ads that seem to come out of nowhere? Well, chances are you've encountered adware. Adware is a type of software that displays unwanted advertisements on your device.

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Safer Internet Day, or why Brad Pitt needed an internet bodyguard


February 6, 2024 is Safer Internet Day. When I was asked to write about the topic, I misunderstood the question and heard: “can you cover save the internet” and we all agreed that it might be too late for that. The internet has been around for quite some time now, and most of us wouldn’t know what to do without it.


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Fake Chrome extension 'Internet Download Manager' has 200,000 installs

Bleeping Computer

Google Chrome extension 'Internet Download Manager' installed by more than 200,000 users is adware. The extension has been sitting on the Chrome Web Store since at least June 2019, according to the earliest reviews posted by users. [.].

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On the 20th Safer Internet Day, what was security like back in 2004?


Today is the 20th Safer Internet Day. 2004 was a key year for several safety activities, encompassing both Safer Internet Day and the Safer Internet Forum. Was the general state of the Internet at the time so bad that all of these events sprang up almost out of necessity? You may be asking, why 2004?

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Mac Malware Alert: The Rampant Rise of macOS.Bkdr.Activator

Penetration Testing

In the Internet age, the allure of “free” often comes with hidden costs, particularly through the cracked software markets prevalent across torrent services.

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Is Google Search Engine leaking private data of users

CyberSecurity Insiders

Cybersecurity researchers from Palo Alto have discovered that a malware in the name of ChromeLoader is doing rounds on the internet and is being targeting multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and such.

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Q&A: Here’s why Android users must remain vigilant about malicious apps, more so than ever

The Last Watchdog

And earlier this year, three popular “ selfie beauty apps ”– Pro Selfie Beauty Camera, Selfie Beauty Camera Pro and Pretty Beauty Camera 2019 – accessible in Google Play Store were revealed to actually be tools to spread adware and spyware. Adware are unwanted ads that redirect you to sketchy webpages, and spyware collects your data.

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