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CISO workshop slides

Notice Bored

Generally, though, the risk management and security arrangements quietly support and enable the business from the inside, as it were, rather than being exposed externally - unless they fail anyway! A glossy, nicely-constructed and detailed PowerPoint slide deck by Microsoft Security caught my beady this morning.

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BSides Knoxville 2023 – Hudson Bush – Enterprise Security Architecture Isn’t Just For Enterprises Anymore

Security Boulevard

Permalink The post BSides Knoxville 2023 – Hudson Bush – Enterprise Security Architecture Isn’t Just For Enterprises Anymore appeared first on Security Boulevard. Our thanks to BSides Knoxville for publishing their presenter’s outstanding BSides Knoxville 2023 content on the organizations’ YouTube channel.


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People Skills Outweigh Technical Prowess in the Best Security Leaders

SecureWorld News

Michael Gregg, the CISO for the State of North Dakota, speaks across the country, including keynoting at SecureWorld Detroit on Sep. A recent blog by Frank Domizio titled " The CISO Role: Beyond Technology " explores exactly what I am talking about. That's a soft skill that even the most adept CISOs are still trying to master.

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GUEST ESSAY: In pursuit of smarter cybersecurity — to overcome complex risks and grow revenue

The Last Watchdog

Smarter security to me broadly refers to relentlessly focusing on fundamentals while maturing the program, making sure your risk posture aligns with your business strategy. When it comes down to it, C-level goals and CISO initiatives are not all that misaligned. This leads to revenue gains and positive customer outcomes.

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IoT Devices a Huge Risk to Enterprises

eSecurity Planet

It also feeds into the larger argument for adopting a zero-trust architecture , a methodology that essentially assumes that no user or devices trying to connect to the network can be trusted until they’re authenticated and verified. There also is the zero-trust architecture, according to the ThreatLabz report.

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Unmasking the Cracks of Today’s Cyber Defence

Jane Frankland

Instead, they’ve become complacent in their defence practices and may be exposing themselves to increased risks without even realising it. Having surveyed over 500 CISOs and ITDMs responsible for cybersecurity on the challenges faced with SOCs, their insights are not to be missed.

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How Zero Trust helps CIOs and CTOs in Corporate Environments

CyberSecurity Insiders

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity framework that can greatly support Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in their roles of securing organizational systems and data. This approach significantly reduces the risk of lateral movement and unauthorized access within the network.

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