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Downloading Pwned Passwords Hashes with the HIBP Downloader

Troy Hunt

It's also just a rounding error off a 100% cache hit ratio too 😎 But the bit that remained was the promise I made in that last blog post: Lastly, as of right now, the code to take the ingestion pipeline and dump all passwords into a downloadable corpus is yet to be written.

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New Malware Campaign Leveraging Satacom Downloader to Steal Cryptocurrency

The Hacker News

A recent malware campaign has been found to leverage Satacom downloader as a conduit to deploy stealthy malware capable of siphoning cryptocurrency using a rogue extension for Chromium-based browsers.


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You may not care where you download software from, but malware does

We Live Security

Why do people still download files from sketchy places and get compromised as a result? The post You may not care where you download software from, but malware does appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

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Fleckpe Android Malware Sneaks onto Google Play Store with Over 620,000 Downloads

The Hacker News

A new Android subscription malware named Fleckpe has been unearthed on the Google Play Store, amassing more than 620,000 downloads in total since 2022. Kaspersky, which identified 11 apps on the official app storefront, said the malware masqueraded as legitimate photo editing apps, camera, and smartphone wallpaper packs.

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Twitter takes down source code leaked online, hunts for downloaders

Bleeping Computer

Now it's using a subpoena to search for those who leaked and downloaded its code. [.] Twitter has taken down internal source code for its platform and tools that was leaked on GitHub for months.

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Facebook's Download-Your-Data Tool Is Incomplete

Schneier on Security

Privacy International has the details : Key facts: Despite Facebook claim, "Download Your Information" doesn't provide users with a list of all advertisers who uploaded a list with their personal data. As a user this means you can't exercise your rights under GDPR because you don't know which companies have uploaded data to Facebook.

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Sneaky New Stealer Woos Corporate Workers Through Fake Zoom Downloads

Dark Reading

Rhadamanthys spreads through Google Ads that redirect to bogus download sites for popular workforce software — as well as through more typical malicious emails.

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