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PayPal Phishing Scam Uses Invoices Sent Via PayPal

Krebs on Security

Recipients who call the supplied toll-free number to contest the transaction are soon asked to download software that lets the scammers assume remote control over their computer. ” A copy of the phishing message included in the invoice. .” com to download a remote administration tool.

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‘The Manipulaters’ Improve Phishing, Still Fail at Opsec

Krebs on Security

Roughly nine years ago, KrebsOnSecurity profiled a Pakistan-based cybercrime group called “ The Manipulaters ,” a sprawling web hosting network of phishing and spam delivery platforms. Manipulaters advertisement for “Office 365 Private Page with Antibot” phishing kit sold on the domain heartsender,com.

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Cybercriminals Targeting Latin America with Sophisticated Phishing Scheme

The Hacker News

A new phishing campaign has set its eyes on the Latin American region to deliver malicious payloads to Windows systems. The phishing email contained a ZIP file attachment that when extracted reveals an HTML file that leads to a malicious file download posing as an invoice," Trustwave SpiderLabs researcher Karla Agregado said.

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Clever Phishing Scam Uses Legitimate PayPal Messages

Schneier on Security

Brian Krebs is reporting on a clever PayPal phishing scam that uses legitimate PayPal messaging. The email lists a phone number to dispute the charge, which is not PayPal and quickly turns into a request to download and install a remote-access tool. Basically, the scammers use the PayPal invoicing system to send the email.

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Karma Catches Up to Global Phishing Service 16Shop

Krebs on Security

You’ve probably never heard of “ 16Shop ,” but there’s a good chance someone using it has tried to phish you. A 16Shop phishing page spoofing Apple and targeting Japanese users. Image: The INTERPOL statement says the platform sold hacking tools to compromise more than 70,000 users in 43 countries.

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Teach a Man to Phish and He’s Set for Life

Krebs on Security

One frustrating aspect of email phishing is the frequency with which scammers fall back on tried-and-true methods that really have no business working these days. For example, when he downloaded and tried to rename the file, the right arrow key on the keyboard moved his cursor to the left, and vice versa.

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4 Malicious apps on Play Store totaled +1M downloads

Security Affairs

Four malicious Android apps uploaded by the same developer to Google Play totaled at least one million downloads. The apps are infected with the Android/Trojan.HiddenAds.BTGTHB malware, the apps totaled at least one million downloads. 50,000+ downloads Bluetooth Auto Connect (com.bluetooth.autoconnect.anybtdevices).

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