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Hackers hijacked the eScan Antivirus update mechanism in malware campaign

Security Affairs

A malware campaign has been exploiting the updating mechanism of the eScan antivirus to distribute backdoors and cryptocurrency miners. Avast researchers discovered and analyzed a malware campaign that exploited the update mechanism of the eScan antivirus to distribute backdoors and crypto miners.

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Hackers Abuse Google Ads to Send Antivirus Avoiding Malware

Heimadal Security

The downloads presented by the fraudulent sites try spoofing Microsoft, Acer, DigiCert, Sectigo, and AVG […] The post Hackers Abuse Google Ads to Send Antivirus Avoiding Malware appeared first on Heimdal Security Blog. MalVirt loaders are promoted by threat actors in advertising that appears to be for the Blender 3D program.


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What Is MLG Antivirus All About?


Have you ever heard about MLG antivirus? Did you find the MLG meme amusing and wish your antivirus behaved like MLG? Did you try to download and install it on your computer? If you’ve ever thought of MLG as a real antivirus, then you should read this post. The post What Is MLG Antivirus All About?

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Do You Still Need to Buy Antivirus Software?

Identity IQ

Do You Still Need to Buy Antivirus Software? Most modern computer operating systems already have built-in antivirus protections that are consistently updated. With that in mind, do you still need to buy antivirus software to protect your computer systems and data? What Does Antivirus Protection Do? . IdentityIQ.

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Giant health insurer struck by ransomware didn't have antivirus protection


The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), has confirmed that it was unprotected by antivirus software when it was attacked by the Medusa ransomware group in September. Their data is now available for download on the dark web.

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Discover Why Proactive Web Security Outsmarts Traditional Antivirus Solutions

The Hacker News

Traditional antivirus-approach solutions have their merits, but they're reactive. To learn more, download the full report here. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, it's crucial to reevaluate how we secure web environments. The New Paradigm If you’ve been relying

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4 Best Antivirus Software of 2021

eSecurity Planet

What’s the best antivirus software? With the rise in malware and ransomware and a growing reliance on the internet, antivirus solutions are critical for protecting your data and applications. Top 4 antivirus software. ESET is another consumer antivirus vendor boasting strong enterprise security test scores.