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Avast Threat Labs Q4 2022 Threat Report | Avast

Security Boulevard

The Avast Threat Labs Q4 2022 Threat Report observed a rise in social engineering attacks during the final quarter of 2022, including invoice and refund fraud, tech support scams, and others aimed at stealing money.

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A week in security (August 22 - August 28)


Criminals socially engineer their way to bank details with fake arrest warrants. Adware found on Google Play — PDF Reader servicing up full screen ads. Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Cryptojackers growing in numbers and sophistication. CISA wants you to patch these actively exploited vulnerabilities before September 8.

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Security Affairs newsletter Round 423 by Pierluigi Paganini – International edition

Security Affairs

Gox exchange and operating BTC-e Japanese Pharmaceutical giant Eisai hit by a ransomware attack Clop ransomware gang was testing MOVEit Transfer bug since 2021 Stealth Soldier backdoor used is targeted espionage attacks in Libya Researchers published PoC exploit code for actively exploited Windows elevation of privilege issue Experts detail a new Kimsuky (..)

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Ransomware threat to elders and youngsters falling for Instagram Cyber Scams

CyberSecurity Insiders

Coming to threats targeting mobile devices, the company says that it blocked over 3 million adware attacks, 7.2 million harmful downloads leading to social engineering attacks from January to October 2021. Between January and April this year, the tech support team of Avast blocked over 1.46 million banking Trojans, and over 1.8

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Mobile malware evolution 2020


In their campaigns to infect mobile devices, cybercriminals always resort to social engineering tools, the most common of these passing a malicious application off as another, popular and desirable one. Last year was notable for both malware and adware, the two very close in terms of capabilities. Trends of the year.

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Types of Malware & Best Malware Protection Practices

eSecurity Planet

Jump ahead: Adware. Adware, also known as malvertising , is a type of malware that downloads or displays advertisements to the user interface. Rather than stealing data, adware is more of an irritant forcing users to see unwanted ads. Most users are familiar with adware in the form of unclosable browser pop-ups.

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Which was the most common threat to macOS devices in 2019? Shlayer malware

Security Affairs

The malware installs Any Search bar on the targeted Mac device to deploy adware, it also intercepts and collects browser data and it is able to alter search results to deliver malicious ads. ” The malware was used to deliver multiple adware including AdWare. . Cimpli, AdWare. Bnodlero, AdWare.

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