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Architecture Matters When it Comes to SSE

CyberSecurity Insiders

” Or said another way, “architecture matters”. Gartner provides several statistics to help us understand the reason: · Gartner surveys in 2020 showed 80% of enterprises using IaaS are multi-cloud · In 2024, 60% of IT spending on application software will be directed at Cloud technologies. · Ask the critical questions.

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GUEST ESSAY: Cisco-Splunk merger will boost Snowflake – here’s how security teams can benefit.

The Last Watchdog

Splunk’s inability to migrate to a modern cloud-native architecture makes it difficult to take advantage of these cost-saving benefits or implement advanced data science use cases critical for threat detection. Influxes of data ingestion and the flat architecture of data lakes have led to difficulties in extracting value from repositories.


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Hyperautomation and Cybersecurity – A Platform Approach to Telemetry Architectures


The myriad of technologies used by a typical organization often are not integrated and exist as siloed disparate tools. The rise of telemetry architectures, combined with cloud adoption and data as the “new perimeter,” pose new challenges to cybersecurity operations. Forecasted by Gartner to reach $596.6

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Hiring Data Recycling Security Engineers Smart?

Security Boulevard

Hiring Data Recycling Security Engineers Smart? Organizations today still have a massive problem with phishing attacks, ransomware, account takeaways, and social engineering. Consider other emerging technologies that have come into the enterprise marketplace with huge potential, yet few have seen the greatness of these capabilities.

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How Security Can Better Support Software Engineering Teams

Lenny Zeltser

As the CISO at a tech company, my responsibilities include empowering our software engineering teams to maintain a strong security posture of our products. While everyone agrees that security is important, the different incentives of security and engineering teams can make it harder to collaborate.

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Top-Paying Tech Jobs Highlight New Roles, Cybersecurity Tie-ins

SecureWorld News

Artificial Intelligence Engineer 4. DevOps Engineer 7. Machine Learning Engineer 8. Emerging/new roles Artificial Intelligence Engineer: This role has emerged in the last five to seven years as AI/ML became more mainstream. Machine Learning Engineer: Similar to AI Engineer, this specialized role didn't exist a decade ago.

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Replace Your SIEM with Neural Net Technology

Security Boulevard

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems are an outdated technology. It’s no longer enough to just manage information – today’s organizations need technology that can proactively detect and respond to dynamic threats as well. Security teams who are relying on SIEMs are using technology that is rapidly becoming obsolete.