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Zero-Trust DNS

Schneier on Security

ZTDNS aims to solve this decades-old problem by integrating the Windows DNS engine with the Windows Filtering Platform—the core component of the Windows Firewall—directly into client devices. ” By default, the firewall will deny resolutions to all domains except those enumerated in allow lists. ”

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BSides Knoxville 2023 – Reanna Schultz – Social Engineering: Training The Human Firewall

Security Boulevard

Permalink The post BSides Knoxville 2023 – Reanna Schultz – Social Engineering: Training The Human Firewall appeared first on Security Boulevard. Our thanks to BSides Knoxville for publishing their presenter’s outstanding BSides Knoxville 2023 content on the organizations’ YouTube channel.


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Palo Alto Networks fixed multiple DoS bugs in its firewalls

Security Affairs

Palo Alto Networks fixed several vulnerabilities in its PAN-OS operating system, including 3 issues that can trigger a DoS condition on its firewalls. Repeated attacks can eventually trigger a DoS condition by forcing the firewall into maintenance mode, requiring manual intervention to restore online functionality.

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Cisco Secure Firewall named Best Next Generation Firewall in SE Labs 2021 Annual Report

Cisco Security

Cisco is proud to be the only vendor recognized by SE Labs as Best Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) in their 2021 Annual Report. We’re honored to receive industry recognition for excellence in the network firewall market and for making security less complex, more agile, and better able to defend against today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

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VulnRecap 1/16/24 – Major Firewall Issues Persist

eSecurity Planet

Keep an eye out for security announcements from your firewall vendors; it’s possible additional similar vulnerabilities will come to light. The problem: Juniper Networks released a bulletin about a remote code execution vulnerability in its SRX firewalls and EX switches. This vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2024-21591.

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Automate your Cisco Secure Firewall deployment

Cisco Security

I nfrastructure as a Code (IaC) and Automation are now common requests from our customers deploying Cisco Secure Firewalls. Our response to this trend is making Cisco Secure Firewall deployable as a code utilizing new IaC templates , which we are happy to announce! To learn more: Virtual Firewalls for Public Cloud.

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Experts devised a technique to bypass web application firewalls (WAF) of several vendors

Security Affairs

Claroty researchers devised a technique for bypassing the web application firewalls (WAF) of several vendors. Researchers at industrial and IoT cybersecurity firm Claroty devised an attack technique for bypassing the web application firewalls (WAF) of several industry-leading vendors. ” reads the report published by Claroty.

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