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Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of Social Engineering

Security Through Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, social engineering has undergone significant transformations over the years, propelled by advancements in technology. This article delves into the historical shifts in social engineering tactics and explores how adversaries embrace new technologies to achieve their objectives.

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Internet freedom with the Open Technology Fund

Security Boulevard

By Spencer Michaels, William Woodruff, Jeff Braswell, and Cliff Smith Trail of Bits cares about internet freedom, and one of our most valued partners in pursuit of that goal is the Open Technology Fund (OTF). The OTF’s Red Team Lab […] The post Internet freedom with the Open Technology Fund appeared first on Security Boulevard.


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Detection Engineering and SOC Scalability Challenges (Part 2)

Anton on Security

This blog series was written jointly with Amine Besson, Principal Cyber Engineer, Behemoth CyberDefence and one more anonymous collaborator. Detection Engineering is Painful — and It Shouldn’t Be (Part 1) Contrary to what some may think, a detection and response (D&R) success is more about the processes and people than about the SIEM.

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5 pro-freedom technologies that could change the Internet


After a good start, the Internet-enabled, technological revolution we are living through has hit some bumps in the road. To celebrate Independence Day we want to draw your attention to five technologies that could improve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the Internet. Onion networking.

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Detecting Malicious Trackers

Schneier on Security

Apple and Google said they will continue collaborating with the Internet Engineering Task Force to further develop this technology and address the issue of unwanted tracking. Several Bluetooth tag companies have committed to making their future products compatible with the new standard.

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NEW TECH: Exabeam positions SIEM technology to help protect IoT, OT systems

The Last Watchdog

Their capacity to ingest threat feeds is becoming more relevant with the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) systems and the vulnerabilities of old and new OT (operational technology). Cloud Studio launch The good news is SIEMs continue to evolve to keep pace with accelerating technological advances.

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The Rise of Large-Language-Model Optimization

Schneier on Security

In just a few decades, much of human knowledge has been collectively written up and made available to anyone with an internet connection. The internet initially promised to change this process. Large language models, or LLMs, are trained on massive troves of material—nearly the entire internet in some cases.