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5 Ways to Ensure Home Router Security with a Remote Workforce

Adam Levin

Ensure remote workers are more secure by following these five tips: Change the Default Password: Routers should have the manufacturer default password updated the moment it’s turned on and connected. Configure a Firewall: Most routers come with a built-in firewall to block unauthorized incoming internet traffic.

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335,923 out of 489,337 Fortinet firewalls vulnerable to CVE-2023-27997

Security Affairs

Researchers reported that there are 490,000 Fortinet firewalls exposing SSL VPN interfaces on the internet, and roughly 69% of them are still vulnerable to CVE-2023-27997. For this reason, if the customer has SSL-VPN enabled, Fortinet is advising customers to take immediate action to upgrade to the most recent firmware release.


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Unsigned Firmware running on peripherals could expose Windows, Linux systems to hack

Security Affairs

Peripheral devices with unsigned firmware can expose Windows and Linux machines to hack, warn experts from firmware security firm Eclypsium. An attacker could exploit the lack of checks to execute malicious firmware and perform malicious actions on both Windows and Linux systems, such as the installation of persistent backdoors.

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Machine Identities are Essential for Securing Smart Manufacturing

Security Boulevard

Machine Identities are Essential for Securing Smart Manufacturing. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) puts networked sensors and intelligent devices directly on the manufacturing floor to collect data, drive artificial intelligence and do predictive analytics. Benefits of IIoT in the manufacturing sector. brooke.crothers.

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UDP Technology IP Camera firmware vulnerabilities allow for attacker to achieve root


Researchers at RandoriSec have found serious vulnerabilities in the firmware provided by UDP Technology to Geutebrück and many other IP camera vendors. According to the researchers the firmware supplier UDP Technology fails to respond to their reports despite numerous mails and LinkedIn messages. History lessons. Mitigation.

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Fortinet urges to patch the critical RCE flaw CVE-2023-27997 in Fortigate firewalls

Security Affairs

The vulnerability is a heap-based buffer overflow issue and according to the vendor it may have been exploited in a limited number of attacks aimed at government, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure sectors. .” reads the advisory. ” states the report published by Fortinet. ” states the report published by Fortinet.

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Vulnerabilities in the iBoot Power Distribution Unit Let Hackers Remotely Shut Down Devices

Hacker Combat

Customers can access their devices through the web using this cloud platform without directly exposing them to the internet, allowing them to keep the devices hidden behind a firewall or network address translation (NAT) router. The vendor has released firmware version 1.42.06162022 to address the problem.

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