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7 Ways To Improve Your Personal Security Right Now

Security Boulevard

Does waking up each morning to an earful about the latest cyber disasters leave you worried about your personal security? The post 7 Ways To Improve Your Personal Security Right Now appeared first on Hurricane Labs. The post 7 Ways To Improve Your Personal Security Right Now appeared first on Hurricane Labs.

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BrandPost: Consumers Have a False Sense of Confidence Around Personal Security

CSO Magazine

Most Americans say they are concerned about their cybersecurity – but their actual knowledge of how to protect themselves does not match that level of worry.


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OX Security adds ChatGPT plugin for AppSec

CSO Magazine

OX Security, an application security vendor, now has a plugin for ChatGPT, allowing users to leverage the power of the headline-making generative AI assistant to protect the software supply chain, generate personalized security recommendations and remedy security issues quickly.

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How JetBlue creates a culture of security

CSO Magazine

JetBlue’s 45-person security team has “a lot of territory to cover, both domestically and internationally,” says VP of Security Keith Slotter. Learn 8 pitfalls that undermine security program success and 12 tips for effectively presenting cybersecurity to the board. Sign up for CSO newsletters. ].

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500M Avira Antivirus Users Introduced to Cryptomining

Krebs on Security

But what bugs me most is they will be introducing hundreds of millions of perhaps less savvy Internet users to the world of cryptocurrency, which comes with its own set of unique security and privacy challenges that require users to “level up” their personal security practices in fairly significant ways.

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New Opportunity: Join (ISC)² Regional Event Committees

CyberSecurity Insiders

SECURE North America – Wednesday, June 15 (virtual). SECURE Singapore – Thursday, July 14 (in-person). SECURE Asia-Pacific – Thursday, November 10 (virtual). SECURE U.K. & 2022 Committee-Planned Events. & Europe – Thursday, December 8 (virtual).

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MY TAKE: How consumer-grade VPNs are enabling individuals to do DIY security

The Last Watchdog

These patterns highlight the potential for more and more consumers to recognize personal VPNs for what they truly are: a low-cost tool that empowers the user to very directly preserve online privacy while at the same time taking proactive steps to improve personal security.

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